“Send in the Replacements!” – Dr. Dinar Update 8-7-21


Send In The Replacements!

by Dr. Dinar

Let’s face it… we’ve all done it.

At least to some extent.

By “it” I’m referring to fudging just the slightest bit on a job application.

Or four.

Adding just a lil’ “extra” somewhere on our resumés.

Whether it be delivering pizza’s or piloting the Space Shuttle, it never hurts to be the best you can be.

Or even better than that, if possible.


Even if it’s only on paper.

If not, our work history would be exceedingly boring.

Which is almost always the case, even with the occasional “embellishment” added on.

Even if it’s only eliminating a job here or there along the way, simply to portray a bit more stability in your career choices.

Nobody wants any “gaps” in their work history.

There’s nothing wrong with climbing the ladder.

Matter of fact, last I checked that type of improvement is encouraged.


It’s the falling off of the ladder, followed immediately by the tumbling all the way back down to the ground that isn’t always the best to put a spotlight on.

What’s the harm in a little polishing here ‘n there.

I mean, I highly doubt anyone out there is completely innocent

Regardless of where you sit on the pay scale, top to bottom, nobody’s immune to wanting to make a great first impression.

And after all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

So it’s always best to make it a great one.

Unfortunately the whole over promise and under deliver thing can come back to haunt you, despite your best intentions.

Or in the case of us Dinarians, perhaps it’s the actions (or rather, the inactions) of some overpromising under-deliverers behind the curtains that are causing us all the harm.

The folks that obviously lied on their job applications and yet, be it through attrition, good fortune, family ties or whatever, were somehow able to secure their jobs anyway.

Yes, I’m referring to all the fine folks supposedly working feverishly behind the scenes to get this whole GCR thing wrapped up.


Signed, sealed, and delivered.

Let’s face it, we all see it.

At this point it’s extremely obvious they aren’t in any way qualified to do the job.

At least not the job as it was assigned to them.

If that weren’t the case, it only stands to reason the job would have been completed quite some time ago.

Not that they were or weren’t qualified some 35 years ago when the process first began but it pretty much goes without saying that they’re extremely underqualified for the current task at hand.

In all fairness, perhaps they weren’t given the option to opt-out along the way.

Maybe their contribution to the GCR was simply assigned to them as another part of their daily duties.

Type this, file that, and oh yeah, completely recreate as well as restructure the entire global banking system before you head home today.

Who knows.


Chances are, after all this time they probably can’t remember either.

Have they intentionally been endlessly dragging their feet, all in an effort to create job security?

Or simply perfecting their wrench throwing abilities, all in hopes of keeping their Cornhole skills on point.

Whatever the case may be, they’ve certainly had more than plenty of time to get this thing done.

And to date, all efforts resulting in a big nothing.

Even with the earlier eight year pause-in-processing-progress, they’ve still had the past four years to more than make up for lost time.

To at least show some sign of progress in processing of the process.

Yet, here we sit, once again presumably progressless.

Basically broke & beyond befuddled.

Sound familiar?


Well, it should.

After all, it’s the same feeling we’ve had each and every month for the past fifteen years.

How could we have been so delusional as to fall for it yet again.

To fall for the endless “It’s happening tomorrow’s”.

For the “they want us out there shopping up a storm “ rumor redundancy.

The one thing in all of this constant confusium that brings me just the slightest peace of mind is the knowing that I’m not alone.

That we’re not alone.

Alone in our feeling of having been decidedly duped.

And if we feel taken, can you imagine how the HR peeps that hired these incompetent folks must feel.

I’ll bet they aren’t all that happy either.


How could they be.

They were hired to do a job.

They’ve had more than enough time to get it accomplished, and they’ve failed.

And might I add, miserably at that.

If any of us had been as inept in our daily duties we’d have been terminated many years ago.

 And I’m sure you’ll agree, rightfully so.

Which begs the question, how did these people get hired in the first place.

Was there an RV/GCR Job Fair?

If so, I didn’t get the memo.

Keep in mind when all these supposedly outstanding individuals were brought on board to complete their assigned duties, online job search giants such as Indoubt, Monstrosity, and Linked Out were nowhere to be found.


Nope, they, along with the world wide interwebs, had yet to be created.

In those days the hiring process likely involved numerous hand-written applications, hand-typed resumés, copious amounts of Cover Sheets, culminating in numerous nerve wracking face to face interviews.

