“Re: Quickie Confirmation” by Dave – 8.8.21


Entry Submitted by Dave at 12:43 PM EDT on August 8, 2021

“Quickie Confirmation” by GK – 8.7.21

So, BlackRock bought up a ton of homes. Bill Gates bought up a ton of land.

If we’re up-to-speed on the Deep State’s agenda, we know that their plan is to end ownership and force us all into the cities where they can eliminate our rights as well as our lives.

But let’s not panic. Let’s remember Trump’s EOs 13818 and 13848 that stipulates that anyone (individual or organization) who is guilty of treason and/or crimes against humanity forfeits all their assets. ALL their assets. (Don’t you find it interesting that of all that the Pretender Byedan has undone of Trump’s work, he hasn’t touched those EOs? Nor did he undo the Insurrection Act that Trump signed nor the state of emergency that was declared after 911. I wonder who’s really in charge!)

That means that everything BlackRock or any other guilty organization/individual owns has been/will be seized and returned to their rightful owners: We the People.

And, if you know anything about Black Rock (and Vanguard and State Street), that means that, when Checkmate is declared and all the dust has settled, We the People will own the majority of every major corporation and NGO in the world not to mention most of the land.

By the way, the banks are broke. They don’t have much left. The QFS stopped the bankers’ scam of using the SWIFT system to make money, which represented about 85% of their revenue. Plus, look at all the CEOs who have “resigned” (code for having been arrested) the past couple of years).

“They” didn’t get away with 911 and the wars, as George Sr was arrested, tried, and executed (along with the other major players in that event, including Bush Jr and Cheney).

Germany won WW2, not us. They just let everyone think we did so they could hide their superior other-worldly technology and move to S America. Just look where all their scientists went after the war (to the US, in case you didn’t know).

But now, Trump basically conquered the world and has them all answering to him. This includes the UN, NATO, IMF, and all other international Deep State organizations. Plus, he shut down the Vatican, the British Crown, and DC. They’re all gone. Boarded up and empty. Probably awaiting the rods of God to strike.

The major difference between “then” and “now” is that the people are far more awake now and won’t collectively allow the evil to continue. Just look at all the State and grass-roots resistance to all the communist activities taking place all around the world.

This awakening has finally allowed the benevolent non-terrestrials to assist us in this WW3. And, with their help, and the help of the quantum computer which has identified all the dark players as well as captured all the evidence of their evil doings, we are now finally winning this war, including the war underground. As I see it, it’s checkmate in just a few moves.

What we’re watching now is a movie. None of it matters. So, keep the faith and keep your eyes on the prize: The New World that’s coming.

Just my 2 cents.


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