Dinarland Highlights for July 17, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 7.17.21


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[Have we ever been in this position before?]

No we have never been in this position before…we have never seen this progress before…

Not as much news as I expected this weekend.  Not seeing any movement on the currency side. What I want to share with you comes out of Iraq.

The Iraqi government is trying to work on dispersing salaries before EID.  The ministry is waiting for the exchange instructions  by the general administration of Rafidan Bank, and the release of all the salaries will be released on the official page of the ministries website, the department page and various media once they are launched by the bank.”

We know we are close guys. We are in the shorts of this thing even according to the Iraq government.


Frank26 (KTFA)

The global currency reset is a bunch of garbage as it is explained on the internet.  There is a ‘reset’ occurring and it does deal with currency but I certainly wouldn’t call it a global currency reset. I like QSF much better. The Iraqi dinar is heavily involved in this.  ‘Do you think it’s involved at at 1450-60 program rate?  Of course not



There are no 800#s.  You’re not going to get an email.  The only email you’ll get is that somebody that’s within your group gets the announcement when it actually really happens and they send an email out to everybody saying, ‘Hey it’s happening!’ But you’re not special.  You’re not going to get any kind of special email. There’s no 800 numbers for you to call as a matter of fact go away from those people who say that.  The reason is I don’t feel comfortable with somebody saying, ‘hey call this 800#!’…they steal your dinar and they take it…


Mountain Goat


They are considering only the exchange rate as a program rate solely pegged to the US dollar and not as an IMF basket of global currencies and reinstated back on FOREX when traders come to buy. All these arguments do not take into consideration major reforms in their currency and only dwell on short term solutions staying within the use of the currency auctions and program rate. So of course leaving the dinar in this situation why would you revalue it against the dollarIt does not make any sense to do it. But this is NOT what must happen and NOT what is going to happen.



Can they revalue the currency and protect their economy and price for the next ten years by the end of the year?”

Absolutely they can.  They could have done it this summer.  It’s on the edge.  They are not working on anything else.  This is the answer to all of their problems…


Walkingstick & Frank26 (KTFA)

The next phenomenal articles that are going to come out are going to talk about the new calculated exchange rate and about the new small category notes – the picture, the denominations etc etc…the next phenomenal articles will have a date of the releasing of the new small category notes and the new exchange rate…



Saturday RV Update:  Our military intel contact said his info is the same as from Mr Fleming’s sources…The source sounded really excited as he was in a meeting and relayed the message back to me. He could not say much but only that the RV is 1000% confirmed to be released any day now. He is not going to give out dates but he assured me any time now.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

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