“Think before you Lash out” by Jai Guru Dev – 7.26.21


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 3:03 PM EDT on July 26, 2021

Sierra posted a few days ago that there are strange energies at the moment causing one to be disorientated. These energies are undoubtedly pushing our buttons, our emotional weaknesses. I believe this is necessary in order for us to conquer our reptillian brain’s knee-jerk reaction to simply lash out; fight or flight response. (By the way Sierra, you are truely an amazing soul. Love you.)

And man, aren’t the people lashing out! Obviously apparent in recent posts in Dinar Chronicles, but that is simply a microcosim of the entire planet. I see it everywhere. Gentle souls temporarily becoming demons. I am sure many of you have noticed it in your personal environment.

To master this knee-jerk reaction one needs to understand that every external event that happens to you is of your own creation. You caused the effect!

– The Principle of Cause and Effect: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What you sow, so shall you reap.

Although matter appears to have the appearance of solidified energy and is static to our five senses, it too is moving. Matter is actually composed of empty space, because if we break matter down, we know it is composed of atoms. At the atomic level the electrons are repelling from one surface to another at speeds beyond the five senses giving us the experience of ‘physicality’.

 Imagine a motorcyclist driving around an enclosed circular wall. Initially he goes around at the bottom of the wall until he builds up enough speed. He then builds up enough speed to go around the top of the wall in a position horizontal to the ground. He is able to maintain this position as centrifugal force overcomes gravity. Now imagine he has the power in his motorbike to increase his speed until he becomes a blur as he goes faster and faster around the wall.

Now imagine you are positioned on top of the wall with a tennis ball. In the initial stages of the ride he would take a few seconds to pass your position. If you dropped the tennis ball as he went passed you, it would bounce of the bottom of the wall. However, in the later stages when the motorcyclist (with his GESARA released new technolgy enhanced engine} was travelling so fast around the wall that he would become a blur, he would appear as a solid object, you would have no sense of him passing your position. Drop the tennis ball at this point and it would bounce off the motorcyclist back into your hand and not be able to reach the bottom of the wall.


In a similar way the electrons in an atom are repelling from one surface to another at high speeds. Atoms themselves vibrate at high speeds creating the electromagnetic fields of interference that we call physical matter. The physical world is simply made up of a myriad of different interference patterns, vibrating at speeds beyond our five senses.  These interference patterns are imbued their own unique frequency, amplitude and waveform that are perceived by our five senses as ‘real’ things.

Everything in the Universe is made up of unique vibrations interacting with each other. This interaction causes a change within each unique vibration and if the disruption is strong enough, it causes an interference pattern that can and does manifests the appearance of physicality. Quantum Physics emphatically states that it is our consciousness that determines how these atoms should collapse from a wave of virtual reality, to a particle of physical reality.

Interference patterns can be seen when we throw a pebble in a pond. It causes ripples in the pond that move outwards from the point of contact (the pebble landing in the water). If at the same time, another pebble is thrown into the water at the other end of the pond it too will cause a ripple. The two ripples will travel towards each other and when they meet, they cause an interference pattern.

Quantum theory postulates that your observation causes a change in the system. And it is so. Perhaps a more apt analogy of the energetic vibrating Universe that you live in, is that it comprises of two entities. The Divines Spark that is You (a fragment of First Source); and the Universal Entity, which is the sum total of All That Is in this Universe (a myriad of vibrating wavicles).

The main purpose of the Universal Entity is to bring the Universes back into balance. The UE is also bound to, and respectful of your Free Will. It is non-judgemental and simply gives you what you ask for. It reflects what you project. It is intelligent beyond comprehension. It is a fluid dynamic system, ebbing and flowing, adapting to information so it can generate the appropriate response to any scenario.

To illustrate this point, imagine that the two Entities are pools of water reflecting on each other. One pool hover’s directly above the other, which causes both pools to be a reflection of each other. As the one pool ripples, the other also ripples, always reflecting the mirror image of that ripple. The Universal Entity reflects your perceptions and expressions. If you express hate, you will receive hate. If you express love, you will receive love.

It is that simple. Herein lies the principle of Cause and Effect.


