“Double Checking” – RV News Update from Holly 7-20-21


Holly Tuesday RV News:

We are still on a very slow roll out. They are very cautious and careful moving forward. Checking and double checking all the files of the bond holders.

I heard last night that the F&Ps would start to recipients so we should have good news on that later today. The F&Ps are key to getting this started at our level.

It’s just been painful slow and people across the globe are suffering. 10,000 D.U.M.B’s around the world U.S has 1800 … It’s not a simple job to fix this.. Kill this. Take control. Lots of variables.. Humans. Children Weapons. WMDs . Bio facilities, clone factories. Engineered Super soldiers. Kill switch. Traps..ext. _FAITH

7.7 Billion people on Earth _.02 percent SUPER ELITE1,540,000 Million _1% PERCENT Elite=77,000,000 Million Elites _10% 770,000,000 million MILITARY.cia across the world three letter AGENCYs. In so countries.. Corrupted police. News station. Managers. Militias organizations. Mercs. Underground Blackwater soldiers..

Corrupt doctors. Lawyers scientist. Officials. Pharmaceutical companies. Big Tech industries All over 190 countries around the World!!!   Over 800,000,000 forces and divided MILITARY in many countries inside The DARK WEB of Global control to the ELITEs..  It’s a Big Job..

Soldiers. People, whistle blowers are dying to try to save you and Atone the world From 1400 year Control  bloodline>ROTHSCHILDs ROCKEFELLERS World banks  VATICAN Old control on 70 NATIONS, . Ext. Ext ext. Obama.. Gates.. Bushes. CCP.. And so and on.. And on… Ext ext…. 

The White HATS.. MiL. Are trying their best to keep the DEATH counts down…  Buckleup…. EVENTS! NOT DATES!  No whining and crying.. Stop fighting amongst your selves. It serves no purpose

This is truly what we are up against and it is a massive undertaking! Massive! It can not be rushed and it has to be done right! We have one shot at this! Keep sending love and light to the cabal.

This is transition not a transaction. Never, ever give up.

Source: Dinar Recaps


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