“Purifying the Muddy Waters” by Dave – 8.5.21


Entry Submitted by Dave at 10:34 PM EDT on August 5, 2021

I’ve been following the posts on Dinar Chronicles for several months now. Based on a lot of posts and responses to posts regarding the Great Currency Reset (GCR), the Revaluation of Dinar and Dong (RV), and the Humanitarian Projects (HP), I’ve come to believe that there is a lot of misunderstanding among the readers, which then creates some contention and turmoil.

I thought I would throw out my 2 cents to try to purify the muddy water.

Without going into all the details of how I arrived where I am, I will give a brief overview of my journey.

First, I started following what was happening with the War in general. Along the way I learned about NESARA/GESARA. Then I heard something about the HP but didn’t pay much attention as the person who mentioned them lives in a different country.

Then I heard about the RV. And I kept seeing Zim associated with the RV. I had no clue what Zim was. So, I researched it and found out what Zim was, but I didn’t know how it related to humanitarian projects. So, I researched that and learned all about that.

Next, I didn’t really understand the RV and how it related to Dinar and Dong. Why just those two currencies? Wasn’t the RV about resetting ALL currencies not just Dinar and Dong? So, I researched what the RV was all about. And what the tiers were.

Having the understanding I now have about all this (which, admittedly, is not complete), I thought I’d throw out my 2 cents in hopes to bring some clarity.

Let me begin by sharing my understanding of the difference between the RV (Dinar and Dong) and the HP (Zim).

The RV is only about the Dinar and Dong because those two currencies were purposely DEVALUED many years ago during the wars in both Iraq and Vietnam. Devaluing currency is a strategy used by invading countries to destroy the economies of the invaded countries and to make it much more difficult for them to defend themselves. The invading countries would then buy up a ton of the devalued currencies knowing that somewhere down the road the currencies would be revalued again to bring the values back up to where they were before, give or take. That means, then, that those who purchased the devalued currencies would make a huge return/profit on their purchase of those currencies when they were revalued.

Eventually, the public caught on to this scheme. Consequently, many went out and bought a bunch of Dinar and Dong, holding onto it for that time when it would be revalued so they could make a lot of money.

And that’s where we are now. With the coming GCR, which revalues ALL currencies to bring them in line with a 1:1 value with the US dollar, those holding Dinar and Dong are looking to make a lot of money when these currencies are revalued. Again, this is strictly a money-making strategy.

All the RV “gurus” are focused on this event because they’ve been waiting for years to exchange their Dinar/Dong to finally get their money. And everyone who follows them are, most likely, looking to exchange their Dinar/Dong as well.

So, the focus on the RV is all about making money.

And here’s a question to consider: Why would the RV of Dinar and Dong be anything special that would require their own special release of funds? What makes this money-making strategy superior to the rest of the world holding various currencies that will also be revalued during the GCR?

I may be wrong, but it doesn’t make any sense to me to have a special funds release just so the opportunists can make their money before everyone else. The only thing that might make that happen is if governments had purchased Dinar and/or Dong as well and they’ve added some kind of pressure.

Now, let’s talk about Zim.

“Zim” stands for “Zimbabwe money.”

Unlike Dinar and Dong, which are currently valid, in-circulation currencies, Zim is a completely defunct, invalid currency. Which makes it completely worthless.

Because the corrupt Zimbabwe gov’t destroyed the value of the Zim by printing huge amounts of large bills, the currency held no value. Accordingly, it was “defuncted” and taken out of circulation. Zim is not a devalued currency like the Dinar and Dong. Therefore, there will be no revaluation of Zim.

So, if you bought Zim hoping to make money when the RV takes place, you will be extremely disappointed (“angry” is probably a better word). Why? Because, being a defunct currency, it can’t be exchanged. Therefore, there is no exchange rate for Zim. It’s literally impossible.

Today Zim’s value is strictly as a cool memento to mount on your wall. At least until the HP idea was conceived by the Alliance. More on this in a minute.

So, Zim is completely different than the Dinar and Dong. Why the RV “gurus” have included it their RV updates I’ll never know. Maybe it’s evidence that they completely misunderstand what Zim is for and how it relates to the HP. Or, maybe they have a nefarious motivation for including it. Either way, I believe that whatever they represent about Zim is not accurate.

