Dinarland Highlights for July 23, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 7.23.21

Texas Snake (TNT)

We are getting closer & closer & closer to this event occurring…So much of what is occurring has not happened since 2004/2005.



If you go talk to any individual that actually works in an exchange or a bank and you ask them about special redemption centers or 800 numbers they’re gonna look at you like you’re an idiot.  I know.  I did it.  I wanted to make sure that when the dinar or the Vietnam dong rate had changed that I knew where to go right away.  So I went to my bank Wells Fargo and I spoke with the manager there because at the time Wells Fargo was buying and selling currencies.  I said to him if I had a currency.  He kept cornering me trying to ask me which currency and I told him…Iraqi dinar…I thought he was going to say it was a scam but that’s not what he said

He said…at the current time Wells Fargo does not buy or sell the Iraqi dinar or the Vietnam dong…I said, is it a scam He said no, people are creating scams using those currencies.  We get a lot of calls…by people who are lied to or misled about what to do with these currenciesI said, how does this work?  He says, let’s say…you have a million dinars…as soon as you hear some rate change has happened and you’re ready to sell your currency, once our branch corporation tells us we are allowed to buy and sell the currency again, you simply come into the bank… [let’s say] you’re getting $3 for every 1 dinar…If you’re thinking you’re coming in here thinking we’re gonna give you $3 million dollars so you can hop, skip and jump outside the bank that is not gonna happen. 

The bank doesn’t hold that much money.  What will happen is this.  You will let me see the dinars.  I will go over to the machine to make sure they are not counterfeit –  That they’re legit…once we validate it I come to you and I say right now this is the current rate,  Are you ok with that rate?  We agree.  We charge you I think he said 1 or 1.5% fee…So if you got $3 million and we took out our fees, whatever the balance is would be deposited into your bank account…If you wanted to take out $20,000/$50,000 that might be [okay] but anything higher than that you have to set an appointment up so we can order the money…I said, okay what else?  He goes, what do you mean what else?  I said there’s nothing else to do?  He goes, no, that’s it…



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On the banking side…groups still feel like we are well within our window and things are moving forward quickly.  I don’t know if we are waiting for something at this point… I have been asked to not comment on exchanges and groups for 24 hours…I am going to honor this one…The good news is we know the original group referenced is still very much intact, and the leadership and protocols have not changed on it…so don’t panic…you are in very good hands…we will leave it right there. 


Walkingstick and Frank26 (KTFA)

We are very concerned for you.  In your mind you see this and you’re saying, ‘oh my goodness it’s time!  I’m going to the bank!  I’m going to exchange.‘   That’s your business.  We sure as heck are not.  IMO that would be extremely incorrect…right now the Iraqi dinar is pegged with the United States dollar inside and outside of Iraq’s borders.  Soon they will go International and lift the value of their currency…and still pegged to the American dollar.  But at that point they will be on par with the American dollar 1 to 1.  And that’s when you’re going to exchange.  I always called it the 1 to 1 sucker bet.




I know personally politicians, one of them just passed away a couple years ago, that they all had dinar…2 of our ex-presidents had dinar.  Their Vice Presidents had the dinar.  Didn’t “had”, they “HAVE” it. 


Bruce (The Big Call)

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Most of the banks out there that we talk to have gone almost silent… Now from…the sources that I have most of what we’re getting is talking about something taking place over the weekend – meaning there’s a possibility though not guaranteed – we don’t have it confirmed… they don’t want us to know – when exactly…it is conceivable that we could get notified on Saturday and start Saturday…

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