Dinarland Highlights for July 16, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 7.16.21


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[Any news on the dong rates right now?]

We don’t know exactly what it is going to be…I still think it will be in the low $2 range…We are hearing it is showing on bank screens at well over $10 right now…mid teens…IQD is showing around $20.00…I have always believed we would get around $8…street rate around $4.

[Do you think they will start next week on tier 4B?]

…yes they probably will start by next week

[Do you think there is a delay?]

No- I do not think they are kicking the can…I think it’s just logistics, and they are doing everything they can to get this done as progressively and quickly  and securely as they can to get us all to the finish line.

[When do we expect 800 numbers?]

I don’t know. The goal early this week was for Thursday (today). We just have to let it play out.

[How will we know if we are getting a contract rate?]

It will be higher than the street rate. Before you go in you should be able to find out what the street rate is. Or when you get there ask what is the current rate of the dong and dinarso when you go in to exchange and they offer you a rate higher than the street rate…you know you are getting the contract rate.

[Is it possible that the dong rate could be as high as $6?]

…its possible…I still believe it will be in the lower $2 range. But I can tell you that a number of people I am in contact with think it could trend up to over the $10 dollar range. Right now they are showing the dinar in the upper teens.

Very little news overnight as expected…I am still of a mind that we could be at “any moment”…That is certainly the chatter I am hearing from all my banking sources.  They will not give me any details …just that things are “imminent”. They have been doing a good job at being quiet.


Bruce (The Big Call)

I am pretty much excited…I have been told…that this is it…and the reason is because items that we have learned over the last few days that are pointing toward an actual end to what we have been waiting for…the shotgun start that we’ve talked about for years – is about to take place…We know that we’ve been close many times before – and we know that we’ve had some false starts…but we do believe we are at the point now where…all are in alignment for this to be released…This time line is coming from one of the highest sources – and we believe…it’s accurate…I’m very excited and do believe this is finally “IT”… I do believe we are going to get very good rates – better than we thought…  

…there is activity going on behind the scenes…enough has been completed where I believe we can move forward with tier 4 exchanges…we’ve got a value date scheduled for tomorrow [Friday] whereby we are supposed to be notified in our tier 4 A&B group…or “maybe” it’s another 2-3 days and we’re looking at early next week – Monday/Tuesday…I believe we are on sort of a moment by moment basis…



If you go along and you start doing the increments – increasing the value of the dinar against the US dollar. They were talking about exchanging out [the higher denominations notes].  In other words they’re going to take away the 25,000 and 30000 [50,000?] dinars as they came in [to the Iraqi banks] but they would exchange it for equal value…in other words if I brought in 25,000 dinars they might give me 5 – 5000 dinars so I still have my 25000 dinars and that would be how they get rid of the higher denominations…I could see that happening…

If they [people on the Internet] start giving you a date or a rate, run the opposite way.  You understand how illegal that is…for them to be going on the youtube and announcing it?  They’re idiots.  That would be a clear violation of our federal exchange commission laws.  It would be like insider trading...If they tell you that the currency exchange rate is happening in country, that’s a lie.  That makes absolutely no sense…there is no exchange rate in country without one out of country.  They do it at the same time.



One of the things [I hear] that’s kind of funny is that ‘Iraq is so corrupt that’s why this isn’t getting done.’  That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  If Iraq was so corrupt they would have revalued the currency and made as much money off of it as they could even though it would have probably crashed.  They would have gotten in and out.  That’s corruption.  Keeping the currency where it’s at and using the US dollar is discipline.  They’re actually did good.  It’s coming.

If there’s advanced notice announcement then investors would come out of the rafters to buy up all the remaining dinar.’

That’s exactly it.  That’s why you’re never going to find that magic article…if anything when…they start to add value to it you’re probably going to get the most negative articles you’ve seen.  Every country that’s ever added value to their currency, that’s exactly what they did…




Thursday RV Report…Our military intel contact said the… release to proceed toward T4B notifications was given at 1:56 pm EST today Thu 15 July; so his info fits Mr Fleming’s sources saying to watch for T4B notification emails to come out as early as any moment the rest of today going forward…7/16 is set as VALUE DAY when all rates are locked in for our Redemption/Exchange

Friday Evening RV Report:   Our military intel contact cannot say too much for security reasons because the T4B start is so close, but what he can say is (1) Just 24 hours ago Value Day [which is correlated with T4B start] was still set for today Fri 16 July or Sat 17 July at the latest so BE READY, as bankers are still being told, the T4B start is “IMMINENT, ANY MOMENT”; (2) There is a lot of misinfo/disinfo out there about timing of the T4B start…So our guy repeated, BE READY FOR THE START NOW and not necessarily in a few days…be ready for any moment start of T4B from now forward.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Article quote:
the importance of deleting the zeros from the currency and slimming its units…

the interpretation of these articles suck…‘the importance of deleting zeros‘, in other words adding value to the currency of Iraq…it’s important right now.  It is to introduce new small category notes…they don’t have 3 zeros.  They are ‘slimmer’...



Thursday Rv News: Where are we today. We are on a very slow roll out still…Progress is being made although way slower then we all would have liked.



Walkingstick & Frank26 (KTFA)

They are telling the citizens and they are explaining to the citizens the why’s and how’s of the new exchange rate and the why’s and the how’s of the 3 zeros that must be lifted in order to bring a change to their currency for their economic reforms now…the last 4 weeks of articles have been on the exchange rate, the lifting of the 3 zeros, the managed float and the pros and cons of all of these they are talking about...



[aka Kaperoni]

A re-denomination is a neutral event. Zero gain. If they did such an event, they could raise it incrementally thereafter which would be a increase in the exchange rate…but only minimal. There is no significant RV of the dinar.Only if they choose to float from the current rate will the dinar significantly rise, but it would be over time.

…Iraq is only worth about $16-$18 trillion dollars and they have well over 45 trillion dinar in circulation. That is a fact! The math does not work!  Therefore, they either LOP the dinar reducing the dinar from 45 trillion to 45 billion and then incrementally raise it as the economy grows. Or, they float the dinar at the current rate and reduce the money supply gradually as the exchange rate rises.

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