Now, let’s talk about how Zim relates to the HP.

There are three key factors that are a part of the NESARA/GESARA law(s) that we need to look at. First, the money that the corrupt bankers and politicians and religious leaders have stolen from the people over the past many centuries must be returned to the people. Second, the money must be backed by gold. And, third, huge amounts of money have been set aside for humanitarian purposes.

These stipulations apply to all 209 nations involved in the Alliance. Remember, the GCR associated with GESARA is a global operation, not a US operation.

The money to be returned requires a helluva lot of gold! But then, we’re told that the Alliance has huge amounts of it, whether it’s the St. Germaine Trust Fund, the Chinese Elders fund, the Philippines fund, the African mines, or whatever (some of those funds could be the same fund under a different name). There’s more than we can imagine. And, from what I understand, only about 40% of it will go to fund the GCR, which will bring all Alliance countries to a 1:1 value ratio of all currencies. 

Now, that brings up this question: Who oversees all the gold (the money)? Who decides the when, the where, the what, and the way of it all?

The Defense Department? The US Treasury? The bankers? Trump?

I don’t believe any of them are responsible for the bucket of gold that will be dispersed throughout the world (in the form of gold certificates backed by gold and housed in the Quantum Financial System (again, this is not a US operation).

For example, would you trust the bankers with it? The bankers are the corrupt ones who helped steal most of the money from the people to begin with. They are the “enemy” of the people. Why in the world would they be involved in all of this?! (OK, yes, there may be a bank or two who are chosen to be agent banks to help with the transition but who will not provide any financial services.)

How about the Defense Department? From what I see the Defense Department is as corrupt as the politicians, who again stole tons of money from the people. Why would the Defense Department be involved? Why would the Chinese Elders, particularly the Grand Dragon, trust them?

Because this is a global operation, decisions regarding the release of GESARA funds are made way above the US level. I personally believe the Grand Dragon, as the steward of the money for centuries, makes the final decision. And, as I understand it, he requires full disclosure (EBS) before the money is released.

Let’s step back a bit and try to fit this GCR/RV/HP thing into the War timeline. From a timing standpoint, when would it be appropriate to release the money? Before or after the Cabal has been defeated?

Apparently, while the Alliance has cut off the head of the snake, there is still more work to do to completely eliminate the Cabal players. That’s what is currently happening now. Would the Alliance screw up the War by introducing the money before the War is won?

I don’t believe so.

Yet, the RV “gurus” have been predicting the release of funds for a few years now, never once hitting their predictions. More on that in a minute.

Any person capable of critical thinking can see that the money will not be released until AFTER the War is won. The money is for rebuilding what the Cabal has destroyed.

Now, let’s imagine for moment that you’re in charge of the gold bucket. You want to return the money back to the people where it belongs. You want to raise everyone in the world to a level of great abundance and prosperity. How would you do it?

What would happen if you dumped a huge amount of money on everyone all at once? What would happen to the economies of the world? What would happen to each individual who received the money?

Simple: It would destroy everyone and every economy. I won’t go into why that’s true, but just take a second to consider what happens to people who win a lottery? How long does it take until they have completely destroyed their lives? Not long.

The Alliance are loving, kind, benevolent, good people who are destroying the evil of the world. They want only the best for people. Accordingly, they developed the idea of releasing the money to the people in a more controlled way that would gradually lift people up without doing any harm. And that’s where the HP come in.

The Alliance determined that the vast sums of money they have for the people would be released to the people through a variety of HP. That way it can be controlled and come out in a way that the people could handle it.

The next question was how to get the money into the hands of true humanitarians who could be trusted to do the right things with the money. Accordingly, they determined to use the Zim as a way to do that. For the HP, the Alliance only want true humanitarians, those people who care more about serving and helping others than they do amassing a huge amount of money for themselves.

So, if you bought Zim, what was your motivation? Was it to make a lot of money like the RV people? Or, was it to do a great work among the people to help them become heathier, happier, more prosperous, and more secure?

If you bought your Zim to make money, you won’t get any. It’s that simple. The Zim is only for true humanitarians. “Oh,” you say. “I’ll just whip out a plan to do some good somewhere so I can get the money.” Do you really think you could get away with that?

