Paulette Stevens: Message for all Who Desire More than Duality


Message for All Who Desire More Than Duality

By Paulette Stevens, July 20, 2021

These insights are shared for the benefit of humanity. Kindly receive what resonates and let go of the rest.

After many meditations and ceremonies over recent days, we called in our team of unseen guides, angels and guardians once again for help. We met over the question of what was stalling progress toward lifting humanity up out of the suffering of duality and into new age of prosperity and peace. The response surprised me.

In the calm of centeredness, I saw what appeared to be several long strands of rope, getting pushed, pulled and tangled into a big knot. Solving the problem was frustrating, and the more intense the resistance, the tighter the knot became.

I thought of snarly, tangled hair and asked divine Mother for assistance in combing out the mess. Instead of yanking the comb through the tangles, causing harshness and tears, I watched as she lovingly relaxed the knot. She smoothed the strands until the long, beautiful hair was back in harmonious order. She then braided the parts together, lifting the frequency as if to provide a way for us to climb up the braid to Camelot.

The topic of a workshop a few days ago popped into mind – Healing Ancestral Trauma. In transcribing my notes, I felt a light turn on. Judgment is the core problem of duality!

Judgment is at the root of all trauma and dis-ease. It limits the point of view like blinders. Not only are events and people labeled as good or bad, worthy or unworthy, judgement extends to the self in deeply harmful ways. ‘It’s my fault. I’m not good enough. God is punishing me.’

Feeling themselves somehow lacking, women plunge into sadness and depression. Men lash out in anger. Abuse, addiction and heartache often follow. Look around at the evidence of people getting stuck in the duality of judgment, feeling sad and small.

We have been judged since childhood, and we dutifully learned to judge in the way our families, teachers, religions and governments instructed.  Since most everyone fit in the box of control, we went along and believed what we were told, although it was not true.

The rationale of shame sounded something like this, ‘See, you aren’t so special. Who do you think are? You can’t do anything right. One with power will come to save us someday.’

What if we got into this mess of duality – black/white, good/bad, right/wrong, friend/enemy – out of fear of being criticized and judged? What if our leaders were afraid, too?

What if resolving the problem of life’s big knot were so frustrating, the anxiety of not being up to the task so daunting, and the fear of failure in the eyes of society so overwhelming that the knot simply could not be untied? That’s what is at risk here.

What if WE ARE THE ONES who need to come to our rescue and throw off duality? WE ARE THE ONES to bring in the calm, centered, nonjudgmental, loving and intelligent light of God. WE ARE THE ONES who get to clean off the treasures and climb the golden braid up to Camelot. Go inside and remember…

Over lifetimes, we played all the roles, wore the costumes, made the mistakes, knew victory and defeat, learned the lessons and volunteered to incarnate again – all with God’s love. We were allowed to experience it all. What we do now with the wisdom gained is entirely our choice.

WE ARE THE BRAVE ONES who came to be a light and inspire positive change in the world with the truth of who we are – and we are creators!

With divine guidance, we get to consciously build the future together.  Be courageous and allowing. Forgive the traumas of the past and let go of what no longer serves. Walk the talk. Love as God loves. And yes, we are responsibility for the part we each play in clearing the knotted tangle for one another and the planet.

‘Stand tall,’ the message concluded. ‘The truth shall set you free.’

I am deeply grateful for the insights and sweet connection of this experience. What happens now is truly up to the highest in us, and I trust it will be marvelous!

Blessings of peace and prosperity,



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