Seeker: “I understand that everything is made up of vibrations. What I fail to see is how the Universal Entity reflects that which we express or perceive. I have an acquaintance who seems to have no moral fibre. He cons and manipulates to get what he wants, often at the expense (often with dire consequences) to others. Yet he seems to get away with it. There appears to be no consequences to his actions, he leads a socially successful life.”

Guide: “To answer this I need to highlight a few points. Firstly, you are measuring his life from your perception of him. You do not know the inner demons he faces and the emotional challenges he has to conquer. Secondly, I will assume that he knows he is doing wrong, in other words he is acting against his conscience, his inner voice.

We will take the scenario that he has no inner demons and is definitely going against his conscience. The answer to your question is time.

We exist in a Universe of matter, energy; space and time. Matter and energy are opposite ends of the same system. Space and time are opposite ends of the same spectrum. This means that energy is interchangeable with matter, as space and time are also interchangeable. The Universal Entity and your unique Divine Spark Entity (housed in the human instrument) are composed of matter and energy. Both are expanding in consciousness into space through the mechanism of time.”

Seeker: “I am not sure I follow.”

Guide: “In the game of life, think of matter and energy as the players, and time and space as the playing fields. Space being where consciousness expands into, becoming more than it was before; time being the factor that separates our Divine Spark from First Source, and then further separates your Divine Spark from the human instrument. This separation causes forgetfulness of our Divinity but also activates the power of Free Will.

Time is the disconnection between the Universal Entity reflecting back to the Entity consciousness housed in a human instrument This disconnection is temporary as the reflection will eventually manifest. At times this reflection will occur in the human instrument’s lifespan.  This is called cause and effect. At times it will reflect in their next life. This is called karma. But know this, it will always reflect.

In your acquaintances case it will appear that he is riding the crest of a wave, where everything falls into his lap. Should he pass on never being accountable for his actions, rest assured that in his next existence as a human instrument he will reap the benefits of his actions. Riding the bottom of the wave so to speak.

Your bible Leviticus 24:19-22 loosely refers to this immutable law. “And whoever causes an injury to a neighbour must receive the same kind of injury in return: Broken bone for broken bone, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Anyone who injures another person must be injured in the same way in return.”  I put to you that it is not society’s laws that will ensure that you are injured ‘in the same way in return’, but the UE will ensure that you are injured in the same way in return. Whether it’s in this life (cause and effect) or your next life (karma) is immaterial to the UE. After all you are an eternal being, and lifetime to lifetime existence in terms of reincarnation is still merely a drop in the vast pond of its existence.”

Seeker: “Are you saying that the UE is the ultimate revenge master.”


Guide: Chuckles. “A typical human instrument perception. Revenge is a function of an overzealous ego identity. There is never a need to take revenge. The UE will ensure that fairness or balance must happen. The UE does not judge or is swayed by ego emotions. It simply reflects that which is presented to it. It is a mirror that reflects the light that is shone on it. It will reflect an equal and opposite pattern. Equal in the sense that the image is of the world an identical reflection of you, but opposite in the sense that left becomes right and right becomes left. This is easily seen if imagine looking outwards from your reflection in the mirror, everything is of an opposite polarity. Left becomes right and right becomes left.

The UE will reflect a destructive interference pattern (the exact and opposite waveform) of the wave you originated by your Free Will. It causes decoherence, which simply means that the wave of all probabilities will collapse and you will experience that which you projected.

If your motive for action is revenge, you are initiating an event string, an inception point that initiates a chain of events that will negatively impact on you. You create bad karma if you will. That which you do unto others will be done unto you. If your motive is righteous indignation, taking action to correct on an injustice (according to your conscience/inner voice), then you initiate an event string that positively impacts on you. Creating good karma if you will; and in the process raising your vibration, your consciousness.

Time is the only thing that distorts the perceived connection between the human instrument Entity and the UE. In your day-to-dayexistence there is almost no immediate response to your stimuli’s. Because you behave in a correct and appropriate manner, does not necessarily mean that you will immediately be treated in a correct and appropriate manner. You have clearly caused a positive ripple in the pond and the UE will surely reflect that ripple back to you….in time….

