“Waiting for the US” – MarkZ Evening Intel Update 8-6-21


Friday Evening News with MarkZ 8/06/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good Evening everyone……

Member:  I wish I was losing weight from the nothing burgers!

Member: Congress and Senate officially out on vacation for 6 weeks….let the arrests begin!

MZ: I have a special guest tonight…Rod Steele…….Rod, tell us what you are hearing.

RS: Well its not bad…it’s just not here yet.   Well in Texas….As far as the banks are concerned…they are not at the call centers or the exchange centers. They have not gotten an update either. Usually they get updates that are in that are a ways in the future…..That they didn’t get one….. Maybe that’s a good thing.

RS: Both Wells Fargo and Chase are both on standby.

RS Articles in Iraq says they are working on the 2022 budget when they havn’t even activated the 2021 budget yet. I think the rate is in both budgets but it hasn’t been made official yet. Their goal is to get the budget passed by Oct 10th which is the same time as their elections…….All the budget items are in the white papers. There are 64 programs outlined in the white papers. Apparently they have a 5 year plan to get all thses programs implemented.

RS: Everybody up and down the pike in Iraq are saying they have done everything they needed to do…..and everything they wanted them to do. They have qualified in every way and are just waiting for the US to give them the green light.

RS: The US banks are saying basically the same thing…they are waiting on the US Treasury. So Mark…call the treasury and tell them it’s times so we can get this wrapped up by Monday.

MZ: Keep in mind that when the banks are constantly at the ready here in the US….It’s the US Treasury that keeps them wound up and ready. Central banks also keep them glued to their seats. When it happens they want them all to be ready. It’s like the boy crying :”WOLF” but, they have to be prepared.

MZ:I am hearing similar things out of Iraq. I have one contractor that they contacted to renegotiate their contract. This happens whenever it gets close. They bring in the foreign contractors to refigure the rates in contracts for their employees and them. Figure the exchange rates from whatever country they originate from and the Iraqi dinar. So they have to adjust this….They have been brought in a handful of times to do this…. . They had a conversation with him and said they needed him to be available to redo contracts Sunday or Monday to negotiate that rate.  I imagine the boards are going to light up with similar information.

RS: We had a contractor over there that could already see the rate on his paycard..the new rate is not live….he got paid at the old rate…..

MZ: Most of them saw rates that were going to between $3.65 to the low $4 range when they brought them in before. Hopefully this time it will be the real thing and not just another fire drill. . .

MZ: Todays news was very quiet…no movement on the bond side from any of my bond folks. But normally they send them home for the weekend…but, today they said they need to come in tomorrow for at least 6 hours in hopes they can move forward. So that is a positive one.

MZ: My redemption centers folks were told there is a slim chance they could get called in on the weekend…but it doesn’t look like it….see you on Monday…so it probably won’t be a busy weekend.

MZ: I will be doing a weekend update tomorrow evening….not sure of the time yet.

Member:  Good night patriots, have a drink and put your feet up, I think next week is going to be epic

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