“The Quantum Banking System Exposed” by Ron Giles – 7.25.21


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 3:13 AM EDT on July 25, 2021

The guru crew has come up with the most outlandish RV scam yet conceived.

A falsely claimed replacement for the Quantum Financial System, called the “Quantum Banking System” – the Cabal’s last gasp for air.

It is important to know that at this juncture, the Alliance is in total control of the RV, but nothing in the Update Report reflects the Alliance process for the Redemption of Funds. Nothing!

The USA, Inc., and its defunct Department of Defense Intel, along with the  “DoDo bird” (an Intellectually handicapped somebody), coupled with “Pinky Flamingo,” as the mouthpiece, as well as, the defunct USA, Inc. Treasury Department, are no more legitimate than Mr. Biden and his mask. The big call is still saying that the RV may even happen before the call ends. These entities have all joined together to continually plague the legitimate intel process for many truth seekers I call Humanitarians.

Incidentally, Trusts are not required by the Alliance. Trusts are an option! Selling Trusts to the unknowing has become a source of funding for these opportunists, when in fact the Alliance requires no Trusts at all. Trust documents are available at the Redemption Appointment if one prefers the use of a Trust.

Their think-tank-midnight-oil-burners have spun a story that creates plausibility according to their latest contrived intel, when non plausibility exists. These guys actually want us to believe they oversee the RV, when they do not. They are messing with what they consider their “slave population,” in any way they want; without taking accountability for their damage, much less responsibility when they are proven wrong.

This is Cabal 101. Deny, give a plausible untrue explanation, and then move on, truth be damned.


The Alliance is totally in charge of the RV, and they have not given anyone authority to speak for them, including me. When you read the guru intel and get caught up in their lies, all you get is confusion and disappointment.

Check here (___) if this has happened to you. A simple check mark is sufficient – no profanity please.

The gurus only persist because they’re not held accountable for their lies by their followers. Twenty (20) some-odd years of lies, and yet many go back for more. It’s like dogs recycling their own vomit. Yet, people come to me and ask my opinion on the latest guru intel, while they are still lapping up what the gurus are serving. I say, “Why ask me, I didn’t write their crapola. Give them your feedback and maybe they will change their chatter.”  It’s like jumping back into the murky swamp and trying to feel-around for even a tidbit of truth. Ain’t going to happen. So, why did you go there in the first place?

The latest episode has to do with Debit Cards – Quantum Banking System Debit Cards no less. Both are newcomers to their required bag of tricks. They quote five Chinese Elders as their source of bad intel.

These guru people keep implying that the RV and the GCR are American-oriented, and that this is not a worldwide event. Why would they believe any Chinese Elders. The are not supposed to be in charge of the RV -i t’s the DOD and the US Treasury who are supposed to be in charge as they continually  tell us their fake intel. More importantly, just who is actually speaking to “the five Chinese Elders” which are supposedly stating that their desire is to “get these cards out” to eight million people, pronto? This brand new ruse is supposed to happen this week. So much for the 5 Chinese Elders who counsel with GrandFather as head of the Chinese Families.

The five Chinese Elders do not speak for Grandfather. If they decide, in consultation with Grandfather, on any issue, then Grandfather – the Golden Dragon – is the spokesperson – not “five Chinese Elders.”  Grandfather does not give that position up to anybody.

Who, exactly, is going to deliver the fraudulent QBS debit cards to all currency holders all over the world?  Who organized that and who printed or manufactured them, and when?


What good are these supposed debit cards when they are not accepted by any merchants to date? They can’t be, since they haven’t been created yet, much less distributed to currency holders as of this moment.

Who has the addresses of eight (8) million people with currencies and bonds? Whether humanitarians, the average person or even criminals with currencies trying to make a big score, the list of this magnitude is not available to the Shills who dreamed up this fake process so they can be relevant – when they are not? Talk to me about the Quantum Consciousness and claim it is involved and you may have some legitimate claim, but they don’t so they have no claim, just contrived diatribe.

Who told whom that the Chinese Elders wanted to get cards out to people when none have been set up yet? If there is a card to be made available, it will be hand-delivered at the Redemption Appointment, and not delivered worldwide by FedEx.

How stupid is that move? Cabal?! When the gurus are not in charge of the RV, as they want us to believe, they don’t think things through enough to cover all the angles. The Alliance would never be so inept. The Alliance has a plan and is sticking to it. The guru’s plan changes like Cabal Depends. Every time an accident happens, they hustle to the bathroom to change their Depends, which works a lot better than their plans.

If you want to know if something is right or true, go inside and receive your own Spirit’s wisdom. Our ways of receiving Truth are unique to each of us. What does Spirit “tell” you? How can you know when you are following Truth?

