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07/29/2021 The Tale of “Liquid-Money-of-Account-on-Hold”

The Tale of “Liquid-Money-of-Account-on-Hold”

That these private groups are trading these “money of accounts” (the very ones representing “blocked-accounts” with “liquid” vs “spendable funds”), is why many think that this RV GCR ordeal is going to be another year. Why stop now? It’s all working out well for these select few.

Because the C_A, and their select few happy cohorts, have been trading on these accounts since Obama was in office, for more than 5 years, beginning in 2016, when Lloyd’s of London first agreed to wrap an insurance bond around a 100 T Zimbabwe Government Bond, for $18 M. This single bond, bundled with others, created a pool of assets that could be further leveraged. This insurance wrap opened the floodgates, and the money flowed. IQD and VND, were also wrapped with an insurance policy and then bundled together for the 1 B Platform, threshold amount, and traded. It’s been widely stated that Dubai 1 and 2 enjoyed this flow of money. We’ve heard from others that it was this very flow, that was meant to be used to fund Tier 4 B, but that’s only hearsay, like everything, easy conversations, nothing in writing.

You’d think that if an account owner of one of these huge “liquid-money-of-account” holders, someone perhaps, that had an original SKR, knew what they had in that account, if they had proof; and they pressed the bank for details, this would be something verifiable? WF, or HSBC banks, both have these “liquid-money-of-account” reports. Bank of America does too for CMKX. Simple questions like, how long has the account been on hold? Who placed the hold? How much longer will “my money” be held? Is this a contract that the bank is managing? If it’s your account, why can’t you ask these questions of your banker, someone that might have known you for a while?

We’re living in times where these simple, logical questions, don’t have to be answered. Where terms like, “EMERGENCY POWERS ACT” and “SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY REPORTS” can be instigated on the whim of any bank employee, under AML, (Anti Money Laundering) laws, locking down all of the assets of the account owner, the person (innocently) asking the questions. To further harm the questioning party, once a SAR is escalated, the banking commission/the US T, can lock down every account, even if it’s a bank account in a different bank. Suspicious Activity Reports are filed with US T and immediately stop all financial actions by the party under investigation. They can be tied up for months and months and years, without explanation. Sort of like the Jan 6, President Trump Rally participants, who are now prisoners in a Washington D.C. prison, with no due process. In these “TIMES OF WAR” and with any little suspicion (real or fake news) of, “TERRORIST ACTIVITIES” any and all rights are stripped away. Leaving this government with total overarching reach of “lock ’em up and throw away the key – never seen again,” type of authority.

To everyone making waves, next stop is the (OBAMA-CREATED) FEMA CAMPS. If they’re not activated now, they soon will be. These concentration camps are always used in the typical C_A nation-state-take-down, as a mental deterrent. Got to get with the System. Get on the right side of this fight. Great slogans for their mind control. Yes, they are Satanic and we’re in for a terrible time.

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is under all-out assault. We’re being completely and blindly led, wearing masks and covering our eyes and ears, as they lead us to their desired state of submission. Once the US’ MOODY and FITCH’s credit rating are hit, and they will be with this insane Administration; these international ratings will (shortly) be tanked. The assets used to guarantee this nation’s Federal and State Bonds, sold on the World Market, policed by

IMF; will immediately be called, as stipulated by Agreement – once our credit ranking drops. The NATO/UN foreign troops are already here to guard their country’s assets.

It’s a sordid tale told way too often. Chechnya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, China, North Korea, this list is way too long. And the same story is being told here…

United States Dollar will soon be inflated to mimic Venezuela.

07/29/2021 Podcast The Tale of “Liquid-Money-of-Account-Hold”



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