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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:49 AM EDT on July 30, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Yes, take me away. To a secret place. Let me escape sweetly. To a hidden place. I want better days. I have a whole pocket, a whole pocket full of sunshine, and I can’t use it. Neither for me, nor for other patriots. And others don’t hear me.

One half of the world is flooded, the other half seems to be burning. Earthquakes and seaquakes in between. There is some incredible news from the Ahr Valley, one of the German flooded areas. Incidents have occurred there that are truly unheard of. In the town of Ahrweiler, there is a school that has been used by volunteers to provide medical care (volunteer doctors and nurses), to provide night camps, food and drinks for volunteers, and to hand out in-kind donations to flood victims in need.

Folks, this place of help, support, hope for many, was cleared by police yesterday on the orders and signature of Mayor Guido Orthen. The school remained unguarded after that, the donations in kind worth about 1 million euros were looted by Eastern European speaking people, the rest was disposed of by police officers, that is destroyed. I have seen videos of frustrated helpers and flood victims who no longer understand the world, heard stunned voice messages from eyewitnesses who have trouble holding back anger and tears. You just can’t believe something like that, it’s like a third world country, only worse. In one such eyewitness account, a psychotherapist said that he had already witnessed two suicides, people hanging themselves. Now that this help center is gone, maybe there will be more. For now that the volunteer, private helpers are gone, there won’t be much help to be had from official sources.

Several companies have offered 44 free housing and sanitary containers as living space for probably several months, free delivery from Hesse and free assembly. The mayor of the city of Dernau has refused, although there are many people whose houses and apartments no longer exist. Can you believe that?

We don’t know why all this happened there, why it happens worldwide in many countries like this these days. We can only guess, connect dots and maybe come to some kind of truth. More is not possible, because everything has to happen behind the scenes, under the ever more massive “drumming” of propaganda for vaccination, C-pandemic, lockdowns, mask wearing. Even if all this is hard to bear, we unfortunately can’t get around it, even if we turn off TV, one thing is for sure for me: I can’t enjoy this show any longer! Could that actually never! Within the scope of my possibilities I have contributed to the clearing-up, have described a possible exchange process, have made the LWS known in the German-speaking countries and have tried to build up fellow men and fellow patriots. In doing so, I have tried to remain centered myself, to remain positive, to remain hopeful.

I don’t know where I continue to get the strength from and I thank the Creator (presumably He sends me this strength) every day for not giving up. This is not an option for me. But, as written in the last article, I increasingly lack understanding of the plan and how to implement it. Also, if the awakening program is underway, it will continue to drag and creep (a snail is furious in comparison) as long as the “drumming” is allowed to continue. Inoculate, inoculate, inoculate, delta variant, lockdown, wearing masks, 4th wave, and so on. Those who don’t believe it anymore are slowly, very slowly becoming more, those who still believe it all are not changing their minds. And those, who doubt, become slowly, very slowly less. These are now once facts, which I addressed and must there no more on it go.




It is really about time that someone pushes the curtain aside a little bit. Even if what is revealed behind it will be difficult to bear. The present feelings such as rage, anger, despair, helplessness, grief, but above all powerlessness are also difficult to bear. Above all, they are dark and negative feelings. Do they really still have to be? How many patriots around the world can no longer understand this either? We patriots, we heart people, we are all walking on a narrow path. On one side is the dark, the distrust, the despair, the fear, the giving up. On the other side are hope, trust, patience, perseverance and courage.

Both sides are pulling at us, but we must continue to move toward the light at the end of the tunnel, forward. The still allowed state propaganda media put more and more and higher obstacles in our way, alternative media help us over it.

Is it possible to enjoy such a path? We are now at the end of July and again two dates have passed without results, announced by patriotic channels. Also, once again a boom week has passed normally. At least inconclusive and normal before the curtain. As I wrote before: If it is a test, it is the hardest of my life. That I am and remain in confidence, show me the following behaviors: I reduce work in the house and garden to a minimum, of course, not the household. I collect larger trash (pieces of furniture, electrical appliances, etc) and do not dispose of it. Something in me tells me to do it this way because I will soon be able to dispose of it with new technologies. Something in me tells me that soon our house will be completely changed anyway, maybe even torn down and rebuilt. I can’t explain it, this feeling, this “message” always comes when I think I have to do something about it now.

I still have strength and confidence, as do others, but for how much longer? None of us patriots will turn back shortly before the summit, I am sure of that. But if it takes months, as some channels claim, a lot of energy will have been expended in vain, and some will surely begin to weaken. So if a spark of hope does not show up soon, a spark of power, a spark of positive news, a spark of truth, take me away.

There is a place I want to go, where no one (yet) knows, where the rivers flow, and which I call home. There are no more lies in the darkness there, there is only light and truth. And no one cries there, there are only butterflies and other beauty of nature. Take me away!

And just as I finished this article, a light comes.

Governor Doug Ducey responded to the CDC’s updated guidelines yesterday with the following statement:

“Arizona does not allow mandatory masks, mandatory vaccinations, immunization cards or discrimination in schools based on who is or is not vaccinated. We have all of this in law and it will not change. The CDC today recommends that we wear masks at school and indoors, regardless of our vaccination status. This is just another example of the incompetence of the Biden-Harris administration!”

Where in Germany is a Doug Ducey? Should I still stay?




“He who trusts others too little has fear in all corners;
he who relies too much on others, wakes up in terror.”
Wilhelm Busch

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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