Steve Beckow: Universal Incomes, Saving Grace or the Last Blow?


Universal Incomes: Saving Grace or the Last Blow? – Part 1/2

July 22, 2021
by Steve Beckow

I’d like to answer a question from bb in more detail:


The taxpayer-funded UBI: This is the last blow to small businesses (my children–small business owners– already pay 37% in taxes and work 7 days a week) and the working taxpayers.

Big business not only doesn’t pay taxes; their teams of lawyers get them refunds, even in the millions.

Love to all at GA of G



Hi, bb,

Add to that how will we get people to work? How will the garbage be picked up and the mail delivered? There are so many questions about universal basic incomes (UBIs) that remain to be answered.

But let’s back up a bit. UBIs will not be taxpayer-funded. They’ll be funded from one of several sources:

(A) NESARA/GESARA – UBIs may be a part of the new governments mandated by the National/Global Economic Security and Reformation Act, originally passed in the United States and extended by agreement to all nations, (1) or

(B) My understanding is that by the “Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption,” issued on: December 21, 2017, (2) the Alliance has frozen the assets of a very large number of abusers. This wealth will be redirected to a group of Gaians called pipelines or flowthroughs for redistribution to the population. Or

(3) The St. Germain World Trust – There is a plan for all the expected future changes in finances, as Hatonn suggested to me a while back in response to projects I was considering as a pipeline:

“Steverino, this is Hatonn. You are worrying needlessly. You won’t have to make decisions about what to do with money [as a pipeline] when it’s available.


“St. Germain’s plan will be revealed to the people in charge and that information will be given to you. It’s not that your ideas won’t be valuable, but they’ll be used within the parameters of the big picture.” (3)

That’s fine with me. So there is a “big picture.”

And who’s in charge of the plan? St. Germain(e) of course. He’s in charge of the St. Germain World Trust too, which Michael once saw as an alternative source for the Reval:

“When we say that in the current amorphous structure [2018] – well, amorphous as you know it – that St. Germaine’s World Trust is tucked under that umbrella of “prosperity packages,” there is also the chance (because it is not written in stone, not even in amethyst), that if things do not go forward at a pace that is desirable for the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, he will proceed with the disbursement of his funds in a different way.” (4)

So not the US Treasury. Not the DoD. Not the Alliance itself. But “if things do not go forward at a pace that is desirable for the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, he [St. Germaine] will proceed with the disbursement of his funds in a different way.” These apparently will be through repeat issues of Prosperity Packages. (5)

And “the disbursement of his funds.” Not sequestered Illuminati wealth, hundreds of miles of gold found under the Vatican, auditoriums full of it wherever they are (Philippines or Taiwan), or even shiploads of gold brought by the galactics, but St. Germaine’s own funds raised since the Middle Ages. (6) Does that not give you an idea of the wealth available?

And our families are having trouble staying afloat?

There has to be financial reorganization. Income must be more equitably distributed. And universal basic incomes are hoped to be the vehicle for doing that.

So not a universal basic income through taxing the poor and excusing the rich, but one paid for by one or more of a number of plans, all waiting to play out.

In answering your question, then, the first point I want to make is that the general reorganization of global finances that’s implicit in NESARA/GESARA has no connection to any tax structure. It will not be paid out of taxpayer money; taxes themselves will be miniscule compared to what they are now.


Far from disbenefitting your family, NESARA/GESARA will signal the commencement of a benevolent financial and political order, just the way most people always envisioned it would be.

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 2.)


(1) See “Bibliography on NESARA/GESARA and the Reval,” March 21, 2021, at

(2) At

(3) Hatonn in Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, Jan. 31, 2021.

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 30, 2019. [Hereafter AAM.]

(5) More detail on the Prosperity Packages:

Archangel Michael: It [Prosperity Packages] is more than one payment. (AAM, Sept. 2, 2016.)

AAM: That is why we have also said, (this is an aside) there will be several waves of abundance. So we give you the allowance and we see how you do. (Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017,


AAM: The prosperity funds of St. Germain, etc., are already in the dispersal mode and those will also go to more humanitarian projects. They do not go to private groups. (AAM, March 23, 2016.)

Steve: A person who is slated to be a recipient of the Prosperity Programs, would they receive a phone call from their bank or a letter from their bank, or somebody knocks?

AAM: It will be in a whole variety of ways. Some will receive a letter, some will receive a phone call, some will simply find money in their accounts. (“Archangel Michael: Spring Means the Time of Rebirth and Awakening,” March 22, 2014, at

(6) See What is NESARA? 2021, at

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Universal Incomes: Saving Grace or the Last Blow? – Part 2/2

July 23, 2021
by Steve Beckow

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

To return to what was really more my question than yours, bb, I confess I don’t know how we’ll guarantee distribution after redistribution.

Once everyone has an adequate income, who will work? Who will drive the trucks, deliver the mail, fly the airplanes?


I do not know.

But I know that others have considered these problems and have some answers. The galactics will be providing us with technologies that will surprise us and save time, reducing the need for a lot of work.

Replicators will cater to our wishes. Med beds will return us to our original DNA design. Free energy will power our needs – no need for hydroelectric or nuclear power then.

Anti-gravity vehicles will speed us around the globe. Computers as small as a bindi (forehead dot) will serve our needs on an Internet that’s seamless and fast. We’ll have personal robots, simultaneous translators, devices that dematerialize garbage, others that neutralize radioactivity, etc.

I presume that these many devices will alter our need for a lot of things. We need to factor these lifestyle changes in along with the advent of prosperity.

Factor in as well the elevation in our spirits that all of this will bring. Factor in too the rising energies of the Mother’s tsunami of love. The people thinking about these matters now will not be the same people we talk to two years from now. (1)

And all of this towards what end? What is the purpose of life? The purpose of life for us is that we should come to know ourselves in a moment of enlightenment. The purpose of life for God is that God should meet God in that same moment of enlightenment. “O thou I!” (2)

Now we have the time and emotional space to actually pursue spiritual things like the purpose of life. Or other things that help us discover who we are. Painting, writing, space travel, exploring, meditating, on and on the activities go that help us to know ourselves, activities which we could never give time to before because we were earning a living.

If the world were working properly, there would be no need to “earn a living.” On the higher dimensions no one “earns a living.” A “living” should not need to be earned.

Does that mean that a paraplegic shall not live because they’re unable to earn a living? That isn’t the way we’ve chosen to go.


And it isn’t the way we need to go because there’s plenty of everything to go around. Not only that but I’ve become convinced that Gaia has recuperative and productive powers beyond anything we suspect and if we work with her rather than abusing her we’d be living in a Garden of Eden again.

And we will.

So, bb, even though I anticipate some difficulties in the beginning as we iron out the details, I look upon our financial future as being very bright. I think your family will be pleasantly surprised. Not at all impoverished by events but immensely enriched and empowered.


(1) Just as I don’t feel like the same person after my experience of detachment on June 7, 2021 and stillpoint on July 10, 2021. See “And Here It Is,” June 11, 2021, at and “Stillpoint: The Dark Night of the Soul,” July 11, 2021, at

(2) “I went from God to God, until they cried from me in me, ‘O thou I!’” (Bayazid of Bistun in Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy. New York, etc.: Harper and Row, 1970; c1944, 12.)

Source: Golden Age of Gaia


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