Nick Fleming: Blast from the Past March 7th, 2020



Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

08/01/2021 Blast From the Past March 7th, 2020

• The 3 countries that were disconnected from the QFS last night Tue 3/3 were reconnected–all countries ready to start.

• Security is very tight–that’s one of the reasons they want us in and out of redemption appointments in 20 min

• The Admiral did convert payments for 20 of the top level T4A groups (out of the 356 4A groups) from fiat USD to gold-backed USN / USTN needed to start T4 groups (4A & 4B).

• Trump did sign off on the World Court order at midnight EST last night Tue 3/3–at 8pm EST they returned evidence that they were starting the RV/GCR release and the World Court got back with a doc that Trump signed by midnight EST.

• Pelosi’s stall tactic for low ZIM rates did not work–she was moved out of the way (he refused to say more about this).

• Because we can get anywhere between 11 cents to 1:1 higher ZIM rates at the redemption, he said that the bankers will ask us to put 80% of our funds into a structured payout annuity investment under which the bank will invest in humanitarian projects and pay the ZIM an annual interest payout on that 80%–he said they would tell us that 20% of the ZIM payout is for our personal use; he said that personal 20% at even 3 cents on a 100T ZIM note would be $600 billion, at 50 cent rate for projects the personal 20% would be $10 Trillion, at a 1:1 rate the personal 20% would be $20 Trillion–so he said that if you have project ideas then you could get the personal 20% to be in the HIGH hundreds of billions up to $20 Trillion–he said that should be enough for anyone PLUS the APR (annual percentage payout) from the 80% invested in humanitarian projects by the bank in cooperation with you and your trust company (Abbott Downing or equivalent)–BOTTOM LINE he said when the bankers tell you that this is the way that you need to split the ZIM funds, please WORK WITH THEM and do not fight the direction, because that direction comes from Treasury and from Trump, and he does NOT want any of us to be escorted out of our redemption appointments.

• He said yes, the first 90 days we will get up to 20% of the personal 20 part of the 80/20 split of ZIM proceeds–so 20% of the personal 20 part at 3 cents on a 100T ZIM note would be $120 billion, at 50 cents rate 20% of the personal 20 part would be $2 Trillion, at a 1:1 rate 20% of the personal 20 part would be $4 Trillion

• He confirmed 1% will be on the debit/credit card at exchange-redemption, 99% to be under trust company (Abbott Downing or equivalent) management working with you and for you.

• His info is that Tier 1 banks sending out notification emails containing Safe Web link and a confirmation code which we will give when calling the call centers (he said it would be clear when we receive the email notifications).

• He is confirming the no Federal tax info

• He said there is a 3-day rescission period where we can go back after agreeing to rates & terms at the initial redemption appointment, and if we change our minds we can ask for different rates and terms (will be made clear at appt he said)

• Abbott Downing default trust company, 90 days to change to another trust company if you don’t like their service

• Rodriguez Trust will handle “universal basic income” to citizens of all GESARA compliant countries–amount per individual or family will be contingent on the status of the person/family, needs, employment level, age, and will work to incentives people to work if they can helping supplement other income as needed. He said we need to help our friends and family understand this is coming over the coming 3-6 months.

• He confirmed If the funds are not out by midnight EST Interpol will move in to make arrests . . . and Trump will have federal law enforcement and SOPs make arrests too–this HAS to happen and the World Court orders are a blessing in disguise.

• He confirmed all core groups expecting liquidity release to start by midnight EST but also confirmed your HK PM in Zurich’s info that liquidity release should be starting between now (10pm EST) and midnight EST onward overnight.

He said that at 1:30pm EST orders went out to get T4A/B started including notifications; his info is that this afternoon they finished getting USN/USTN notes to banks (required to start us) and he said that UST & DoD & Trump know they are on a tight schedule with the World Court order to get T4b notification emails out & T4 liquidity payouts going; he said they’re plowing through right now Thu 3/5 like an icebreaker ship against obstructionist obstacles like breaking through chunks of ice in the Arctic Circle, as fleeting interference has come from Deep State politicians, bureaucrats, some bankers trying to delay the emails; he said arrests are being made now by Interpol and domestic law enforcement/Spec Ops, as Trump, DoD & UST keep pressing through to get us started; he also said the rats are scurrying as arrests dissuade them from keeping their blocking tactics going.
He said keep watching for notifications.

