The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8-3-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 8-3-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday August 3rd and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in – yet once again for the Big Call  

Ok let’s talk a little bit about what the latest information is – regarding our futures – they’re looking very very bright right now – I can tell you that –

Let’s start from … the most important information that we’re getting right now has to do with the World Court had – and of course they always have a number of cases and a case that was relative to us getting started tier 4B – more or less the RV starting in the United States –

The good news is that last night at 8PM President Trump received the paper work to approve and sign and then he added some addendums to it to send back to the World Court – which he did – and that was received with his signature and it was gone through in about a 2 hour period and so basically by midnight last night he had a final signature on this case that allowed for the United States to move forward with the valuation of the currencies and the Global Currency Reset  occurring for us here in the United States – that was a milestone – HUGE –  very important that was accomplished

There have been so many things that have come through that needed to be addressed – a lot of it – I am going to say a majority of it – was dealing with cleanup – certain number of people had to be eliminated from the scene – all of that was taking place and is still taking place – but it’s very important that it occurred – the cleanup –

Now – the bondholders have been paid some money – ad some were supposed to be paid  up to their 1.2% totals – some did get that last Friday – others were told that they will have it yesterday – (Monday)  afternoon  – that did not happen yet but they are expecting that to change – tomorrow morning


So – everything has been moving forward and they’re trying to get this thing completed – I think now the paperwork is completed – especially with the World Court Case – is to move forward and get this thing done –

Now – I’m hearing from 2 distinctively different sources – the timing for us to get started – we are hearing that there is a possibility to receive notifications for late morning tomorrow (Wed) – I want to say also afternoon –  and we believe the information that we’re getting out of Zurich – is pointing towards a full /total release globally – and this would be to bondholders – and everybody else – somewhere around 8 am  Thursday –

So we have a timeline that is moving forward with some urgency now – to where even Charlie Ward said on his broadcast Monday – that this week would be the week that everything goes – and you know that’s a phrase I really don’t care for – but the way he said it – gave it very strong credibility – And I think we’re finally – finally in that last stretch – I think way beyond the eleventh hour – somewhere around11 hrs 55 -57 minutes – we’re just about at the midnight hour –

The other information I think that I find very revealing – and very beautiful – is the fact that more of our satellites through our space force are going up  Thursday and Saturday – that will complete the pro-link system of satellites  – the pro-link – and allow for internet – cell phone – and all that coverage to be satellite based and that is going to be very good for us to have – and we’re expecting the emergency broadcasting system – to be tested somewhere around the morning of the 11th of Aug –            

So that testing should take 8-10 hours and then we’re looking for some other things to occur before the 13th and 14th  and possibly the 15th  – and so that’s really interesting and important times for us – I’d say starting with the 11th  – we should in all aspects be underway – with the John Q Public tier 5 – basically going at the same time that we go –

The difference is when we call – when we get our notifications – to set appointments –  if you are a zim holder you have to have an appointment – because you will be going to a Wells Fargo or Chase Redemption Center – and if you are a currency holder you would just go to a normal – you would be sent and routed to a tier 1 possibly tier 2 bank for exchange

The public who doesn’t know to make a call unless they have been told – they do not know to use that system –  if they walk will nilly in – to a tier 1 bank to do an exchange they will get greeted with a teller  / currency teller – that will handle the exchange using the front screen rate – which is fine – They really want us to go in that type of timing so that the tier 5 will go when we go –


I’m sure there is more to what is happening that is about to happen – suffice it to say – we have gone about as far as we need to go – all we need now is to prepare for these exchanges – those that have zim are going to be for the most part – doing projects – which I think is very exciting because not only will be improving our lives and family – and close friends but we can also affect people we have not even met yet around the globe –

We don’t know exactly when we’re starting –  but we could start possibly as early as tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon – or Thursday is looking good right now – both of those days are looking very good –  Like I said we’ve got information from 1 very strong source that suggests a late morning notification tomorrow (Wed) and another source  that is talking more about tomorrow afternoon or evening –

So whatever it is – if we’re notified – we get the toll free numbers – which I will get – you will get from me – and a few others – 2 others will get it besides me – only the 3 of us will get the toll free number – and we will put it out – but the emails – which numbers about 2 million – have been processed again and again with a fine toothed comb – to try to pull out any bad apples – in the barrel –

So that is what they have been doing yesterday – hopefully that’s – now that President Trump has completely signed off on everything – with the World Court – I think everything is set to go – and let’s just believe that’s exactly going to happen

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:03:00

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