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Nicks Intel Update

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07/22/2021 Questions Answered – Maybe


As is often the case, DoD puts out a morsel where a full meal would better serve. We’re all starving for information from “the ultimate source” and DoD, the 10 – 13 special military in RV GCR Delivery Team, definitely qualify. So how about more details?
First, for some of us it’s easy to take the leap of faith here. If DoD is handling this, if military has total control, then, we’re all good. For others it’s not so easy to have trust in this entire process. It’s been a struggle getting transparency (which has mostly been non-existent), and every day we’ve had nothing but kicking the can and hype and propaganda. We can accept that there have been good reasons for this necessity. But, the time has come to show Tier 4 some respect. We’ve been here too long and have been pummeled with half-truths and mis-info. Enough is enough.

What actual control do we, meaning Tier 4, have in this global operation to:

  1. Completely end the corrupt practices of the Deep State,
  2. Create a new Financial System,
  3. Reestablish FREEDOM for people all over the world, and especially the US under NESARA / GESARA, taking us back to 1776 U S Constitution, ending the Corporations stranglehold?
    We are a VOICE OF MILLIONS, which does carry weight. We have a Voice and we can publish, we can speak out, we can write articles, and we can share on blog sites. The collective voice of millions rising in protest, clamoring for Justice and Fair Dealing, is definitely our authority.
    We are a FACE OF MILLIONS, which carries even more weight. We have standing in this world, under our US Constitution. We have the Right to Assemble. We have the Right to Protest. We have the Right to Demand Accountability. These things are granted to US. May we hold these precious Freedoms in the absolute highest place of honor and see that they NEVER are violated by any state, local and federal, US government representative, or our state, local and federal Justice System.
    More to the point here, we thankfully, have the ability to address the RV GCR Exchange Redemption Committee directly, via N. Fleming. Which we did yesterday, in the form of questions posed, following the confusing message about the change in Exchange / Redemption protocols.
    These questions were asked to alleviate confusion.
    These questions were asked respectfully, with hope-filled intention of a clear answer necessary to alleviate fear and grief, which were other emotions that followed the DoD “intel” message yesterday, which was not their intention. That much we can be sure of.
    Today’s a new day, and we want to start this call on a positive note. These new protocols have been instituted with the intention to make this exchange better. It’s going to be easier, safer and answers a lot of the challenges we’ve heard about for the past 8 or so years.
    You will have access to the Quantum Banking System – from home
    You will have all of the help you need.
    You will have the option of visiting Exchange Centers, and further support.
    We’re waiting for replies to these questions from DoD which has been committed. It’s coming.
    Q AND A:
    • They were going to issue Safe Link, which has been discussed for years. They are still going to be using Safe Link website, to get people started. What they are also doing is trying to make this as beneficial as possible for everyone. Also, what the Chinese involved, have aske for; making it easy for everyone.
    • Only you have access to the QFS.
    • There’s a list of all of the currencies that you bought – you may have given it away, gifted it; there’s a list of what you own and there will be a dollar amount, and this will show up on the card. Once you authenticate what they have listed, it’s all there. If you bought new currencies that are not on the list, you can go to Redemption / Exchange Centers, and turn your new currency in.
    • If you gifted, there may be deductions going on with your account. It will all take time.
    • If you want to negotiate, you can still do that. You can make your appointment and present your case and they will make the necessary changes for you so that your account is brought up to date.
    • Every person that has bought currency that’s on the WF and G64 list, you are included here.
    • Even if you’re not on this list, you can still use the Safe Link to get started and make appointment with the Redemption / Exchange Centers.
    • If you have currencies that went to another person, like Charlie Ward, you will be able to bring your paperwork to the Redemption / Exchange Centers and they will work this out on your behalf.
    • They are trying to stop the con man from taking your currency, or your zim, and not giving it back to you. You have to send this person a CEASE AND DESIST letter, via email, stating you revoke all rights previously issued. Then, if no reply is received, just bring this letter to the exchange and let them sort it out.
    • The only information you will be able to see is yours.
    • The Safe Link will be included in the instructions you receive when you get your card. There are about 8 million cards being sent out. You’ll have a unique code that’s only yours, that takes you to your account that shows you everything you own.
    • For people that are homeless, that’s what the Safe Link is for. You’ll be handed a card the same day you visit the Redemption / Exchange Centers. The card becomes active for what’s in your account the day it’s issued.
    • They’re going to be more restrictive about getting projects. It’s going to take meetings with the people at the Redemption / Exchange Centers and delivering your paperwork. You’ll meet with a Wealth Manager, connected with the PRIVATE BANKING DIV. They will be able to manage this and only you and the PRIVATE BANKING DIV will know about your accounts.
    • As the days go on you’re going to be hearing more about it. It’s going to be much safer and easier.
    • The 20th was going to be the day, now they’re saying tomorrow. But still no Value Day has been established. The Chinese came up with this so that it will be safe for everybody.
    • Everything has been addressed and these protocols are definitely efficient. Yes, we’ve heard every excuse under the sun, and you never ever get a call back when someone misses on their dates. Now we’re hearing tomorrow, when the Summer Olympics’ start. That’s at night in US since the Olympics are in Japan. Dates, and expectations have been quashed again and again. That’s why we’re glad about these cards, delivered by FedEx.
    • This will expedite the process. It’s being delivered to 8 million people. This was done as a safety precaution that will help a lot of people. People have invested in this, paying certain guru’s and no one has been right. This card being delivered is one thing that can’t be stopped.
    • When you sign the FedEx package, inside the envelope will be the card you must authenticate. Once you sign the document, and you do what you’re supposed to do, authenticating your card, there will be an NDA included.
    • Once you authenticate this card and have access to your website, you can see what currencies they have listed. If you have currency not showing you can enter the serial numbers and the System will verify this. If you have additional currencies and you don’t want to enter it you can bring it to the Redemption / Exchange Centers and let them manage this for you.
    • If you’ve bought currencies to two different addresses, just be watching for FedEx, and check both addresses. They’re getting signature from each delivery, so it will be known. No one but you can register your card. No one but you has access to your currency account.
    • If you have a house full of family members all with currency, you will all still receive a card. You will all see what you have in your hands. You can also all go to the Redemption / Exchange Centers.
    • If you have purchased additional currency you can still add it to your QFS. Or you can go to the Redemption / Exchange Centers.
    • If you have any unusual situation you can still go to the Redemption / Exchange Centers and explain your situation and they will work it all out.
    • These accounts are going out globally. Nationally and globally, everyone in every participating country will have an account like this and a card.
    • If there was currency that went missing in the mail, what do we do about this? Nick has been told it won’t be a problem. Any currency you bought will show up there.
    • What if you already have a PRIVATE BANKER at WF? Can we work with this person? YES.
    • A friend and I bought currency together, and we split it. He bought it. I kept half. – Just enter this info on your account, where all of your currencies are listed.
    • How will I know where my Redemption / Exchange Centers is? This address and instructions will come through the Safe Link Websites.
    • If you bought currency from any licensed dealer, they have your address. If your address is different just go down to the redemption center.
    • If the Zim happening now or is it a later date? – Take it with you know. Your account should show your zim right now. But it ay be easier to call and get an appointment to carry your zim to the redemption center. Things are constantly changing here.
    • They have started sending out cards already, today. So, theoretically, based on what they have said, receivers that access their account, validate their card, will have money on account right now


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