This often means you experience pockets of unjustness, an unfairness that tugs at your heart-strings. It is this perceived unfairness that activates the source codes in your DNA, increasing your consciousness, bringing the human instrument closer to its higher-self, its Divine Spark.

This is the aim of the UE, to raise your vibration so that you may reconnect with your Divine Spark.”

Seeker: “All this makes sense to me even though it is difficult to cope during those pockets of unjustness.”

Guide: “This is a Universe of balance, of fairness; if you KNOW this,coping should become easier. Firstly, always remember that the Universe is reflecting that which you project. You have been given the greatest gift of all of creation, the gift of Free Will. This gift translates into the fact that you are responsible for all that happens to you. Secondly, remember that the reflection is not instantaneous, it distorted by time and does not happen immediately. However, in all your experiences within the human instrument, the balance will occur, even if that balance only occurs in your next life. By having this belief system, you will develop a deep sense of gratitude for the learning experience that this difficulty imposes upon you.”

Seeker: “Gratitude?”

Guide: “Yes. This is one of the most powerful vibrational forces incumbent on this planet in this space/time continuum. The authentic feeling of gratitude dramatically increases your vibration. It is easy to feel gratitude when positive experiences occur. Now you have the intellectual understanding that the pockets of ‘unfairness’ that you experience are still fair. You are simply receiving the reflection of that which you generated beyond your conscious memory. See these experiences as learning curves to increase your consciousness. Then you will naturally feel gratitude for the experience to grow.


If you have the belief system that the UE is your friend and partner, supporting your growth and development through its reflective mirror in the most efficient way possible, then you can cope far better with life’s experiences.

Embrace the pain ‘unfairly’ inflicted upon you, and choose not to inflict that pain on anyone else. Instead, be grateful that the UE has reflected a learning experience you initiated, whereby you are challenged to act in an appropriate manner (according to your conscience). Even though it may be extremely difficult to do so, acting in an appropriate manner is the biggest activator of source codes in your DNA. This increases your consciousness, giving you the ability to draw more light into your human instrument, thereby drawing you closer to consciously become one with your Divine Spark.” (I postulate lashing out at others is not behaving in an appropriate manner.)

Seeker: “So the UE is simply a macro -reflection of my micro-self?”

Guide: “No. It is that and more. It is not First Source, it is like you, an entity existing outside of First Source, also existing for the Divine Directive of growing and becoming more. In your current literature it is best depicted as the Wheel of Fortune, card number 10 in the tarot pack of cards. The UE entity is a dynamic, evolving entity that can evoke learning experiences upon you, beyond the realms of your Free Will.”

One of the goals of the UE is to ensure maximum learning and growth. It uses its Free Will to give you different playing fields within the game. Over a period of many lifetimes, you will experience being a tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor; rich-man poor-man beggar man-thief.

The Wheel of Fortune is indicative of a perpetual cyclic motion. It is the epitome of the vibrational Universe, bringing the rhythms of summer, autumn, winter, spring, summer…; it controls the ebb and flow of the ocean, night and day, the movements of the planets around the sun, the movement of our solar system around the Central Sun, war and peace, birth death and rebirth. It is the ator, the Tora(h), the rota, the aorta, the tarot, the ottar.

Ator – forms nouns corresponding to verbs ending in -ate, denoting a human agent, (agitator; mediator; adjudicator) or nonhuman entity, performing the function named by the verb.

Tora(h) – The Judaic laws and creation myths

Rota – The cycle of life. What you are allocated with from lifetime to lifetime

Aorta – The biggest blood carrying vessel in the human instrument. Blood being the energetic force of the human instrument. More specifically its capacity to carry oxygen. On this planet, the more oxygen, the more the capacity to hold light/consciousness in the human instrument.


Tarot – The complete depiction of the cycles and energies experienced by the human instrument in the manifestation.

Ottar (attar) – the essence of a life-form.

The human instrument needs to develop the firm belief that no matter the circumstances, those circumstances are designed by the UE and your Divine Spark to maximise your growth, the ability to draw more light into your human instrument and thereby increase your consciousness; to stimulate original thought. This is the purpose of creation.