The Zim redemption process is for people who have true humanitarian hearts to purchase the Zim to execute the humanitarian plans they’ve developed. Then the Zim would be REDEEMED (not exchanged) for the money required to execute their plan. The Redemption Appointment (RA) where the Zim is to be redeemed looks nothing like an RV exchange appointment. It certainly will not be conducted by a banker, or wealth manager, or any of the typical finance positions we’re familiar with.

They will most likely be conducted by an Alliance representative on a military base for maximum security. And my guess is that these RA locations have not even been established. After all, the War isn’t won yet. Checkmate in 3 moves, maybe, but not won yet.

I believe the special Alliance representative will have the spiritual discernment to judge your heart to determine whether you are a true humanitarian. So, you can’t fool them. If your heart is not pure toward humanitarian work, you won’t be able to redeem your Zim.

Now, let me ask you this question: If the Alliance wants to flood the earth with money to bring all people into abundance and prosperity through the HP, why would they limit the amount given for the Zim? Wouldn’t they want to get as much money as possible into the hands of true humanitarians who have invested their time and energy developing projects that can have a substantial positive impact on the people of our world?

Makes me wonder what the “gurus'” motivations are when they tell us we’ll get measly few million for our Zim when our projects will require hundreds of times more than that. As you read what the “gurus” say about the Zim and HP, just ask yourself if their statements are consistent with the purpose and goal of the Alliance. Which is to bring peace and prosperity to all the people of world by eliminating poverty, hunger, illness, unemployment, homelessness, mental health issues, and so on.

The Alliance have pure humanitarian hearts themselves, which is why, for example, the Chinese Elders have been stockpiling gold for hundreds of years (if not longer) for this time when evil and corruption will be defeated. They’re not trying to horde it or keep it to themselves. That sounds like a banker motivation, not an Enlightened One’s motivation.

Now, let’s talk about Ron Giles. Good guy or bad guy?

I don’t know Ron personally, but here’s what I do know. Ron is a true humanitarian. He cares deeply about rebuilding our world through HP after the war is won. His whole focus is on HP and maximizing the ability of true humanitarians to get involved in the HP at the highest level. And it has been for years.

He could care less about making money or being famous. He just wants to help people.

So, why is he so harsh toward the RV “gurus”? As I see it, it’s because over the years he’s personally witnessed the damage they’ve done with their lies and constant inability to predict anything accurately.

As I mentioned, he’s dedicated himself to helping as many true humanitarians as possible take advantage of the funds available for HP. Yet, many of them who bought Zim for HP became disillusioned by the RV “gurus” and lost hope. They gave up. Remember, this has been going on for many years, and many have been lost.

Ron believes it’s our responsibility and duty to identify those who are hindering the Alliance’s purposes. Isn’t that what our whole movement is about? Uncovering the lies and revealing the truth? What side are we really on?

If truth is not our foundation, I would suggest WE are the enemy, siding with the dark forces who have ruled for thousands of years through lies and manipulation (after all, “light” refers to “truth” and “darkness” refers to “error”). How can any true Patriot (redundant, I know) believe that error in any form is acceptable? At what point do we commit ourselves totally and completely to the truth?

Now, let me respond to some comments that a few people have made regarding Ron’s latest post.

From Andrew C:

“It’s all very well for Ron Giles to continually bash all the “gurus”, after all they have always been wrong when it comes to dates for the RV rollout.”


“Bash” is associated with an “enemy.” If the RV “gurus'” lies are pulling people away from the full potential of the HP, wouldn’t they be working contrary to the Alliance’s purposes? And, if so, wouldn’t they be considered an enemy? Ron’s “intensity” in calling out the lies to wake people up is understandable, as he’s witnessed the harmful effect of the lies for a long time.

“However they (the genuine ones, Mark Z, Nick, Bruce, Judy, Holly etc) have been giving us continuous updates of the behind-the-scene maneuverings as far as their knowledge goes. (disinformation….deliberate ??).For instance, we now have a pretty clear understanding of the exchange protocols and clarity about the different rates, etc. So we are getting lots of background information, it is just the actual date of the RV that is missing.”


First of all, Judy doesn’t belong in this list. She just includes information from a variety of other media sources in her updates. She does not have her own “special contact” like the others represent they do.

