“Judy Byington and Mount Shasta” by Melinda Siebold – 7.16.21


Entry Submitted by Melinda Siebold at 2:39 PM EDT on July 16, 2021

Judy, I must admit I am pretty addicted to your reports even though the main part I look for, the RV, has never planned out.

But I know that one day it will.

But I have to take exception to what appeared in your report today about there being a DUMB under Mount Shasta.

Those in the esoteric or New Age movement, know that Mount Shasta is one of the most sacred sites on Earth.

It is the location of the Earth’s first chakra, it’s base chakra. It is a powerful vortexual energy center.

Underneath the mountain, there exists a fifth dimensional city of light.

It has been inhabited by people from an ancient sunken landmass known as Lemuria that existed in the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii was part of Lemuria, the islands are the tops of Lemuria’s highest mountains.

California and Arizona were part of Lemuria. The Lemurian landmass sunk slowly and the seafaring Lemurians traveled to other land masses.

Because of ice ages, comets, floods and other disasters, Lemurians fled for safety underground. They followed lava tubes and caves into the Earth.

They learned that when volcanoes erupted, they spewed tons of rock and magma which created hollowed out caverns under the volcano. 

They started out living in caves and these hollowed out caverns and enlarged them as the centuries passed.

There is a city under Mount Shasta called Telos. It is inhabited by 5th dimensional humans who are of the light.

They are a higher, more advanced version of we top Earth humans.

They occasionally send emissaries to us to help us and guide us. But it is difficult for a 5th dimensional human to live among 3rd dimensional humans.

Telosians do have space ships. They help us in battling the negative forces.

There is nothing to fear about the Telosians. When the time is right, they will come out en masse to guide us and teach us. They will bring advanced technology to help us.

I know you are a Mormon and don’t know about such things as dimensions.

But I don’t want to see people spreading falsehoods about a civilization that has been shepherding and protecting humans from the dark forces for thousands of years, and that’s what the civilization under Mount Shasta has done.

Best Regards,

Melinda Siebold


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