“When Brain Cells Dance Samba” by Stefan – 8.10.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:29 AM EDT on August 10, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

A good acquaintance wrote me this in an email. Her brain cells are dancing samba. And, what can I tell you, you can’t make something like this if you keep watching or reading MSM, believe the official politicians or are in fear and panic of a non-existent pandemic. Or only sees the negative, with which we are bombarded everywhere, media and from the private environment. And the negative news is getting worse and worse. Vaccination passport, lockdown for unvaccinated, forest fires, floods, beating police mercenaries against women, children and seniors, water cannons against peaceful demonstrators, lure offers to vaccinate. Have any of you ever wondered why, in the face of a supposedly deadly viral pandemic, people have to be persuaded to vaccinate with bratwurst or a Happy Meal? And what do those who take you up on such an offer ask? Do they ask anything at all? Do they have any brain cells left at all? Or an awareness of entrapment?

We patriots know that we can end the pandemic if we turn off the TV and stop consuming the news. And those who are willing and able will quickly be able to verify this. One example: the Netherlands is considered a high-risk area in Germany. If a German travels to the Netherlands to go shopping, he finds out: no mask requirement in stores, no need to keep a distance, everything goes back to its usual course. In Spain, tourist information offices have instructions to tell German callers that masks are mandatory everywhere in the country, keep your distance. If you are already there as a German, you don’t even begin to notice any Corona measures in Spain.

But now enough of this BS. I don’t like to deal with this matrix anymore, because if we are honest, it is. Or a movie or a show. I am glad that there is a channel that deals very intensively with aircraft movements, ship movements, with “earthquakes” and also with the weather. The operator and his team also do very good analyses of the incidents. Because one thing is extremely noticeable when you connect all the dots. First scan flights take place, then earthquakes follow in these regions, after that mostly heavy rainfalls with floods follow. Also it is pointed out by the guys that many “earthquakes” are on lines where the patriots suspect DUMBs and tunnels. If it is also a German channel, guys, there are translation programs. They don’t always work well, but I think everyone will get the point. When I joined this channel it had a little over 25000 subscribers, now it has over 85000. I mean https://t.me/fufmedia. Take a look, OK? Honest and good work, sticks to his line and very good conclusions that have even been confirmed. Very rare, something like that!

Beside fufmedia there are other channels, which distinguish themselves for me by the fact that they try, in places very successfully, to set the subscribers positively, thus despite passing on news always the positive in the foreground to put. This is very rare in these days of information warfare and these channels are often ridiculed. There are still many gatekeepers, their supporters, trolls, controlled opposition and so on. And not to forget, those who see something bad, evil, satanic behind everything that is presented to us. Those who still think we are trapped and will never get out of it. Believe me, there are many disguised do-gooders who certainly don’t mean well.

Now how do I get my brain cells to dance samba or anything else nice? First of all, we can start with something very easy (and here thanks to a really good friend, with whom I talk far too rarely or always only when “the child has already fallen into the well”) and try it out: With laughter! Sounds stupid, but it’s not. For a laughing or smiling face I need much less muscles than for a serious face. I’m sure you’ve also tried unsuccessfully to suppress a fit of laughter when it wasn’t appropriate, right? Well, then you know that it’s just much easier to laugh or smile. Just go shopping with a smile on your face or just cross the street. A free gift for our fellow human beings. Effective, especially. Because it could be contagious. Just like the flu. LOL.

Then there is the opportunity to stay out of the information war, in which we deal with our future, with our positive future. For example, read articles or reports about the new technologies, think about what could change in your life when we have them soon. Besides possible project ideas, this has other effects: You distract yourselves from the bad news and automatically put yourselves in a more positive mood. I am in our kitchen several times every day, household has to be done, you know it. I imagine every time, and it works better and better, that the work table there is full of banknotes. This vision becomes more and more intense, so that I often just wanted to grab it. And everyone who now thinks that money is not the solution, I have to disappoint. Money is the solution for our world, because the money comes very soon finally into the right hands.

The acquaintance who wrote me about the samba-dancing brain cells has been dealing with the new technologies for the last few days. Intensively. In addition the massively incoming energies. On August 8, the Lions Gate opened for five days. We should all make intensive use of this and leave the old behind, occupy ourselves with new things, even if they still seem to be endlessly far away. Visions of a new, beautiful world have, in such days, an incredible power, not only for each of us individually, but also collectively. If I deal with positive things, how can bad things come to me? It is incredibly important now to be positive and to think positively. Just imagine Lindell’s Symposium overturning the 2020 election and the military finally stepping in. Arizona”s election review overturns the result there, Wisconsin has also already erased 205,000 votes for Biden. The narrow leads of 10000 and 20000 votes have been eliminated. So Trump already has two swing states in the bag. The rest will follow when the military finishes this Democrat coup.

Whether that’s falling silver and gold prices, floods or fires around the world, new lockdown announcements for Germany, or massive restrictions on the unvaccinated. I can get upset about it, can think to myself “Oh, why does the Creator let this happen?” “Why doesn’t the Alliance do something?” “The poor victims,” but I can also see this “destruction” as an opportunity for a fresh start, right? It has nothing to do with hardship, we don’t know why a person became a victim, do we? We don’t know why a person gets vaccinated? We don’t even know why people don’t wake up? But we take the right to be able to judge that this part of the plan is bad? Surely every victim is one too many, every vaccinated person is one too many, but have you ever thought that every single person had the same chance?

Just as millions of patriots around the world have and still do. Get out of the MSM-sounding, get out of the lies of the political actors, get out of the society that goes with the flow. Every day there are more and more of us who are awakening, fewer and fewer who believe everything that is presented by the media. There is no “too late” for awakening, to awaken now is better than never. There will be more victims, I am sure of it, and I am just as sure that no sacrifice has been in vain. Every sacrifice has contributed to truths coming to the surface, whether they are all victims of the Deep State, flood victims, vaccination victims, or flu victims. Perhaps that is why they incarnated. In the present world they would all be forgotten after years, in our new world we will commemorate them, perhaps by a new holiday.

Hold on to information that will build you up, give you courage, get you out of fear. Visualize your new future as often and as much as you can. Repeat this as often as you can. Work with it against the constant panic repetitions of the MSM. You will see, your brain cells will eventually dance what you like to dance, not everyone likes samba. And you will show that to the outside world. Do not forget to smile and laugh. And be grateful, think every night what you can be grateful for. These are powerful feelings and sensations. It will make you more confident, and who knows, maybe August will not only be hot, but liberating. Also, divisions no longer have a chance with us when we smile or laugh, don’t you think?

“Prophets of doom who thrive on pessimism – and not badly at all –
inevitably perceive any kind of confidence as a threat to their existence.”
Bob Hope

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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