Dinarland Highlights for July 19, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 7.19.21


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[There is talk again of Iraq dropping 3 zeros from their currency.]

Isn’t that neat?  Dropping means they change value and don’t need the large 3 zero bills anymore. History has shown us how that works

This weekend played out like we thought it would… its very positive that we have seen so much progress in tiers 1 and 2….now we need to see progress in tier 3…Things still seem to be on track, but nobody knows the exact timing.

…this thing is very fluid… Keep praying…we are still seeing steady progress…Things are so different now then they have ever been before. I am going to sit back and watch it all roll out.



Sunday RV Report: Our military intel contact said his info from Mr Fleming’s sources matches our guy’s info: “all done done done and release any time now…”


Frank26 (KTFA)

In history no redenomination has ever been kept a secret.  If so then it would have failed.  Why do you think it’s so important for the international world to know the things that you are suspecting and smelling and saying what’s going on?  You know what’s going on.  You just can’t spring the monetary reform on the citizens of Iraq.  No.  Education is the process now.  And what they are teaching them about is…the new exchange rate and the new small category notes.  They’re making it very clear to the citizens of Iraq that they’re changing the rate.  That they’re changing their currency…everybody is against the wall.  We’re only waiting for the CBI to give us a date...



Let’s think about this logically so we take a look at a map…let’s look at the other oil nations to see where they stand as far as their currencies are involved…for every 1 Kuwait dinar that you exchange you get back 3.32 of US dollars…Bahrain:  for every 1 Bahrain you get back 2.65 U.S. dollars.  You see why people get excited.   These are other oil nations not under sanctions.  You can see the value of their currencies.  The reason why their currencies are so valuable is because they are oil producing nations. Omani rial:  For every one of their currencies you get back 2.60 of U.S. dollars.  I can understand why people get excited.  Jordan:  for every 1 of their dollars you get back 1.41 of United States dollars.

See what I’m saying?  These oil rich nations have very valuable currencies…Saudi Arabia:  for every 1 Saudi Arabia dollar we get back 27 cents U.S. dollars.  If this was the Iraq dinar I’ll take .27 cents…!  That’s another oil nation.  UAE:  Same thing.  For every 1 of their dollars they give back 27 cents.  Qatar:  Same things.  For every 1 or their currencies you get back .27 cents U.S. dollars.  Even if we took the worst out of all of these [not under sanctions]…I’ll take .27 cents for every 1 Iraqi dinar…the IQD is no where near this…it’s not even a half a cent…So when you look at all the surrounding currencies of other oil rich nations there’s no reason not to believe that the IQD…won’t get up there as well…




Is it realistic to think we will have our blessing before September 1st?

It could revalue tonight.  It would be 100% legit and it would work.  They could have done it at the beginning of the year that’s why I was so excited…yes it is realistic for this to happen before September 1st.  



Article quote:
Prime Minister @MAKadhimi  We are working to remove the name of Iraq from the list of countries accused of money laundering, after Iraq has fulfilled all its obligations, and we are looking for developing relations with Europe for what it can offer to Iraq in the field of reconstruction and investment.”

Which they can’t do with a worthless currency.

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