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07/27/2021 Just a Note From Nick

With the unhappy responses DOD read, following Fleming’s disclosure last week, we have changed protocols once again for Tier 4 B. Now it’s even easier. Tier 4 will receive the 800# and the Safe Link first. Then, they can elect to receive the (UBI – Universal Basic Income – the same that every qualified person, in this nation, and every nation; will ultimately get), debit card, delivered right to your door within 24 hours, or go to a redemption center. If they elect to get the card, they will be able to manage their exchange from home with all of the phone support they possibly require. It’s all managed for those who want to stay home, for whatever reason, and those who want to have a live meeting directly with private banking. Redemption/Exchange Centers, they can still go in person. These Centers are open (for the time being). This will eliminate a lot of transactions for the Redemption / Exchange Centers, plus, this way mostly serious people will show up – people who have something to manage, like projects. There’s the good news. Now for the bad news…

As good as these changes are, the Shenanigans Continue. The US Treasury – the DoD – whichever party we choose to point to, and we positively know that these two are the absolutely, ultimately responsible parties, coordinating this RV GCR Event; the RV GCR failed to launch again. Around midnight, late last night, this RV GCR roll out was started with solid commitment (supposedly from these two parties). Nothing happened. This morning we have NADA, nothing, no notifications and no Safe Link URL, and once again, nothing was released. Where’s the bottleneck? Who’s responsible for this latest perfidy? How to explain this incredible black mark on the red face of the DoD RV Team? We’ll leave it to them to comment. Maybe they will.

The reality we’re seeing here is that DJT could have continued in office, but he chose to walk away and let the world see what insanity we’d have to endure under the insane Democrat leadership. This is a deadly game to play, costing many innocents their livelihood, their very lives. How many months do we have to be locked up? How many more businesses will fail? How many more innocents will die due to the toxic environment we’re forced to live in? GMO’s have taken a new turn for the worse. Now, We the People are GMO! President Trump didn’t do us any favors.

If we are waiting for President Trump’s return and the removal of Bi-dan, as some predict, it is already well past the acceptable time and we might as well give up on RV GCR now. THE PLAN B MUST BE PROVIDED. The atrocious attack on the Rights and Privileges we are guaranteed under the Constitution, has commenced with a full frontal assault and it must be stopped. The demand for vaccination, the demand for verification. The demand for vaccine passports. The door-to-door toxic affront happening right now. The deaths and sickness, all must stop.

“PLAN B” takes us away from this ineffectual RV GCR machine to a new direction. The Quantum (AI) System, guarantees safety and security. The money we receive can then be put to good use. WE THE PEOPLE with currencies and bonds number in the millions today. WE THE PEOPLE have a destiny to fulfill, ordained by GOD. The time to start “PLAN B” is today – not tomorrow when this world is further weakened by the evil tyrants seeking to destroy the US and control our every movement.

FREEDOM is our birthright. FREEDOM is the demand of every human being on this planet.

7/27/2021 Podcast Just a Note From Nick



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