“To all Thinkers” by TM – 7.14.21


Entry Submitted by TM at 8:04 PM EDT on July 14, 2021

… This One’s For You…
No , I’m not telling you to clean up your act…
But Because You Are One Who Thinks For Your Self … You’re on a Roll

I Think Therefore I Am ? Or
I FEEL …Therefore I AM ?
Thoughts Aren’t Always True
And That’s A Fact
Which Doesn’t Make It Correct
Kinda Makes You Think
Without Thinking
Ya Think?

Spirit / Heart / Truth

On Logo , Logos & Lego’s

Origins Greek..The Language Of Science
Logos=Word=Reason ?

[ I will avoid discussing the “field of P$ychology” because it was all created to reinforce Humanity’s Acceptance of the Yoke Of Slavery…
Create the Mental DisEase and generate great wealth within this enslavement paradigm by finding creative ways to totally F Up the minds of the subjects and discover profitable ways of treating it. ]
Progressive Insanity ( oops. Pardon the pun it wasn’t my intention to malign progressives )
Language Enslaves Us. It Always Has.

In Theology

The Word Of God or
Principle of Divine Reason and Creative Order. Identified in the gospels ( god-spells ) of John with the Second Person of the Trinity Incarnate in Jesus Christ.

A Symbol or another Design Adopted By An Organization To Identify Its Products
(Possessions ) Emblems , Trade/ Marks
( denoting Owner/ Ship ).
If You Are Branded ( Branding Cattle to denote OwnerShip) you’ve sold yourself.
This Is god speaking now through the Logo
OMG ! This is where the phrase Holy Cow comes from. Is it any wonder humanity must be crazy, to worship god
through shopping

In Computing
A High Level Programming Language Utilized In Teaching Children (Computer) Programming.
The “Leveling of The Playing Field?”
The Final Interface Between Human and Machine when you start them young .

Logos plural Logoi Ancient Geek Philosophy and Early Christian Theology.
The Divine Reason Implied In The Cosmos, Ordering It And Giving Form and Meaning
Thus Under/ Lying the Basic Christian Doctrine of the Pre-Existence of Jesus
(Christ Consciousness ?)
Was Jesus Crucified ??? Or Judas ??
We’ll know soon enough
( Another death cult ??)

Philosopher Stoned

Does The Logos animate ( animus) of the Corpus (body) (corpse) (Corporation)
Save that for later as Ethos, Pathos and Logos were not the 3 musketeers…

Now, in the “$cience” of The Mind and the Field of P$ychology Language Gives Form To Thought.
Language Is Then Created As A Pathway Of Controlling Humans By Inundating us with a multitude of Languages on a Multitude of Topics In Order To Regulate and Control Thought and Pervert Truth.
The Languages of Medicine and Law have a base in Latin.
The Language of Science is based in the Greek.

( it’s interesting to note the “Yelling Yale-ies” cried out for the removing of both languages from the curriculum due to it’s being racist… And Yet… In doing so…
Will This Also Negate The Power And Control of “The $Ciences and Law” in America That has been taught us?)
What the heck
All must be Reformed
No more Doctors ( Med Techs) ,Bankers (FinTech) Lawyers, (Sanitation Tech) and Politicians and the termination of that
False Paradigm.
Perhaps Language Is a Virus From Outer Space ??
Think About That… Or Don’t Think


BTW That’s Robin Williams with the TP


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