“My Struggle” by Andrew – 8.7.21


Entry Submitted by Andrew at 9:53 PM EDT on August 7, 2021

Please forgive the title of this post, I borrowed it from Mr. Hitler who is beginning to look like a humanitarian when compared with the medical, media and political tyrannical psychopaths running the western world today. As a follower of IDC for over 8 years and multiple currencies holder, I have in mind huge projects over many years for my country and even a little bit further afield. I have taken on board the advice from Ron Giles to go for it, don’t hold back, dream and think big as far as humanitarian and job creation projects go. Does anyone else out there feel that Covid (hoax) has changed everything? If you follow Judy Byington, Charlie Ward, Fulford, Poofness and others and surf the links, then you have been exposed to overwhelming information and videos about the scamdemic on a daily basis.

There are only 2 things possibly at play here. Firstly, whatever its origins, the virus is real, unchecked it will devastate the world and therefore, the “vaccine” makers, politicians, media and medicos have only our best interests at heart to save us all in spite of the collateral damage.

Secondly. the hoax is real as testified by hundreds of brave professionals, rare politicians and alternative newscasters. The intent is to absolutely devastate in particular, first world countries and their populations with poisonous “vaccines”. I absolutely subscribe to the latter. Does anyone else grow more and more angry every day witnessing your country being crippled and ruined by the pure evil running it?

Trust the Plan, we are told daily, The Alliance have got this, There must be Pain Pain Pain Pain. I am not so worried about the RV anymore, but the survival of my country and yours. A huge proportion of the western world population has been “vaccinated” already and millions more good people EVERY DAY with this poison. All, we are told by professionals, will suffer death or maiming, infertility and other permanent debilitating injury for life. As one brave Irish truth-seeker put it in a video I saw only today put it, “They dont care who they kill but only how many, hopefully in the billions.” Oh but we will have med beds you say. These we are told will not work for “vaccinated” people as there must be first an uncorrupted sample of DNA taken and analyzed from the patient or no med bed.

How does this lie with President Trump’s declaration that by the end of the year, hospitals and medicine as we know it, will be obsolete?

My struggle is this; progressively, if half of my country’s population is dead or seriously ill, my projects are meaningless. This is not talked about anywhere on IDC. The elephant in the room? Before the hoax, I know that there would not be the labour available in Australia to give effect to my projects (let alone anyone elses) for many years, thus the need for very long term planning. In the near future, able bodied people will be busy caring for sick and incapacitated family, relatives and neighbours. Who is going to do any work? There will be no Police, ambulances, hospital beds, doctors, nurses, carers and other support professionals to be found. Are we reduced to building new mega cemeteries, crematoria and hospitals if any labour is available? What of our projects when labour and material and professional resources supply chains  have been decimated? To those with huge post RV housing projects where ever you may be, is it possible that anyone who wants a house in future can take their pick of almost any existing house anywhere and just occupy it, who will stop them? All they have to do is remove the corpses or skeletal remains inside as no healthcare was available for the masses? If they want a vehicle, just pick one and another when it runs out of gas,  an illegal migrants paradise.

Sorry to be so morbid about all this but it is not talked about. I still intend to ask for the big dollars at redemption time and I am prepared to have it “clawed back” if I can do nothing in accordance with my plans. I left wondering who claws it back, who gets it and what do they then do with it? Every day that THE PLAN is not executed, I cry for the millions more including now, children, being sacrificed at the alter of the new world order and their “vaccines”.

I do not expect anyone out there to answer my struggle but there must be others out there who share it.


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