“The Heart of a Humanitarian” by Bruce Haines – 7.19.21


Entry Submitted by Bruce Haines at 2:43 PM EDT on July 19, 2021

If you are in the Tier 4b coming up, this message is for you.  First, so you have perspective, a brief synopsis of where I am coming from.

Three years ago, I was 64 and was semi-retired and perfectly content to sit on my dream beach in Ecuador with the ocean and writing music compositions in my relaxing lifestyle. Eternal spring weather, cheap cost of living, music writing with surf in the background, body surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, in short, life was a picnic. 

I had a good friend in the states who I did not know at the time was involved in waiting for funding through Tier 4b.  Had been waiting for many years.  He started to share with me the details of what he had learned, and I was at first incredulous, thought it was a joke and that what I was reading and seeing could not possibly be true.  How our country had been highjacked from a country to a corporation.  The long centuries of Freemason treachery and evilness. That led to my finding out the truth about 9/11 and the endless stealing of our money and souls, the torture and killing of children in the name of Lucifer and adrenochrome, and as I learned more, become madder and MADDER. 

My mind would not shut off.  I could not let my newfound knowledge just exist in my extremely comfortable existence and do nothing.  I had to get involved. 

I came to the realization that I was blessed with more than I really deserved in my retirement.  I began sending money to the Patriots online who were building their following to try and disseminate the truth to as many as would read the truth.  My smoldering mind was being fanned into an out of control wildfire of patriotism and wanting to FIX THIS, and I was inspired by the heart and bravery of those unknown military personnel who were dying to save innocent children, by those patriots battling Big Tech and the MSM, and especially for the family of Donald Trump and, of course, for his unbelievable fortitude and courage as he dodged and continues to dodge traitorous colleagues, politicians, bankers, CEO’s foreign heads of state, in short the entire world of Luciferins who believe their power is endless and cannot be assaulted successfully.  Their self-importance belief has turned into their upcoming certain downfall. 

I digress.

The stealing of our election was the last straw.  I read more, planned more and finally one day, a voice came to me as I walked on the beach (which stretches as far as the eye can see and usually not a soul in site). 

The voice kept repeating: “get to the states…get to the states!”

It was relentless, haunted my evening as I attempted to write some music but could not concentrate – “get to the states” was the order of that night which was sleepless and into the following morning.

I had to act.

I quickly looked up flights to the states, in half an hour had booked a one way ticket, as I did not know when I’d would be returning, then quickly contacted some local expat friends and a few Ecuadorian friends who could watch my house and keep it cleaned on the outside so it did not look like I was gone (living on the beach is a relentless battle of salt air and sand that blows and covers everything so it has a very high maintenance price to pay in cleaning and time). 

In two days, on December 27, I was in the Atlanta area where I had my business contacts – and my friend who was waiting for tier 4b was only a several hour drive away, but I had contacted him about my coming up and therefore just strung together first a stay in a local “weekly” hotel with a small kitchen and which ultimately ended up being a quite expensive Airbnb so I could house others who would be coming into the Atlanta area as my friend’s funding was concluded. 

I was under the false impression we would be funded sometime in January or February at the latest. 

Fast forward to today.  As I write this, it is July 19, 2021, and I have not only spent a good deal of money in hotels, Airbnb’s car rentals, food, etc. but have ended up supporting and helping a business colleague in Philadelphia.  I have been in the states almost 7 months and in that time actually purchased a small car instead of continuing to rent one, had that car cost me several more thousand dollars in repair bills, in short, I am continually spending money until this Tier4b funds because two months into my stay in Atlanta, I decided to order some foreign currency to try and get a small windfall when the redemption happened, so I’m technically now part of the tier 4b redemption process. 

And that is what has made this trip, while quite expensive, open my eyes and slowly at first, but with increasing excitement and momentum, I discovered I want to be a powerful humanitarian and work for humanity in that way.  

As I continued to read about the almost infinite (well, not infinite), but unbelievable amount of gold and money that has been “captured” and put back into the Alliance control, and then while our military continues to arrest and convict the many billionaires and millionaires who will be found guilty of crimes against humanity, the realization hit me that this money that is now back in the control of the Alliance should be used to the maximum extent possible to help humanity come from darkness to light. 

My goal of getting a personal windfall from having foreign currency to redeem seemed lackluster and wrong.  More for me?  Really, Bruce, really?

What about becoming a humanitarian and REALLY helping our world?  I wanted to help, and this was the way to do it. 

But hear me, those of you in Tier 4b. 

Listen up.  Pay attention.

If you are thinking of asking for small dollars on the redemption of currencies, I would tell you, implore you BE BOLD and ask for a LOT more than the rates they offer you. 


Because of all mankind, there are only some thousands (maybe a million?) individuals waiting for Tier4b redemption and funding.  That is statistically less than the entire population of the earth.  That is a truly small universe seeking to put into action humanitarian money available that is many quintillions (and beyond).

Remember all you want-to-be humanitarians, the goal of the Alliance and of our planet is to ascend from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension and thinking in the 3rd dimension is limiting and small thinking.  Thinking about a plan to help humanity needs to come from a HUGE mentality that can be accomplished with MASSIVE THINKING IN THE 5TH DIMENSION AND USING MASSIVE DOLLARS.

So, for me, I am looking to turn my modest investment in foreign currency into a 100-fold amount that I can then use 95% of for 100 years to fund my humanitarian projects.  I will be seeking $100 dollars for every dollar I have.  I want that money to return 20%, not a measly 10%.  I want this fund to be robust for at least 100 years as I will seek to lengthen my stay in this human body at least 100 years and beyond. Heck, with upcoming Celestial Chamber technology – which is even more robust that the Tachyon technology of the Medbeds, a multi-thousand-year life span is not out of the question. 

On my humanitarian drawing board is a program to help the homeless, our police departments, fire fighters, EMT workers, and the list grows from there.  When I present my proposals to the Alliance at the redemption center, I have a very thoughtful outline, followed by more pages in detail then I probably need, but I want them to see I have not taken this lightly – I want to put back to our planet more light and love and giving that we must have to heal the atrocities and crimes that we have been burdened with for so long.  I will point out that my research resulted in my finding out we are one of very few worlds where the “experiment” between the Dark and the Light was given total free will and that we ended up on the Dark side of that choice.  Our planet, if my research is correct, is seen by the many galactic alliances and federations as a real slave planet and there is more than just a feeling of wanting to help us out of the dark, there is a real sense (at least I think there is) of how worthy all of us are after enduring such a horrible and slave-like existence. 

So, if we are to shine, a lot of money needs to be pumped back into our world on the Light and Love by humanitarians like myself. 

Like yourself. 

If you are reading this and wondering if you’re asking enough when you go to redeem or get funded, think of it this way:


The worse they can say is “Nope, too much.” 

Fine, negotiate with your heart.  Let your God-consciousness flourish and shine as you fight for all of humanity to return to the Light where we belong.  If you come away with something less, no worries – put that amount to work with all the fervor and intensity your heart can muster.  It will be enough to make a difference. 

My journey from a comfortable retiree on a beach to a guy still sitting in a rented apartment preparing my small presentation and going over in my mind what I’ll say to get as much money as I can for my world continues.  When I eventually do get my humanitarian money, I will be super excited to help rebuild our world. 

We are blessed to be alive at this rare opportunity.

I encourage you not to take it lightly.  Load up your attitude and heart with passion and turn that passion into as much redeemed money as you can. 

Then, go to work humanitarian brother and sister. 

Go to work!


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