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07/28/2021 A House of Cards

The Tale of Money is Moving…..

Here’s a fable told around a lonely campfire, only whispered about in quiet places. The Global Monetary System is a Ponzi Game, that’s been played for centuries, since the first paper instrument was created. This very first hand-written note recognized as an asset began this House of Cards. The principal source of this original note, the real, verified asset, was held in a secure vault, verified by another (notable authority), and was accepted by a second and third party; as real. It was created for trade. It was bought and sold, and discounted, and earned interest. It was gambled and won and lost. But it wasn’t real. It was only the echo of real gold/diamonds/jewels/tangible property. This is a Ponzi Scheme that has been working for centuries, for thousands of years.

This fake-money-echo has been amplified today through machine-controlled methods and for the past seven or so decades, has defined our Fractional Banking System, and for those involved in this Ponzi Scheme it’s the true Wild, Wild West. The Great Divide, where the big guns rule and you’d better know who’s side you’re on and protect your compadres-in-crime.

The biggest guns in this Ponzi Scheme, most notably recognized today, is the Rothschild Gang. They have a select few at the very top, keeping everyone in line with a huge carrot and an even bigger stick, and mum’s the word. There’s no talking outside of their mafioso-cartel. He who speaks gets the boot, and it’s not just any boot. It’s a nation-stomping boot. In fact, they’ve created and destroyed more nations over the centuries, than most normal-thinking-people would believe.

The Rothschild Gang Protection Racketeers are really good at what they do. They’ve got their P-Scheme locked down. They’ve got their Legacy Insiders. They’ve got Top Tier Protection carried out globally at the highest levels by 6-Eyes Protection Agencies, and globally by the C_A who are the masters at running the numbers. Like every good protection racketeer, they get a piece of every fiat dollar bill, and every euro bill ever spent anywhere. After all, it’s only fair since it’s all built on their (privately owned) Ponzi Scheme Machine. They build up and they tear down nations just as fast, and on a whim. It’s a gargantuan Protection Racket and it’s centuries in the formation.


They’ve got their minions, their constabularies, and their black-suited thugs, including the Law, the Judicial System, the courts; enforcing their rules and their rules are serious. Breaking their rules is verboten. Like every Mafioso-Cartel, it’s life or death, and it’s, play-along-or-you’ll-be-really-sorry. They’ve made stars around the world, and they’ve destroyed more than they made. This is the devil in a suit and tie; or an evening dress, whatever their gender choice may be. You’d better not address that little foible.

None of the “adjudicated accounts” we’ve heard discussed, would have been “adjudicated” – tried in court; if they’d been normal, typical Wall Street (fixed) investments. They had qualified paper – notes, verified by the United States Treasury, backed by qualified assets, and they let it roll with this fractional-banking world, buying and selling their paper bonds, and notes, backed by diamonds and hard assets, until they had a (digital) fortune. All perfectly legal. All verified as legal all along the way. These “adjudicated platforms” were involved in the Global Financial System, approved and allowed to fly with a wink and a nod, by the Rothschild consiglieres. The Global Collateral Accounts backed these platform trades, “Trading Paper Notes” in the private, money-creating Rothschild Ponzi Scheme. They had the gumption to roll with the big dogs. The banks involved enjoyed this play on paper. They collected their fees. The traders – the guys looking at the screen, watching the paper float from one party to another, facilitating this play in the Rothschild world; collected their fees. All of the entities involved: the Bank for International Settlements, the World Trade Center, the United States Treasury, the Federal Reserve – and every Central Bank around the world; collected their splits. The signatories on the Global Collateral Accounts got their split. It’s a story that’s been told over and over again. Those at the top feed while those at the bottom hunt for their droppings.

Money is “held on account” for tens of thousands of these platform recipients. CMKX/CMKM, the Farm Claims, the Omega Prosperity Platforms – all “platforms” participating in asset-backed trades of paper instruments. All SKR holders, all aggregators – but not their down-lines, not yet; have “money-on-account” in holding status, most definitely not spendable. There are tens of thousands of these accounts described with a “Money is Held on Account” flag, holding the account from spend-ability.