With this firm belief you will automatically develop a deep sense of gratitude for life’s experiences. This feeling of gratitude is one of the keys to get into sync with universal vibrations. This will automatically ease the transition through any unpleasant cycles, and more importantly activate the ‘source codes’ within your DNA. This activation gives you more power of ‘observation’ in quantum terms; a greater ability to control the physical world that is the five-sensory experience of the human instrument.

Seeker: “To clarify. Are you saying that the UE also has Free Will and ability to create a distortion in my pond in order to activate different experiences in my sojourn through matter?”

Guide: “Correct, more often than not in the form of comfort and discomfort. These forms cause you to act differently when given the same external stimulus. There is a saying that, ‘you should never judge a person’s character until he is put under pressure.’ It easy to do the right thing under comfortable circumstances. Far more difficult when there is immense pressure. This is the role of the UE, to create experiences of order and chaos. Order to give the human instrument a resting period where it can recharge its batteries; chaos to force the human instrument to go beyond its known boundaries/experiences. It is in this zone that true growth takes place.”

Seeker: “It seems as if I don’t have as much control of my life as I thought! You are basically saying that outside influences can and do affect me.  My Free Will is limited!”

Guide: “Chuckles. Another human instrument response. It is understandable as your human instrument/ego identity is separated from First Source and your Divine Spark. It has it needs. Right now, I sense that your consciousness is fluctuating between my words and the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. It is an appropriate distraction as the human instrument has needs which need to be satisfied in order to sustain it. It is important that you do sustain it so that your Divine Spark (housed imperceptibly within your human instrument) can maximise its growing experience in this manifestation of your current ego identity.

Remember that you are a Divine Spark housed in a human instrument. You as a Divine Spark gave your permission for the UE to change the ornateness of the chessboard from life to life, to throw challenges in your path that will assist your growth, to raise your consciousness.

I can say this to you. When your physical, emotional, mental and Divine bodies are all united as One, your human instrument will have complete Free Will. Complete control of the physical manifestation. You could literally turn water into wine. Oneness is a key to consciousness.”


The Principle of Oneness: Everything in the Universe emanates from one source, First Source. Therefore, everything is connected by an indivisible web of intelligence, an indestructible web that extends to the farthest realms of creation and back to source. There is nothing in creation that is not connected to everything and everyone.

“The Universe is not a collection of objects, but an inseparable web of vibrating energy patterns in which no one component has reality independent of the whole. Included in the whole is the observer.” Paul Davis (physicist)

We are all one. The illusion of separateness is simply that, an illusion. A necessary illusion giving you your own unique identity gifted with Free Will. The further away from First Source you travel, the more the bifurcations (where the Divine Spark is split into smaller fragments). The more the bifurcations, the larger the number of different waves come into being. The greater the number of waves, the greater the number of the interference patterns that will occur, resulting in more imbalance as seen from zero point (Infinity/balance).

The inverse of more bifurcations/imbalance/separation, is the more uniqueness occurs. Simply put the more uniqueness the more Free Will you will have. The human instrument has the most self-awareness of all sentient life forms that are furthest removed from First Source. Hence the biblical reference to us being the crown of creation.

Another way of expressing this concept is that the more the interference patterns that occur, the more of Free Will you have, and also the more imbalance (hardships) you will be exposed to. The purpose of which is to experience situations that encourage you to generate original thought in order to overcome the challenges, thereby ensuring the growth/experience of First Source.

Know this, emphatically know this, at a deep level, we are all one! This is the primary and most important principle in creation. One, not only with your fellow man, but one with the animals, plants minerals, atoms, particles, subatomic particles and sub-subatomic energies. One with the angels, arch-angels, cherubim, seraphim and Elohim. One with every thing!To unjustly lash out at someone is the unwise use of Free Will. There will be consequences. It is inevitable. You are only causing discomfort on yourself. To positively argue a different point of view with someone else, to argue the point, not belittle the person, can only lead to growth, one step nearer to solving the conundrum.

Jai Guru Dev


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