“You are Special” by Jai Guru Dev – 8.10.21



Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 5:16 PM EDT on August 10, 2021

Earth is estimated to be around 4.5 billion years old. The Universe is estimated to be around 14 billion years old. You reading this has been around in your current ego consciousness for not more than a hundred years.

And yet here you are.

Consciousness and time are interrelated. Without time there is no individualised consciousness. Without individualised consciousness there is no time. They are interlinked.

14 billion years of creation and you ended up on this relatively new planet. Not just an ordinary planet. The planet Earth. 
At this time, your ego consciousness is here. 

The most important time in all of Creation. On the planet that will have the greatest impact on all of Creation. Not only of this Universe, but all of the other Universes’, the Multiverse.

Do not underestimate what a great achievement that is. Merely being alive at this time is an enormous achievement within itself. It is indeed profound. Many individualised sparks of consciousness have aspired to be here at these profoundly prophetic times. Many were called but few were chosen. You were chosen.

Read these words carefully, because ignorance can no longer be an excuse.

You have been gifted with Free Will. The ability to choose the turning point in Creation. You see all of Creation has come to a focal point. That focal point is on this planet. It is the nexus of all energetic impulses, waiting for your direction, left or right, up or down, good or evil, darkness or light.

GESARA is the system that initiates massive changes in consciousness. It is trickling through into the day-to-day reality of individualised ego-consciousnesses.

A planet of peace, health, abundance, joy. An era where one is liberated from the mundane time to eek a living, to gift the ego consciousness the time to explore the deeper meaning to life. A time to become more, a time to generate original thought. This is Truely the purpose of creation. To become more than the system.

Living in fear, anger disconnects you from Source. Attacking the Guru, berating the timing of the release of the funds, giving up hope that GESARA will happen; this is not why you are chosen to be here on this planet at this time.

In my timeline GESARA is inevitable. Because GESARA is merely the first step in Universal change, it is a process far more complex and with far more implications that can be conceived by one whose consciousness is that of only of a human instrument. It is way beyond with forces far beyond one’s imagination pushing for its inception.

Unbeknown to the majority, your DNA is genetically enhanced with the best of all sentient beings in creation. Yes, you who are born on this planet.

You are special. Activate your specialness and BELIEVE. Some things have to believed to be seen!

Jai Guru Dev


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