The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 7-20-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 7-20-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday July 20th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in

Well…. Let’s talk about what we are all looking forward to and  try to get some information about where we stand right now with these currencies – I have to say the last couple of days have been very – very quiet overall – we do get a few things that come in here and there – but as far as the contact that we were getting from some of our top bank sources – that seems to have shut down temporarily – and I don’t know if that’s just a matter of NDA or just a matter of the way that they are trying to put a hush on the information – they don’t really want us to know when it is supposed to start for us –

However…. We know that the last time we talked – I think the 16th of July – last Thursday – we know that NESARA was kicked off on the 15th and the 16th showed the USN as a gold backed currency on the Forex – trading as well as on the bank screens as a USN and no longer as USD –that is a very positive thing – that was the first thing that we saw that was indicative of NESARA here which is our restructuring of the financial system

In terms of what has happened globally with GESARA – it appears that it is moving along a little more quickly – and rollout is going a little more aggressively globally whereas here NESARA is out but slow – a slow go –

For example – we knew that the adjudicated settlements – fines and penalties – CMKX – farm claims – etc – all of those were in position where the monies had gone to the paymasters and we were looking for them to move on to the recipients – my understanding today is – yesterday some of those adjudicated settlements and CMKX and so on – were waiting for the green light – to pay those out – and those were to be moved from yesterday (Monday) to today

Now I can’t tell you as of this call tonight whether or not those have moved forward in any reasonable way – whether or not those groups and payouts and so on have taken place – from the bond point of view we know that the so called “emergency fund”  which are still significant to get monies but not very large in terms of the percentage of the bond revenue that is due the bond sellers – those emergency funds did go out last Thursday and Friday – I am sure there are more that are continuing to go out – especially with the larger bond holders – the really big players –


So has that green light been given by the Treasury for those to go out today?  I don’t know – could they go out over night? Quite possibly – Yes – and they could go out and be seen in their accounts through an email from the bank that they have a certain amount of funds that they have access to – xxxx number of dollars $$

Then we’re hearing also that for us the Treasury has wanted our tier 4A & tier 4B to be notified by tomorrow – now we weren’t notified yet today and it’s getting late – I think we’re done for the day – but I think tomorrow is looking very good – for us to be notified

Now….. if the notifications happen to come out in the morning could we get started in the afternoon with exchanges and redemption of zim? Yes, I believe so – but – if the notifications come out in the afternoon or later in the afternoon tomorrow – it is more likely that we would set out appointments on the phone with the toll free numbers and we would be setting them for hopefully Thursday –  

Now one thing I learned today that I really was not aware of was – from my understanding the Treasury may have always wanted this to start for us meaning our exchanges – start on Thursday – if that’s true then it’s looking very good for us to get notified tomorrow and maybe start exchanges on Thursday –

Obviously we would like to get started tomorrow if the numbers come out early enough – so we shall see – we shall see what actually occurs –

Now there has been a little controversy on line and you have probably read it talking about the redemption centers are fully operational right now or in a hiatus – have the funds been pulled to operate them – I am understanding they are still actively ready to go – even though they may be a little bit more on their own as far as paying for the redemption center staff to be in for the redemptions – if in fact we are not going yet –

If something happens and we don’t get notified tomorrow or get started by Thursday then we have a different situation – we’ve got something not familiar with yet – but I’m sure like everything else after I do this call tonight I will probably get more information that I wish I would have had 2 hrs ago –


This has typically been the case on Tuesday nights – and sometimes it’s the same thing on Thursday nights- so we have to go with the best information we’ve had in the last couple of days – including today which is pointing to the green light being turned on if you will by Treasury – if in fact they want it to go by Wednesday then they have the power to do that – to release this to us and let it go by tomorrow – we’ll see

The other thing is we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a lot of the reasons we’ve had a delay or a slow roll out – has to do with the clean-up – we’ve had a lot of arrests that have taken place and are ongoing – we’re privy to some of that information but obviously not all and it’s just fascinating to think of what really is happening behind the scenes to get the people in the deep state – the cabal – to be less of an influence and they have been to minimize their influence so that we can go forward with this – we know that once that switch is pulled and the 800 numbers are released – we know that it’s all over for the cabal – we know that and they know that –

So let’s all just believe and pray together that this does happen as we indicated tonight and it does come through and we do get the results that we are looking for with this blessing –

We don’t know everything that we could know but they are doing that to keep us in the dark – we’ve been in the dark before but yet we’ve had glitzes (?) of information come in or something in that would give us an idea of where we stand – I believe we are in a good place for this to go – this week – but obviously we can’t see the end from the beginning of this in this case –

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