“Nobody” by Stefan – 8.11.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:37 AM EDT on August 11, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

We are experiencing special times right now. Many of our fellow human beings can’t cope with it anymore and flee back into their comfort zone. From there, they can attack and denounce dissidents to their heart’s content and still feel good about it. These supposedly solidary do-gooders should enjoy this, because their last hours/days have dawned. NOBODY will dictate to any of us in the future how we have to live, what we have to do and not to do, what we are allowed to think and feel. If I want to build myself a house, I decide how it has to look, how big it is, whether it is round or square or spherical. Completely according to my individual taste. I just have to make sure that my direct neighbors are not harmed. So I talk to them beforehand. Once I have an OK, I get started! A wonderful world lies ahead!

Many things are coming to light right now and in the next days. Not everything will be to our liking and many truths will be painful and hard to bear. And yet they have to be. There are still lies and disinformation, censorship and division, but in my opinion it is also a training for us patriots, a training to listen to our hearts. I am not alone in this opinion. Some of my contacts give good advice on how we should deal with news now in this time, a kind of suffering thread. And so I also try to avoid scare tactics in my posts, on my channel. If I have even one reader, one subscriber, I take responsibility. If I have three- or four-digit readers/subscribers, the responsibility increases. That is why I, too, have among my sources only those who do not make me fear, but trust, hope.

I can, of course, advise the public to stock up. I mean well, of course, but my responsibility forces me to consider those who can’t because they don’t have the means to stock up. These people become afraid. Fear of starving or otherwise having a shortage during the transition period. A few days ago, I read a news item that people should start using electricity generators as an alternative. Guys, really? Doesn’t this guide know what solar panels or a power generator costs? Who can afford that now? At least not the ones I have as contacts. Most have put their funds into currencies and ZIM and are waiting for the RV so they can do good for the new world. Does anyone really believe that the Alliance will leave all these people, heart people, alone, starving or otherwise harmed? I, for one, do not believe that. Every person who is needed in the new world will be protected. “The military is the only way” does not have to mean only liberation, the phrase can have many meanings. And it has!

NOBODY knows the whole plan! NOBODY can predict exactly what will come and how it will come. Neither, as far as the RV/GCR is concerned, as far as the liberation from the Deep State is concerned, as far as the liberation from the illegal BRD system is concerned, nor any other start of positive events for us humans. Unfortunately, we have to come to terms with it, as hard as it is for each of us. Panic and fear mongering does not help, asking for money does not help at all, encouraging does. Anyone who encourages me, brings me back to trust, guides me to keep calm, is welcome. Even if it takes years, I can never hold him responsible. Because he can’t know. NOBODY knows the whole plan! But we all can accelerate the events or at least support them energetically. With thoughts, which we put into the morphogenetic field. As much as possible and as often as possible.

We have heard and read already very much and very long all possible “conspiracy theories”. Many of these theories were only ever touched upon, but there were no visible consequences or evidence for them. Too much was happening behind the scenes. It is clear to all of us, after all, that it has to start at some point, because our old world is being destroyed right now by fire, water, earthquakes and other influences. It will certainly not be rebuilt by conventional means. Let’s just try to speed things up, I made a little chart for this purpose (supported by a post from Akasha TV):

  • Imagine it really starts this week. It’s finally a BOOM week.
  • Imagine everything is going to be good, but before that it’s going to get a little bumpy and bang in places.
  • Imagine Julian Assange being acquitted this week, being used as a key witness, and being able to prove everything he had collected and published against the Deep State. He also has everything!
  • Imagine, the Three Gorges Dam in China is full to the brim, will break and thus hit the most important economic zone of China and thus of the whole world very hard. The weather outlook for the next few days predicts more rain. Oh yes, the people there have been or will be evacuated in time.
  • Imagine, this will make the stock exchanges go crazy and the Bitcoin will probably totally collapse. To all Bitcoin holders: you have been warned!
  • Just imagine, the massive US election frauds have been fully counted and verified for a long time. These public audits are just a wake-up show for the public.
  • Imagine Donald J. Trump is the true winner of the last election and never gave up that office either.
  • Imagine that we will see that Fake-Biden was mimed by several actors.
  • Imagine that this week the Emergency Notification System (EBS) is not only tested, but activated.
  • Imagine the military taking over corrupt and illegal governments worldwide.
  • Imagine JFK Jr. is really still alive, becomes President of the new Republic of America, and Donald Trump takes over the coordination of the world in some kind of newly created UN with the help of GESARA.
  • Imagine, all child molesters are called to account worldwide. And you will be surprised who all participated in it.
  • Imagine that during the transition period there will be power outages, Internet outages, and food shortages. But don’t worry, the military will have enough food rations ready for everyone. Even for those who smile and ignore such info.
  • Imagine, the Corona spectacle will end abruptly!
  • Imagine, the worldwide banking, media and pharmaceutical cartel will collapse at the same time!
  • Imagine, all in all, there is only good news!

It is important that you are in this time ONLY WITH YOU. Look at everything, but always stay in your center and be confident that everything will have a wonderful end. I also do not know how long this phase will last, but I strongly suspect that it could start in a very short time! After that begins a time free of fear! And after that comes worldwide prosperity and our work on rebuilding our world will begin. Imagine this also! And try to get out of impatience. NOBODY gives up just before the summit and turns back! NOBODY stops the race short of the finish!

A quote from Dave (X22 report), “We don’t know the people who came up with the plan and are implementing it. Nor will we know the details of how and when they will implement it. All we know is that at its end will be the complete elimination of Deep State. All we can do, based on the information we have been given, is try to make sense of it by putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The whole thing is a huge sting operation, irregular warfare against a very powerful enemy. The operators have their orders, but they will never reveal them. They are ready to execute. The patriots are in full control.” End quote.

Sierra (NZ) is also of this sentiment, “We the people must rise up against this blatant (Corona) hypocrisy. For the fourth weekend in a row, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators stormed the streets in France to protest mandatory vaccination. The truth movement grows exponentially as more lies and hypocrisy are exposed.

Hold the fort, world patriots. The Alliance needs us strong and fearless now – we face the enemy in the final round.” End quote.

“Truth is an indestructible plant.You can bury it quietly under a rock,it will still push through when the time comes.”
Frank Thiess

“It is not starting that is rewarded,but only perseverance.”
Catherine of Siena

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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