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08/02/2021 A House of Cards Built Around The World

Or, A Case for the International Ombudsman

Here We the People sit, twiddling our thumbs, watching the skies, watching the water, watching the EO’s and the Gestapo/Freemason Agenda 2030, roll on, in confusion. Yet with hopeful optimism, believing that a hero will arrive before the total destruction of the planet occurs. This is exactly what DC Comics always portrayed when they first introduced the Superhero, back in 1937, when Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson and Jack S. Liebowitz created this universal plot for Detective Comics. The theme is always the same. Humanity is facing the ultimate destruction of everything held dear in life. We love the action scenes best of all.

Our list of villains is incredibly long – numbering in the hundreds of thousands, last we heard. Many have been convicted and already faced the death penalty, according to, a Website with articles that Detective Comics would have taken to print pronto. The ultimate triumph of good over evil is one we never tire of.

What about those of us that don’t enjoy the DC Comics type of titillation? We don’t like the violence, the threats to Human Life. We don’t like the manipulation of our emotions, the risk of our health, along with all of the stresses in daily life, especially our sanity. We don’t like losing our life’s work, or our FREEDOM GUARANTEED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. We really don’t like Klaus Schwab and any and all of his buddies, coordinating this Great Reset, fondly labeled, “Build Back Better”. No, we don’t like any of this insane manipulation and intimidation.

Do we get a vote? Why don’t we vote for an OMBUDSMAN?
An ombudsman (/ˈɒmbʊdzmən/, also US: /-bədz-, -bʌdz-/,[1][2][3] Swedish: [ˈɔ̂mːbʉːdsˌman]), ombud, ombuds, or public advocate is an official who is usually appointed by the government or by parliament but with a significant degree of independence. Unofficial ombudsmen may be appointed by, or even work for, a corporation such as a utility supplier, newspaper, NGO, or professional regulatory body. The typical duties of an ombudsman are to investigate complaints and attempt to resolve them, usually through recommendations (binding or not) or mediation.




We the People Seek an OMBUDSMAN, someone that will have authority granted by We the People, that rides above the “Authors of the Plan” and above world government leaders, and above all sovereign monarchist. This person will act quickly, without a jury, or a court, or any of the trappings of any of these entities; making a call for decisive action, requiring that everyone in Agreement, must fall into line. Like all formal arbitration, the decisions this OMBUDSMAN make, and plan of direction is followed without fail. The consequences of which bring immediate cancellation. You don’t play fair, you don’t play.

What individual can step into this role with such respected authorities, so that all involved will immediately agree to be subjected to fair play?

We can imagine that the 8 – 12 authorities, meeting twice daily at 11 AM EDT, and 11 PM EDT, are all strong, capable, wise leaders. They all carry a big stick. They are all subject matter experts in their particular field. Whether computer experts, security experts, military experts, coordinating with military/government supporting entities, MIC, CORP, etc., most of these officials sitting at the table today, have experience in multiple disciplines. Their word is their seal of authority. They run mini fiefdoms ruling with strength and conviction and confidence. All of this is true. Unfortunately, the seat they hold at the RV GCR, Table leaves all of these Leaders quaking in their boots. No one wants to be the one who is symbolically sacrificed to save the People, so no one is taking a stand. Hard to blame them. They were set up to fail.

No one is posting anything about RV GCR for public discussion, without the cloak of, “plausible deniability”. Of course, because DC Comics never discloses the heroes true face, this must be okay. It’s all good. (We can only hope – keeping our cautious optimism in place.)

The People’s OMBUDSMAN is one solution to this obvious need – this obvious glaring problem. What would it take to get an OMBUDSMAN to step into the middle of these duo daily meetings, and manage this Shift safely? If we had this person who was an acknowledged, honest, incorruptible, wise man/woman, tasked with global authority, on behalf of We the People, to bring about the “Fix” to every “System” in place today and end global corruption once and for all. We can get really happy. RV GCR is really real, and this will happen as we’ve heard discussed for over a decade. NESARA – GESARA will prevail. Life will be good.

The OMBUDSMAN, with access to every Quantum Computer working on RV GCR; will have final say on:
• What’s real money and what’s fake?
• What’s true and what’s a lie?
• Who in this small RV GCR Rollout Team, is in the pocket of evil-intentioned controlling entities, putting people in position of fear, of failure, of loss of life/health/family/God? Who is being manipulated by outside entities – not serving the highest and best ideals in this task they have accepted?
• When will We the People (all over the world), know exactly who in Leadership, are loyal and who are NOT LOYAL to the Rights Granted Under the US Constitution and Articles of Independence?
• Who has money released and who goes to jail?

The challenge that We the People have always had, is that we are given lies and assumptions, vs irrefutable truth. We’re given propaganda, hype and titillation, vs solid facts. We have the former DS/Rothschild owned Ponzi Machine that has churned massive amounts – with thousands of zeroes – in dollars and euros, all around the world. This dark money was laundered by WEF, WTO, UN, WB, under the control and manipulation of BIS, IMF, EU, UST, HSBC, WF, CHASE, BOE, CITIBANK; and others, under the guise of PRIVATE AGREEMENT. The terms of which, We the People, are left uninformed. We the People are the true owners of our Nation’s Assets. Our National Trust, the St. Germaine, Rodriguez, all of these Trusts hold assets on behalf of humanity. We have the right to protect that which is ours. The ruling entities, the corporations, the System leveraging our hard assets in this Ponzi Machine, had no authority under the Law. Yet, the Paper issued, leveraging our assets, was accepted, and now We the People stand to lose everything. The OMBUDSMAN will verify the facts here and rectify inaccurate assumptions on every side. Both where Historical Bonds are concerned, and leading to verification of present-day bonds issued.




We’ve had SKRs issued to tens of thousands of people, by thousands of individuals without quailed certifications, under the Law. The OMBUDSMAN will verify the facts and rectify inaccurate assumptions on every side where these SKRs are concerned, delivering the fair and just amount to all of the original owners involved.

We’ve had “plausible deniability” served up on a platter by the DoD, UST, Government leakers, bankers, private wealth managers, and every other party sharing details on RV GCR with the few souls, brave enough to share. The OMBUDSMAN puts a stop to all propaganda immediately. Only fact-based, verified Truths will be shared and the message will be consistent all across Tier 4, RV GCR people.

This RV GCR Legend needs a Superhero – the OMBUDSMAN, to rid the world of corruption and bring an end to lies and deception and this steep descent into the Georgia Guidestones/Freemason Agendas, with massive death and destruction. Suggestions/nominations for the best qualified OMBUDSMAN, please step forward now. We are ready, willing and able, to take lawful action now.

08/02/2021 Podcast A House of Card Built Around the World



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