Second, I used to think the people you mentioned were “genuine” as well. But how can one be wrong every day for several years and still be considered “genuine”?

There are only a couple ways we can look at this. One, these “gurus” are purposely feeding us erroneous information. That’s pretty clear cut: They’re the enemy.

Or, two, they’re just passing on the information they get from their “special contacts.” OK, if this is the truth, what would that say the the integrity of the “gurus” if they allowed themselves to be deceived over and over again for so long without questioning THEIR “special contacts'” own integrity, motives, and genuineness? If we can see and call BS to the “gurus,” why aren’t the “gurus” seeing and calling BS to their “special contacts”?

It only took to me a few months of listening to the “gurus” lies to call BS and stop listening to them. What’s taking the “gurus” so long to call BS to their “special contacts”? If these people are as genuine as you proclaim, how can they allow themselves to feed us such erroneous information for so long? I know I couldn’t. I think we have to seriously question their motivation for doing it.

Third, if they haven’t gotten any of their predictions right for several years, what makes you think any of the other information that has all come from their “special contacts” is correct? Once a liar has been proven to be a liar, how can you ever believe ANYTHING that comes from them?!

The chances of the “behind-the-scenes maneuverings” being accurate is about as good as their predictions coming truth. You only believe in the so-called “protocols” because they sound so logical and genuine. Yet, logic and genuineness are key factors in a con. Just go back a couple of years and see what these “genuine” “gurus” were saying back then. Then compare that with what they’re saying today. Then you tell me how sincere and genuine they are.

“Tell us Ron in your opinion, if all the gurus are up the creek, how do we get to exchange? What are the protocols? How do we get contacted? Where do we go for the exchange? Who do we interact with, if not with clean bankers? You address NONE of these fundamental questions . . . just give us some real information instead of esoteric philosophy.”


First, as I mentioned above, Ron doesn’t focus on the RV, which, based on your questions, is what you seem to be focused on. Consequently, he would probably tell you he doesn’t know how yet.

Instead, Ron is focused on the HP and the Zim redemption, which will be a completely different process than the RV Dinar and Dong exchanges.

If the GCR/RV/HP (GESARA implementation) won’t occur until after the War is won as evidenced by full disclosure (EBS) (which I believe to be true), why would the Alliance be giving out ANY information now on how it’s all supposed to work? Why wouldn’t they just disclose all the how-tos in the EBS?

Remember, the RV “gurus” have been presenting their “inside information” for years now. This is nothing new. Again, why would the Alliance release any information way before it’s necessary? In my opinion, the RV of Dinar and Dong won’t happen until all currencies are revalued, and that won’t happen until after the war. But that’s just me.

Now, if you’re talking about Zim redemption and HP, Ron has published tons and tons of information on this on his website: www.qfs2020.com. If you’re serious about getting answers to your questions, I would recommend you spend a significant amount of time reading what Ron has presented. I think you might be stunned at what he has done.

From Concerned:

“What will be the redemption value? 1:1 or just a pittance of 11 million dollars to 100 trillion zim. Or is it not going to be redeemed at all? Are the powers that be trying to steal the monetary value of our zim bonds? Why is the committee not releasing the go for the RV.? Is there plan not complete?”


As I mentioned above, the Zim is completely different than the Dinar and Dong. The Dinar and Dong will be revalued based on a specific “exchange rate.”

Zim is a defunct currency and can’t be revalued. There is no exchange rate for Zim. So, Zim is specifically tied to the HP, which means they will be “redeemed,” not “exchanged.” The RV “gurus” (whether purposely or unwittingly) have erroneously included Zim in their RV discussions.

The Central Banking system is being shut down, to be replaced by the Quantum Financial System (QFS) (not to be confused with the Quantum Banking System, which doesn’t exist, unless you’re talking about Russell Jay Gould’s system; maybe that exists, but it’s not the QFS, as far as I understand). It’s my belief that the GCR/RV/HP won’t happen until after the War is won and we’ve reached full disclosure (EBS). When the funds are released, it will be to and through the QFS. The QFS cannot be hacked. It can’t be tampered with. It can’t be corrupted. The money will be completely safe. So there are no “powers that be” that can steal it (those “powers” are being removed).