And for the fortunate few that made it through, surviving the interview process, resulting in a win, combined with a “Please report to Karen McFiddlebuster in HR at 9am Monday morning” goodbye, followed by a quick handshake, and they were off.

Excitedly on their way home to iron their upcoming week’s workwear and prepare for their magical future in the IT world to unfold.

As time passed, somehow these people managed to rise up through the ranks of the officially employed employees.

Not too sure exactly where they were first employed, but logic says it had to be somewhere semi important.

Which leads me to wonder how, if they did indeed fudge a bit on their resumés, how then were they able to reach the heights needed to be considered for such hugely important tasks as completing the GCR global redo.

That had to take some doing.

Or quite a bit of the ol’ “it’s not what you know as much as it is who you know” going on.

That’s not to say there wasn’t also a bit of luck involved along the way.


People quitting, leaving with little warning, creating openings that needed to be filled last minute with very little notice.

 Along with a bit of planned obsolescence, combined with the usual turnover associated with any business and you can begin to see how a few folks might be able to squeeze through the cracks while remaining under the radar and slide up the employment ladder without much notice.

But an entire group of people, all of whom are basically assigned to complete one main task, all seriously inept and void of competency?

That’s still a tough pill to swallow.

And yet, here we are.

And there they are, for all we know fully preparing to go on yet another year-ending Holiday vacation.

All while the rest of the world continues to dangle ever so dangerously on the edge of a colossal cliff.

An absurdly high, rock filled, moss covered, straight up slope of scary proportions.

Teetering on the edge of a cliff the likes of which the world has never seen.

And there they are, acting all like whatever, no biggie.

C’est la vie, it is what it is.

Let the world crash, we’ll still have our jobs in one form or another.

Different cubicle but nevertheless still employed.

At least it seems that way anyway.

Sure, we continue to hear lots of rumors of them supposedly being in a hurry, working feverishly to bring this thing to closure prior to a global crash, but to be honest, I’m not seeing a whole lot of evidence to back it up.

Yes, there have been a few banking infrastructure changes over the past couple years.

I’ll give ’em that.

A few altercations… oops, I mean alterations in trade agreements with other countries.

But nothing concrete.

Nothing that says beyond a doubt this “change” or that “action” is directly connected to the completion of the GCR process, leading to what we all want, the actual release of the asset-backed USN.

And honestly, at this point, that’s pretty much all I’m looking for.

That’s where my focus is these days.

 On the release.

The “GO” signal.

Something that tells (as well as shows) me that once and for all we’ve finally gone asset-backed and we’ve made the change.

That’s when I’ll begin to get excited.

When I know my appointment at the Exchange Center is only a few short days away.

Until that day comes, I’m going to continue to hope they send out more than a few pink slips.

A bunch of “Enjoy your weekend… don’t bother coming back on Monday!” emails being sent out.

Followed by a flood of job opening listings flooding all the internet sites leading to a long line of possible replacement recruits.

It’s time to face facts.

The folks responsible for getting this GCR done ain’t gettin’ it done.

Because despite all the rumors of it being done, it ain’t done.

Otherwise we’d be done reading the rumors and instead we’d be off making the world a better place for all involved.

So let’s continue to hang in there folks.

You never know, perhaps this message will help light a fire under whomever’s butt needs a nudge.

Even better, maybe it will send a message to the Head of Butt Nudging and he or she will send a mass email to all concerned.

Either way, I feel better knowing I did my fair share to shed a bit of light on a glaringly obvious problem.

And while I’m at it, I’d be remiss if I didn’t send a quick shoutout to my Brother in Law for making the most of his quarantine lockdown time by graduating in the top 99.8% of his class and receiving his (printable) online IT degree from ITT University.

It’s amazing what can be achieved over a years time, putting in 4 short hours per week combined with 12 easy payments of $49.99 per month.

Hmmm… come to think of it, let’s hope that if by some strange set of circumstances an opportunity does open up in the GCR release crew, that they keep my Brother in Law in mind.

Despite his more than likely being extremely overqualified for the position, I’m fairly certain he would entertain the offer and indeed consider it an honor to even be considered for such an important mission.

Anyway, please continue to hang in there folks.

This ride’s gotten a little crazy and we don’t wanna be blindsided by the insanity.

Kindly,   Dr. Dinar

Disclaimer; I’m not a Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor, CPA, Tax Attorney, RV/GCR Committee member, nor am I an ITT University recruiter. I’m simply someone that chooses to believe in the power of positive thinking and on the odd chance this thing truly is real, I want to make sure I’m there at the finish line to enjoy it.

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