“What is the Truth?” by Stefan – 8.2.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:44 AM EDT on August 2, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

A new month, a new hope. Successful headline, isn’t it? What is the truth? I have had a flash of inspiration. In the current phase of drama, show, war, change, whatever you want to call it, we are literally overwhelmed with truths. Virtually everyone we perceive in public, be it in MSM or alternative media, wants to spread truths. Whether they are really truths or not, must always be judged by the reader. The author always knows whether it is truthful or not. Of course, there are also those who only believe their news is truthful. That’s how it is, our current world. For every news item there are at least ten readers who see everything differently, who believe they know other truths.

In today’s time of infowar it is very, very difficult to recognize truths, you see it the same way, don’t you? The truth actually always goes hand in hand with trust. If I have trust in the person who tells me something or writes something, I believe him and consider the message to be the truth. On the other hand, the one who constantly lies to me loses my trust. Especially in subjects that I can easily check myself. On IDC and on other sites there are informers who have lost my trust, but I won’t go into that. It is and remains my personal decision who gets my trust.

Even as children, we were taught to tell the truth. And we did that, we told the truth. Our parents also told us the truth in the beginning. “Don’t put your fingers on a stove top, it might be hot.” “Don’t put your hand in the fire, you’ll burn it.” If we didn’t trust them, we had our own painful experiences and what happened became our truth. I can get burned on the stove, I can get burned on the fire. Water makes you wet. The sky is blue. If I don’t pay attention to my path, I can trip and fall. If I don’t pay attention to traffic, I can have an accident. So let’s keep it short: children trust their parents and tell the truth. German saying: The mouth of a child speaks the truth.

But then we inevitably enter the realm of lies in our further development. If we meet an ugly person and tell him that he is ugly, our parents will react differently. They will tell us that we are not allowed to say something like that. Huh? Suddenly we are not allowed to tell the truth? What’s going on here? Our parents call that white lies. A fixed component of our previous society. Curious, isn’t it? The fact that I lie and tell the ugly person how great he looks, does not make him pretty. What does it have to do with politeness if I lie to the person?

In my youth I was on vacation with my parents and brother in a boarding house. On the island of Borkum. The boarding house landlady was not pretty, nor did she act like it. She had a shrill voice, walked bent over on a stick. As we were leaving and paying, I asked aloud, “Are you a witch?” (that wasn’t so far-fetched, folks). My parents were embarrassed, the landlady was horrified. For me it was the truth, because we knew witches from fairy tales. The descriptions from there clearly agreed for me with the landlady. Why was I suddenly not allowed to tell the truth or ask for it? And on it goes. The older we get, the more lies, white lies, makeshift lies, lies of politeness we become aware of. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and so on. The truth is, truth is taking less and less of a role in our everyday lives. This is how our societies are built today. Unfortunately.

So who is surprised that no one believes me or only a few believe me when I tell the truth. If I am arrested for a crime I did not commit and I tell the truth during police questioning, no one believes me. Who is surprised? And here comes the next thing to go along with the truth, the proof. The police have to prove that I did it or I have to prove that I didn’t do it. Curious again, isn’t it? Our entire society is so mendacious worldwide, unfortunately, that everyone immediately cries out for proofs when a “truth” is proclaimed. If we cannot prove it, nobody believes us. And the next curious thing is, some fellow human beings don’t even believe us when we provide proofs. They have been lied to so many times that they don’t even recognize evidence, imagine that!


Each of us, at least everyone who is in a stage of the awakening process, is confronted with this in private. And we cannot explain ourselves, are uncomprehending, if our proofs are not recognized. But it is obvious, especially in the current Corona phase, that only one-sided reports are given by “doctors” and “professors”, by “institutes” and “agencies”. Every other opinion is censored, ignored, defamed, suppressed and concealed. We are stunned that normal people want to get a picture without looking at both sides of the coin. Although they have demonstrably and obviously been lied to so many times, they continue to trust the “authorities” and the “quality media”. It’s grotesque, isn’t it?

If we just take the last 17 months ( LOL, 17!!!), how many times has the public been lied to? Uncountable! But people forget or they want to forget. They forget statements about masks that don’t protect, they forget statements about mandatory vaccination that shouldn’t exist, but now does, they just forget. And if you show them evidence, they provide counterarguments instead of realizing that they have been lied to. This is an inexplicable phenomenon, at least for those who do not forget. Is it really all due to fear? Or to the fact that they would not stand it, that their world view is destroyed? Or are they embarrassed to admit that they were wrong? I don’t know, man’s will is his kingdom.

All of our history, as we are taught, is not supposed to be the truth. The Bible is not supposed to be the truth, because there are probably 711 books missing, withheld by the Vatican. The form of our planet shall not be the truth, the narrations to the pyramids, to Stonehenge and other buildings shall not be true. Giant trees are said to have grown on the earth, folks, there are so many different theories and theses on the most diverse topics, one can easily lose the overview or a direction. Above all it always leads inevitably to a split. Inevitably! And almost everyone falls for it! Inevitably!

I honestly don’t know what to advise you on how to deal with this. Would a solution be to remain neutral to all news first? Not to jump on a thesis and defend it, but to remain truly neutral? Because one thing is sure, at least for me: the truth will inevitably come! To everything! Everyone who has already lied knows that. The truth cannot be suppressed, it comes, like a germ through the earth, always to the appearance, to the light! So wouldn’t it be wise to stay out of all discussions and disputes? Just look at it: What all was predicted for us for the month of July? And what of it has come true? Now there are already again forecasts for August, even again with dates. What will happen? Who knows the truth?

We will find out soon enough, many in my environment (and I too) have confident feelings. And honestly, it has to end soon. We’re getting tired of this pandemic lie and the whole shebang, aren’t we? Eventually all the DUMBs will be blown up or flooded, eventually all the above ground cabal buildings will be burned, all the cabals arrested, eventually every war will end. We will also soon learn the truth about our long awaited RV. When it will come and how it will take place. Everything so far we have learned is speculation because no one can know the truth. The few who do know won’t tell. Are you disappointed? Let’s pay attention to our thoughts, because they create our reality. This truth is becoming more and more obvious. The golden age is waiting for us and we will soon reach our destination.

“The trust of the innocent is
the liar’s most useful tool.”
Stephen King

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!


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