Dinarland Highlights for July 21, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 7.21.21


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There is a tremendous amount of disinformation being sown right now…  You…need to do your due diligence and not have a knee jerk reaction when you hear things… That it has gotten this crazy means we are close…There is no negative news. Things are still moving…just not as quickly as we all would like.

[Do you still think this is happening or has it stopped dead in its tracks?]

I still think it’s happening. Iraqi contacts think we will see things move and happen this weekend as they wrap up the Eid…holiday, which is some kind of prosperity holiday where they give gifts and good things happen…Everything is still positive…I am looking so forward to crossing the finish link with all of you…  



The Kuwait dinar and Iraqi dinar were around the same.  They were on par.  Iraq is, you know, the second largest oil nation in the Arab world.  They’re soon to the be first.  They’ll get there.  Then you start doing a side-by-side comparison just for shits and giggles between Iraq and Kuwait.  Iraq has a bigger population that means they have a bigger workforce.  That makes their currency more valuable.  They hold more gold than Kuwait.  That makes their currency more valuable.  They have more foreign assets.  They have more resources than Kuwait does.   These are all the things taken into consideration when thinking of the value of the dinar.  The only thing that Kuwait’s got going on right now is they’re pretty stable…


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Guru] Walkingstick and I told you last Monday they are going to come out with negative articles going against the raising of the exchange rate.  They are not talking about lifting the 3 zeros from the currency.  That’s stupid.  I saw some guru say, ‘Yeah, you see I told you it was a lop.  They’re lifting the 3 zeros from the currency…’ I told you there was going to be misinformation.



Can the dinars be exchanged for dollars outside the country to save taxes?

I’m assuming you’re here in the United States.  Yeah you can but you don’t want to do that.  Bob [Guru BobTheTaxMan] puts on a program where you can not pay taxes here in the United States and it’s completely legal.  The problem is once you start going out of the country…to these ‘safe havens’ you don’t have any representation.  There’s no one to represent you.  You’re a foreigner.  They laugh at you.  It happens all the time.

You don’t want that…that question scares me for you because what are you going to do?  Put your money in an offshore account somewhere and squirrel and sit on it.  You don’t want that.  You always want a reserve/insurance policy for sure  but you also want to be able to invest in other opportunities coming up…you don’t need to risk… going out of the country, waste of time, waste of money and you’re vulnerable…



Bruce (The Big Call)

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…the last couple of days have been very…very quiet overall…as far as the contact that we were getting from some of our top bank sources – that seems to have shut down temporarily – and I don’t know if that’s just a matter of NDA or just a matter of the way that they are trying to put a hush on the information – they don’t really want us to know when it is supposed to start for us…the Treasury has wanted our tier 4A & tier 4B to be notified by tomorrow [Wednesday]

I think tomorrow [Wednesday]  is looking very good – for us to be notified…if the notifications come out…later in the afternoon tomorrow – it is more likely that we would set our appointments on the phone with the toll free numbers and we would be setting them for hopefully Thursday…from my understanding the Treasury may have always wanted this to start for us meaning our exchanges …on Thursday…I believe we are in a good place for this to go…this week

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