None of these “adjudicated accounts” have been paid out with “spendable cash”. Although they have won this be done through demands at the Supreme Court/State Supreme Court hearings, which forced the banks to distribute cash. The banks complied with this Court-Mandated-Order, and have distributed this “digital money”; yet no recipient is able to spend any of it. The bankers directed by the “trustee” of these accounts, sort-of in complying with this Court Order, moved assets into these individual accounts, with the name of the end-party/original asset-owner. The rightful party assigned to receiving this “money of account” that we’ve heard about for months and months, receiving liquid, spendable funds, did receive these digital funds. They followed the court’s orders, sort of. In defiance, in contradiction to the Court, knowing that the Court was in their pocket…. the Rothschild Mafioso-Cartel followed the “trustee’s” order. Money is “not released” yet.

We all know this is the case today. “Huge amounts of money is moving” has been repeated ad nauseum. “Digital money” has moved from top to bottom, to the final recipient, but not spendable. Some poor souls have been tortured with this “money held on account” for years already. Some even poorer souls even had their Medicaid revoked because the “System” showed they had “digital assets on account” and they lost their qualification for medical aid – no more free medicines or doctors, or hospitalization when you’re a millionaire. Yes, this debacle has created a unique set a problems for a few small group of tens of thousands.

What is talked about in quiet voices, in private, is that this money is not presently available to the account owner, except as a “loan from the bank” and this small amount is only made available to a few of these people. These are “qualified recipients” that have the approvals from higher-ups. People that have the nod from the chief consiglieri, or the “trustee”. The lucky few are connected, government employees, often contractors for the guys running the numbers. Friends and Families of these privileged few continue to be the lucky receivers of a small percentage of exchanged currencies dollars that go into further accounts with 1 or 2% and non-spendable “money on account”.

One reason the “Shotgun Start” we’re waiting for never flies is that this Platform Trade, Ponzi Scheme continues to this day, and it never stopped. Maybe it’s because this asset is still being blocked and traded on by the “trustee” of the original distributing party? If the Quantum System can see money moving for up to 50 moves (as we heard the last time this was discussed), it’s still considering this asset to be “blocked and not spendable”. What if this digital asset is recognized by Artificial Intelligence to be “Money On Account,” owned by the original account owner, the Trustee, who can do whatever he/she/they want? Maybe it’s because this money being held-on-account, is still being traded by the original owner, the Trustee? Maybe it’s because all of the parties involved, the bankers, attorneys, the Feds; are happily making their fees. Those at the top are still benefiting behind the scenes. Is it possible that this digital money is still in the platform, only distributed to eventual recipients, but not released from the platform trade? Maybe. Might be that this Quantum System was programmed to allow control of these digital monies by the original validated owner until it’s completely released. After all, he who designs the software makes up the rules to suit. Maybe it’s because this Quantum System is owned by the mega-wealthy Rothschild entity, that has had their machine rocking and rolling for centuries and they’re not ready to let it go, not yet? We can imagine this is the case.

  • To the entities that are controlling this Ponzi Scheme, your day is coming.
  • To the authorities that allow this Rothschild Ponzi Scheme to continue to roll, your day is coming.
  • To all that benefit from this gravy train while the Sovereign Nation States are played, your day is coming.
  • All that are involved in trafficking sex, blood, drugs, your day is coming.
  • This AI System is learning Right from Wrong, lawful from unlawful. It’s reaching into every communication and every detail is saved for future reference. To all that think they are Big Dogs and praying on the innocents; your day is coming.

Proverbs 21:15 will take place. When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to the evildoers. Justice is coming.

07/28/2021 Podcast A House of Cards


07/28/2021 A House of Cards Part 2

What’s important about this to know is that these accounts continue to be “held” because the money is still being traded…

Certainly, the most shocking point to me is that the money held-on-account was being traded on. But, no one seems to care. Must be because they aren’t aware of the huge returns being earned on this actively traded account. Nor are they seeking to collect any share of the proceeds. “I’d be happy with my account released,” is the typical reply.

This huge money machine is another world, outside of the norm. It’s not something anyone pays attention to. That’s also why these scofflaws continue their daily lies.

07/28/2021 Podcast A House of Cords Part 2




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