He texted right back that he agrees with the Regina Hochmuth info that you sent and we texted him. He said we as currency holders will be in control of our money post-RV and not the bankers; he said we also need to be polite and firmly acknowledge to the bankers/trust people that the money is ours and they will only manage our money and invest it *for us and WITH OUR CONSENT–the 80% does belong to us like the 20%–and the bankers and the trust company cannot do any investments that we do not feel comfortable with, but he said this needs to be stated politely with a respectful but firm resolve.

. He said, when we are asked to do the 80/20 split at our redemption appointment, we should cooperate however possible and use it to our advantage and to the advantage of each of our project areas; he said in other words, *work as much as possible within the boundaries given us at the redemption appointment and do not try to buck the boundaries. He said post-RV our attorneys can remind the bankers at all times that the funds are ours not the banks and that all bank suggested investments or actions must be approved by us or the money will be moved to another bank or trust company.

He would not say much about that Vegas meeting yesterday Wed 3/4 but he did hint that the senator, the Chinese Elder, the NSA people and a few others were discussing among other things, something about arresting the remaining Deep State felons, several hundred in the USA, and about 1500 in Canada, UK, NZ, and Australia. This was approved by the World Court this morning Thu 3/5 and some of those arrests were started today; any remaining arrests, his info is, will be simultaneous to the start of Tier 4 (4A groups getting PM facilitated access to 1% of account funds) and us in 4B getting notifications to start redemption appointments–his info is it is still imminent and we do not have to wait for next Tue 3/10.

. His info is that this final sweep of arrests had to be linked to, and simultaneous to, them starting us in Tier 4, as GESARA protocols require. If we understood him correctly, they can start us in T4b now that the World Court approved the plan this morning Thu 3/5.

He got back and confirmed from all your sources the following info (THIS IS A VERY COMPLEX PROCESS–we could barely keep up with all the details from your sources that he confirmed):

• ALL are on HIGHEST OF ALERTS TODAY FRI 3/6 because the shotgun-start of RV/GCR release funds (from D1 & D2 funds distributed into holding accts to fund T1-4 as of last night Thu 3/5)– the process is being initiated TODAY FRI 3/6 from 9am EST to cascade down from upper levels creating liquidity to the lower levels for UST & banks to release 100% access & payouts across the 20 payout categories and levels (lots of detailed release authorizations and actions happening NOW); he said authorization is being given by DoD & UST to banks, banks releasing access authorization codes to T1-3 account holders, T1 (Govt accts), T2 (humanitarian organizations), T3 (church groups), adjudicated accounts (Farm Claims, Native American settlements, CMKX, Fines & Penalties, PPs), Admirals inner and outer core groups (about 226 groups) expected to be given 100% liquid access today Fri 3/6 [he hinted it may be happening NOW from 4:15pm EST onward]; he confirmed UST is expected to issue value day declaration today Fri 3/6, after which T4 (4A) PMs would pay out to T4 (4A) groups as quickly as possible

. • He said T4 (4B) individuals (internet group) would either be released by DoD/UST/banks to start at same time as T4 (4A) PMs paying out OVER NEXT 24 HOURS or after T4 PMs start paying out (which could start T4B Mon-Tue 3/9-10)

• He said Trump/DoD/UST are *leaning toward starting us in T4B over next 24 hours if possible, depending on flow of 100% access to funds being activated across T1-3 & T4 PMs paying out.–BOTTOM LINE–800# NOTIFICATIONS COULD COME OUT ANY SECOND NOW confirming your sources, pending T1-3 payout progress & T4 PM progress over coming hours.

• He confirmed that the rates were updated this morning Fri 3/6 at 2am EST, rates were locked in this morning, and the risk management release algorithm was running since early this morning.

• He confirmed that the rates will be updated Sun-Mon night 3/8-9 2am EST so that IF T4 (4A & us in 4B) are not successfully started (based on progress & release algorithm) in the NEXT 24 HOURS then they will use the rate update of Mon into Tue 3/9-10 for T4B start.

• He confirmed that DoD and UST and Chinese Elders had signed off last night Thu 3/5 on releasing the RV/GCR after meetings between Elders+UST+Dept of Justice before last night; he confirmed that this morning HK had started their T1-2 (govt-humanitarian) account 100% liquidity access & payouts through bond processing, and HK called the UST and asked why the USA had not started yet this morning Fri 3/6; he said then DoD and UST met at 9am this morning Fri 3/6 and released everything and have been in GO-MODE since then.

