Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update and Just a Note 7-18-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

07/18/2021 Update

Our military intel contact said his info from Mr Fleming’s sources matches our guy’s info: “all done done done and release any time now. . .Church Groups should receive their notifications soon.”

07/18/2021 Podcast Update


07/18/2021 Just A Note

Schedules for SKR and bond holders, are being set in stone and notifications given to all involved parties. Table top meetings are occurring and still being set for a small number of these (SKR and bonds) participants, with 1% payout given, via a special debit card. CMKX packages are delivering, and we have multiple confirmed reports of these happy acts taking place daily.

This leaves us with several unanswered questions that perhaps the DoD can address?

  • Where exactly are the Tier 4 B invitations coming from? If we’re waiting for Wells Fargo, what are they waiting for?
  • Has NESARA really been activated? Because we have sparse evidence of this. We are looking for announcements and Jubilee. Wells Fargo ending their Line Of Credit offering, doesn’t qualify. Joe Biden’s Child Tax Credit doesn’t qualify. Nor does 3.5T Stimulus Package.
  • What is the real reason for this continued drip-drip delivery vs a Niagara Falls-like event? Accomplishing this is as simple as the shared “Safe Link” issued from the Redemption Exchange Center. We actually don’t need emails. Especially not if the “US rate” is as good as reported.
  • How much longer will we have to wait for the DoD’s already committed, “RIGHT NOW” to actually be right now? How many more loosely defined, “right now” while slipping into next week, will we be forced to endure?
  • Who can we hold accountable for the chronic delays, while only a lucky few benefit? Who is available to righteously stand up and take a Mea Culpa, so we know this RV GCR, 1776 Event is in capable hands, and we’re not all breathing the fumes blowing from the Deep State’s well-tuned pipe machine?

No one is going to be calmed with more happy-hand-jive slight-of-hand action. It’s past time. These constant tales of bankers being arrested, and foul play only leave us shaking our heads.

The incredulous disbelief must end. Only provable, valid, accountability will suffice. Put your name on the line, in other words. Exactly as each of us committed, Tier 4 people have already done.

07/18/2021 Podcast Just a Note



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