As far as the redemption rate is concerned, the Alliance wants to put as much (and more) money into your hands as possible so you can have whatever you need to accomplish the purposes of your HP. It will be way, way bigger than a 1:1 ratio. You will not be limited, except by your own small thinking. Ask for as much as you can get. For more information, visit: www.qfs2020.com.

And, yes, the Alliance has a plan, and, no, it’s not fully accomplished yet. Hence, the wait.

From RGVK:

“No one will know the time when the Divine will entrust us with those funds. I don’t even read some information from the persons you mention, since you can’t find anything there that is any truth, I would consider it a waste for myself to read their texts. I have read them before, but not for a long time now. If the gurus are talking about an NDA signing, as I could always read in the past, then the simple question to you is, are their informants not bound by an NDA?”


This is absolutely correct about the NDAs. Anyone who has any kind of “inside information” on the GCR/RV/HP has signed NDAs to ensure we can win the War first. The Dark Side has foiled the implementation of GESARA too many times to risk any kind of “leakage.” And I can promise you that none of the people on the inside are violating their NDAs by “leaking” info to the RV “gurus.”

How can I promise that? Do you know what the penalty is for violating an NDA at that level? How about death, by virtue of committing treason and/or crimes against humanity.

The Alliance is in charge of this GCR and GESARA implementation. They will not risk the success of their military operation for anything. Once I understood this, I came to see that the “gurus” were just posers, no matter how many “special contacts” they had. They couldn’t possibly have had the “right” contacts.

From Bonnie:

If your going to sit at you computer and write bitchy stuff then you no place with the Patriots who are trying to save this planet and your butts. These are serious times and it’s going to serious people on the front lines to help save humanity. If that’s not you than get out of our way. We ARE serious.


Let me first address one thing you said that IS true: These are definitely “serious times,” and the War is about life and death. How much more serious can it be? If the Alliance wins, we live and enjoy a freedom and prosperity we never thought possible. If the Alliance loses, we’re all dead. Even all those who supported the Dark Side in any way. They don’t care about any of you, unless you’re one of the privileged elites. Of course, if you’re in the poor lower class, then maybe they’ll let you live to be one of their servants, entertainments, and/or food sources. 

Now, let me be very clear about this: The RV of Dinar and Dong have absolutely nothing to do with winning this War. The RV, while terribly important to all those who want their money and want it now, is quite trivial in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, the RV “gurus” are doing nothing to try to save the planet and “our butts.” They’re in it for the money. That’s it. They contribute nothing to winning this War.

That’s why I believe you’re completely off base by attacking Ron and accusing him of getting in the way of the Alliance winning the War by calling out the RV “gurus” for their many lies. Like I said earlier, Ron is solely focused on the HP and assisting the Alliance in getting as much of the money into the hands of true humanitarians as possible. And all of that will come after the War is won.

Accordingly, he is just trying to wake as many people up as possible to the damage the RV “gurus” have done to the HP effort. It takes a serious person to challenge the popular ones.

Further, as for YOU being a “serious person,” I don’t buy it. If you were “serious,” understanding the truth of things, regardless of what that truth is, would be paramount to you. If you were “serious,” you would have taken some time to research and find out what the “gurus” have been saying for the past several years. You would have become unable to accept the constant stream of lies and missed deadlines.

On the other hand, if you were “serious,” you would have spent some time to find out who Ron Giles really is before you judged and condemned him. You would have reviewed his website and studied his plans for the HP. You would have easily been able to see that he has spent several years developing some of the most amazing platforms (on his own time and dime) to assist true humanitarians in the HP.

This man seeks no praise, no money, no honor of men. He only seeks to be there for the humanitarians when it comes time to rebuild the world and bring every single person to a level of freedom and prosperity they can’t even imagine now (and, yes, that includes you, too).

Finally, you speak of “being on the front lines.” My guess is that you don’t even know where the front lines of this War are. But wherever they are, I can definitely declare that the RV “gurus” are NOT on those front lines. Not even close.

But when the War is over and the Alliance has won, where will you find Ron Giles then? Yup! On the front lines of the rebuild.

OK. I’ve said my piece. Could have gone much longer because I think there is still so much more to say on all of this. But maybe another time. Anyway, thanks for hanging in to the end.


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