• He confirmed that Trump & the Chinese Elders got World Court sanction to start NOW because of (1) the Wed 2/26 lawsuit pressing Trump/UST/DoD to release it from Tue 3/3 & complete it ASAP, and (2) Trump touring Tennessee wants humanitarian funds released ASAP at Tier 2, 3, and 4 levels to help clean up; he confirmed Trump and Chinese Elders also got confirmation from World Court that the RV/GCR shotgun start is legally valid and therefore safe from post-RV Deep State legal challenge.

• He confirmed that the anti-RV obstructions of the Deep State (largely democrat) politicians and bureaucrats (including Mnuchin) have been neutralized.

• He confirmed that UST delivering the USN / USTN notes to the banks and Redemption Centers by Mon 3/9 will not be an issue if Trump/DoD/UST keep pushing now for our T4b start overnight Fri-Sat 3/6-7; he said that legally the new UST / USTN notes have to be physically in locations, even though we will not be offered cash at our 20-min redemption appointments, in case a currency holder asks for cash, in which case they will give you what you ask for (it’s like contract rates or higher ZIM rates–we need to ask to receive he said).

• He confirmed the rates

Dinar Contract Rate for first 10 million: $28.50, thereafter Dinar Contract Rate of around $8; Street Rate around $3.50. Dong Contract Rate around $2.50, Street Rate $.47




“The shotgun start was authorized and begun by DoD and UST from 9am EST this morning. T1-3 and T4A paymasters are being started, while T4B notifications could come at any moment Sat and if not Sat then Mon-Tue 3/9-10”

He got back and said the good news is that yesterday Fri 3/6 at 9am EST DoD and UST signed off on the shotgun start of 100% liquidity access release to all tiers T1-4. The shotgun start that we have been waiting for for 20+ years is happening RIGHT NOW, and ALL are on HIGHEST OF ALERTS and UST and DoD are in GO MODE till they reach us with T4B notifications.

• It is confirmed that by Thu night 3/5 Dubai 1 and Dubai 2 were finally distributed by the grandfather and #2 Chinese Elder to payout all accounts in T1-4.

• He confirmed All tier payouts cascade down starting from top levels to lower levels to create necessary liquidity for us T4 at the lower levels–and the cascading down is happening fast now.

• The T1-3 and T4A paymasters were being started yesterday, while T4B notifications could still come at any moment today Sat through Mon-Tue 3/9-10

• UST has been releasing liquidity over past 24 hours with 100% access and it is in process of being unlocked and activated through authorization codes in all T1-3 accounts across 20 payout categories & levels (govt accts, humanitarian organization accts, church groups, CMKX, Farm Claims, Native American accounts, Fines & Penalites accts, Admirals inner and outer core accts, while some of these are to be fully accessed at lowest tier levels later when our T4B notifications come out). At the same time T4A PMs have been started over past 24 hours in the preparation & process of paying out T4 groups.

• He confirmed the intel that some of the T4 Paymasters had to be refused yesterday Fri 3/6 when they tried at the last minute to renegotiate some of the payout contracts for higher currency rates–they were told NO and it paused things slightly yesterday Fri 3/6, but UST got things going again QUICKLY, because of the WORLD COURT LAWSUIT RULING to get the RV shotgun payout completely released ASAP and because Trump & the Chinese want it completed ASAP too.

• He confirmed that the anti-RV obstructions of the Deep State (largely democrat) politicians and bureaucrats (including Mnuchin) have been neutralized and that arrests of 2,200 or more obstructionists has been happening in the USA and 4 other countries since Thu 3/5.

• For security our military contact could not speak to specific timing of our T4B notifications and access to 100% liquidity in T4 group accounts and SKR accounts because both are coming at approximately the same time any time between today Sat 3/7 and Tue 3/10.

• But he did confirm that MONDAY 3/9 is the day for funds to start moving and being accessed at lower tier levels and to start the payout release to T4 groups & SKRs moving toward our T4B notifications any time Mon-Tue 3/9-10.


• He confirmed that the rates were updated Friday morning 3/6 at 2am EST, rates were locked in then, and the risk management release algorithm was running since early morning Friday.

• He confirmed that the rates will be updated Sun-Mon night 3/8-9 2am EST so that IF T4 (4A & us in 4B) are not successfully started (based on progress & release algorithm) today then they will use the Sun night rate update for our T4B start Mon-to-Tue 3/9-10.

• He told us to CELEBRATE that the shotgun start plowing through to completion now.

The shotgun start *is plowing through to completion now.

08/01/2021 Podcast Blast From The Past March 7th, 2020






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