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Al-Kazemi directs the reopening of the Iraqi Museum

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed, on Friday, the reopening of the Iraqi Museum.

Al-Kazemi said in a tweet to him via Twitter, which was followed by / Mawazine News /, that in conjunction with the return of 17,000 Iraqi artifacts with our delegation, which ended a successful visit to Washington yesterday, we directed the reopening of the Iraqi Museum to the public and researchers; 

To be a new beginning to draw inspiration from our ancient civilizational values and our authentic national identity, and to educate our generations with the sciences, cultures and achievements this land has provided.    link

Parliamentary Finance: The 2021 budget will be passed without a deficit.. Our situation is economically secure

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Jamal Kougar said, on Saturday, July 31, 2021, that the financial budget for the current year will be passed safely and without a deficit in the event that .global oil prices continue above the level of seventy dollars per barrel

Cougar said in an interview with the media, which was followed by “The Obelisk”, that the extent of the budget deficit directly depends on global oil prices, and the closer this figure is to what is established in the budget, the real deficit will be large and as it is proven speculative and reflected in a negative impact on the economic level, .indicating If prices rise to higher numbers, then this will reflect positively on the level of deficit

Cougar added that global oil prices as long as they continue as they are currently above the level of seventy dollars per barrel, Iraq will be in a safe economic situation, and the 2021 budget will be passed without any .deficit

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, had expected earlier that the federal general .budget for the fiscal year 2022 would be different from the current year’s budget by two paragraphs

Mazhar Saleh said that the draft federal general budget for the year 2022, in my opinion, will differ slightly from the budget for the current year 2021 in two paragraphs. The (post-Coronavirus) stage, especially the high degrees of international economic openness, the flourishing of trade and investment exchanges between the countries of .the world, and the high overall growth rates in the global economy 

He added that there is a strong link between the escalation of economic growth in the world and the escalation of .demand for crude oil and the boom in energy markets and the rise in oil prices

He continued: As for the second paragraph, it is that the draft general budget for the next year will reduce the borrowing space at the lowest point, while the area of investment projects and their allocations will expand significantly and according to the priorities of development, which will lead to better growth and overall employment in the national economy, especially the high market contribution. In the movement of the economy due to the high level of certainty that will be available to market makers, explaining that this is due to the .market’s dependence on the indicators of recovery in the government economy

And he added: In spite of the foregoing, the issue of submitting the draft federal budget to take its legislative path will remain the main concern and according to its constitutional timings, subject to the speedy formation of .Parliament after the elections of the tenth month. elected

He explained that, other than that, entering the year 2022, without legislating the general budget law, will make the public finance resort to the application of the effective financial management law, by disbursing 12/1 of the .actual ongoing expenditures in the 2021 budget without new investment projects    link


Deputy: Iraq is able to absorb 6 million workers in the private sector

Representative of Saeroon Riyadh Al-Masoudi revealed, on Friday, Iraq’s ability to absorb 6 million workers in the private sector.

Al-Masoudi told the official news agency, “The Iraqi constitution is clear in the Iraqi government’s role in providing job opportunities. The constitution does not specify appointment, but job opportunities in the public and private sectors,” noting that “the public sector is sufficient and has a large increase, and it is a losing and unproductive sector.”

He added that “the government’s role should be within the planning mechanism to provide job opportunities in the private sector with remunerative salaries and allowances equal to or better than the public sector, as is the case in the United States, Egypt, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, where workers in the private sector are more than workers.” in the public sector.”

He pointed out that “there are more than 4 and a half million Iraqis working in the private sector, as well as a million foreign workers, meaning the total is 5 and a half million workers in the private sector, although this sector is neutral due to the lack of support for the inputs and outputs of the private sector.”

He explained that “the problem in Iraq is the absence of a law to guarantee employment in the private sector, which is applied in detail, and the absence of a census for workers in the private sector, and not encouraging investment in the private sector,” noting: “If Iraq does not transform from the socialist system to the capitalist system, He will have real problems.”

He pointed out that “the investment sector, such as the investment sector of banks, services, tourism or agriculture, these sectors are frozen and they attract hundreds of thousands of labor.”

He stressed that “Iraq can accommodate 6 million workers in the private sector in various disciplines, from the level of reading and writing, primary, intermediate, middle, universities and postgraduate studies, so we have to open the disabled religious and environmental tourism.”

And he indicated that “many of the vital sectors in Iraq are out of order, and if these sectors are invested, for example investing in the Oil and Refining Bank, and investing in the railways, public transport, ports, factories, petrochemicals, paper and foodstuffs, then Iraq will need 6 million to work in these sectors.” sectors”.

He continued, “The problem lies in the lack of a vision and strategy in the private sector, which needs clear legislation that guarantees service, bonus, promotions and retirement to work in the private sector.”   link

A parliamentarian calls on the government to activate “economic security” to control prices

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Investment, Nada Shaker Jawdat, called today, Friday, for the government to activate economic security to control the markets, and curb the greedy in order to deliver a message to the citizen that the government defends his interest and stands in the face of the greedy.

Jawdat said in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The middle and poor classes began to suffer more day after day as a result of life’s difficulties after the increase in the price of the dollar against the dinar,” noting that “the citizen today suffers from a decrease in his monthly income by 25%, which has caused many to be unable to complete All the necessities of daily living in order to provide what can be saved to complete the month.

She added, “When the government decided to raise the price of the dollar against the dinar, it might have justifications and a certain vision as a result of mismanagement and the accumulated corruption of previous governments, which affected the Iraqi economy, but at the same time it should find remedies to not cause great harm to the citizen because of those decisions,” stressing that “The vocabulary of the food basket or the ration card should be addressed, given that the poverty rate is on the rise, especially with the rise in the price of the dollar against the dinar.

She called on the government, “to activate economic security to control the markets and to ensure that the citizen’s power is not exploited for personal benefits, as this measure will send a message to the citizen that the government is defending his interest and standing in the face of the greedy.  link


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