You’ll experience sweet calming felling. You won’t be confused, and you won’t be disappointed. This is the way your body and soul may respond to the Truth. As a Humanitarian, it is absolutely essential that you use all the tools that you have, so that you can make the best decisions possible and hold close to what you know in your soul is Truth for you.

The Redemption process is too important for you to be following those who contrive intel and call it valid from the proper authorities, when it is not. There is peace of mind when you are on the right track and following after the Truth. If you follow someone who gets their intel from other humans, you are following the arm of flesh and can be carried about by every wind of doctrine…

How is that working out for you with your present guru?

The truth is, there are no Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, nor Tier 5; just Humanitarians and Non-Humanitarians, or wannabe Humanitarians. All the Tiers are lumped into a group of non-Humanitarians, that will not be getting the funds they presently think they are, purely based upon what the gurus have been telling them over the years. When you follow the Alliance path, you will get gold-backed currencies for your Humanitarian endeavors. If you follow the guru path of your choice or flavor, then you will get what the Cabal has been giving us for generations of time, sorrow and pain and a lack of funds sufficient to have a life worth living.

The gurus do NOT DISTINGUISH between Humanitarians and people who are really in this “event” to obtain money, predominantly for themselves.  On the other hand, the Alliance wants only Humanitarians to receive the funds and has no concern about people who just want money for themselves. Humanitarians will spread the redemption funds to all corners of the earth, bringing mankind out of poverty and despair. With all the money they have, do bankers really share what they have? Do wealth managers work to share money with the less advantaged? Give the wealth to the right people, Humanitarians, and they will get the job done for mankind.


Why? Because the role of the Humanitarians is to make sure everyone has ample funding for their entire lives. The Humanitarians are to be entrusted with the stewardship of the majority of the funds. The programs they will follow  will bless the lives of every single person on this earth. That’s what Humanitarians will do. Give the redemption funds to Humanitarians and things will change for the better. Give the funds to the Bankers and watch how they confiscate the funds and tax the people for their own greedy gain.

Why does the Alliance choose Humanitarians over Wealth Managers, Bankers and others who have historically been in charge of the financial structure of the world, thus far?  

Because, the Alliance knows that the Humanitarians will get the funds into the hands or the right people. Humanitarians are not money motivated, they are not greedy, and they are not corrupted or corruptible by the management of money. They are heart-centered, and put service to others first over service to themselves.

If you were God, and had money to give to the people, who would you want to be in charge of the money?  Humanitarians or Bankers? This is the whole justification for a brand-new financial system. What new financial system would you prefer: the QFS, Quantum Financial System…. or the same old same old, so called “QBS” Quantum Banking System? Steal the name “Quantum” and put it over on the gullible people who believe in the goodness of mankind.

Why would the gurus not support the Alliance way of doing things, feeling that they need to manufacture some other, alternative way? It should be obvious to any Humanitarian what choice of action to take.

The Quantum Consciousness that is the QFS, is the answer.

If you’re a Humanitarian, why would you consider any other system?  Pick one: QFS or QBS?   The Alliance has made the choice, and I think it’s the right one. What do you think?


Note: If you are a Humanitarian, the Alliance will redeem any Zim bonds you have… even the Chinese Gold Bonds that are a facsimile of the original bonds. If you bought them to redeem for your Humanitarian funding, they will redeem them. If you’re not a Humanitarian they won’t redeem even you 100Tnotes.

Warning: Don’t purchase from the Chinese. They put the names of their purchasers on a list for nefarious activities planned for later.


If you are a Humanitarian, the Alliance knows who you are, just like God does.  So, the Alliance will be getting in touch with you for the redemption appointment; but, it may not be in a way that has been published, so far.  If you don’t believe this from all the published writings from those who do not lie , then stick with your favorite guru for another twenty years. The arm of flesh loves the Cabal way and so do the Cabal Shills.

I am saying it here and posting this on my website, for all to see. The predictions of the RV taking place this week (7-24-21), by this guru crew of know-it-alls, are false and misleading. The RV has not started, no one has received funds in the QFS, and there is no future with a Quantum Banking System, QBS.

That is all a Quantum pile of BS. So let’s talk next week and see how well the Shills and Trolls have done with this next round of garbage intel.

Keep in mind, only real Humanitarians will redeem Zim Bonds. The Alliance will not redeem Zim Bonds for anyone who is not considered a Humanitarian by the Alliance Agent at the Redemption Appointment.

It is yet to be determined if Non-Humanitarian currency holders will get any funds at all; but what has been determined is that the new Financial Service Industry will seamlessly take over the banking industry and turn the new Quantum Financial System into a servant of the people. 

Love and Light

Ron Giles


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