“Without Understanding on the Sidelines” by Stefan – 7.28.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:06 AM EDT on July 28, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

No, I don’t mean with the headline the offside in soccer and also not that I don’t understand anything. I and many other fellow patriots, we have reached a point that is difficult to bear, to cope with. Physically and psychologically. And if this is our test, boy have we got a stern and unyielding examiner. The strength we have to muster every damn day may soon be lacking. I doubt, one, that medbeds will be available to us right away, there are more important cases, and two, that they can fix this deep-seated lack of strength. It is deep, very deep.

In conversations with patriots, which we have regularly once a week, I notice more and more a resignation, but also a smoldering, growing anger, from week to week. Every supposedly positive news item or report is immediately nullified with another decision by the “government.” The already mentioned manifold division reaches its climax now with vaccinated and unvaccinated. And all German companies, “government”, “authorities”, “police” and the state media simply continue unhindered, unbroken, unpunished, as before. The damage, especially the subliminal damage, has long been done and is getting worse by the day, by the hour. The wake-up program for Germany is in full swing, but it is simply drowned out by those still in power. And the silent masses, who were about to get on the right side, react first and stay where they are. Not on the sidelines, but in the majority, because they seem to be right.

Yes, we patriots have become uncomprehending. Because even the most stupid, ignorant planner of this great plan should have slowly noticed that Germany is far too deeply indoctrinated. In all other countries, hundreds of thousands come out onto the streets, and the next time there will be even more. Not so in Germany, and it should have been noticed months ago that the usual plan does not work here. It simply can’t work because the awakening here is permanently obstructed and suppressed by illegal corporations that are allowed to continue in power. There is no CNN here that is losing more and more viewers, there are no Republican politicians here that the majority believes, there is no Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, Lin Wood or Mike Lindell here. Here in Germany, they would have been in prison long ago because they are right-wing “Reichsbürger”. Above all, they would have no more money before, because illegal courts (companies) have seized everything away from them. After all, here in this country, anyone who says “Germany first” is a racist, a right-wing radical, a Nazi, a troublemaker. Migrants (let in illegally) and minorities, ten thousand genders are “democratic” here. Yet patriots are the only tolerant people in the country.

The Allies have started the state construct FRG in 1945, they have ended it in the meantime, deregistered and banned. And? Has anything of these prohibitions been kept? Have we had new elections in a real democracy since then? NO! Unchecked, unpunished, unatoned, everyone continues as before. We had high hopes in 2016/2017 when Sheriff Trump moved into the white house. America first and MAGA could have meant the same for us because we are and have been an occupied country. Especially when it became apparent that Trump was pulling in the same direction as Putin, our hope for liberation increased. The USA as the main ally, Putin as the chairman of the allied control council (by the way the question, what does this council control?), this would have been the opportunity to set everything at the beginning.

Far from it! Everything went and goes on as before. People, whom we need urgently in the new world, doubt more and more, despair more and more and give up. They don’t give up because they are weak, but they give up because there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no support, no help, no power. It’s like swimming in a swimming pool and when you want to get to the edge, someone is standing there preventing you. At some point I can’t swim anymore, at some point I lose the energy. Don’t you think so? You who live in countries where there are great opportunities, where you don’t feel alone as a patriot, where you are not fought against, insulted and even denounced by your own countrymen. Even in dictatorships that still exist today, people have themselves and are not alone.

I do not want to complain or cry. I still have strength to swim further, maybe even strength for some other patriots with. It is little things that keep me afloat, that give me energy to persevere.


Today I saw a picture of a demonstrator holding up a sign. It said: “I come from the future! With us everything is super and beautiful! Because YOU have persevered!” That gives strength, doesn’t it? It’s not true, of course, but you still want to believe it.

I ask myself every day why we patriots in Germany have to wait. What is the reason that we have not yet reached the time of liberation? One possible explanation is that the swamp here in the country is immensely large, larger than expected and suspected. And that because of that, covert operations still have to take place, which publicly would have too many innocent victims. And, that many more people in Germany are involved in all these crimes than we all could suspect. We don’t need to hope for an awakening by wake-up program, also not for a movement of the silent masses in the patriotic direction. For me a logical explanation, but what use is it?

Yesterday in conversation we had the idea that it would be quite great if we patriots here could get a little helping hand. For example, SHAEF instructing all companies in Germany posing as government authorities to cease any illegal activity under threat of immediate arrest and imprisonment. Especially against those who are proven to be German citizens or declared alive. These are namely the ones who love their fatherland and want it back. A central place, where one can make reports by mail about offences against this instruction, perhaps even with a prefabricated form. And then, as just happened with the water cleanup of the tunnels and DUMBs from the top (that has probably already happened) and from the bottom, take the Deep State Germany out of circulation. No mercy for anyone who didn’t stop in time. All information has been available to all for years, no excuse possible or plausible.

That would be a kind of protective shield for German patriots! Rows and rows of people would come to us from the silent masses. Dear goodness, we would be soooo grateful to you. A spark of power! It would mean a spark of hope. And it would mean that finally more Germans would wake up. We patriots would finally have proof and could finally argue rationally. Within a few days, we would have millions on the streets. The whole thing would also have a positive side effect, because we could finally successfully refrain from payments to the Deep State Germany, prevent seizures and rather stock up on supplies for it.

“The best way to find out if you can trust someone
can be trusted is to trust him.”
Ernest Hemingway

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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