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A Judicial Report Talks About Organized Gangs That Counterfeit Currency…And The Dollar And The Dinar Are More Targeted

Reports| 12:51 – 12/08/2021  Baghdad – Mawazine News   The crime of counterfeiting currency does not only harm money and its dealers, it represents an assault on the sovereignty of the state, undermines confidence in the official currency and leads to its devaluation, and the widening circle of currency counterfeiting generates a reason for the involvement and inclusion of the largest category of innocent individuals (citizens) who fall into their hands. .

About this crime, the Integrity Investigation Court judge, Ahmed Muhammad Al-Maryani, speaks according to the judiciary newspaper, saying, “Beginning with the definition of forgery, we must understand its concept. Forgery is a language that alters or alters the truth.

The Iraqi legislator defined it in Article 280 of Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 that it is considered a counterfeiting of a coin to reduce its weight or paint it with a paint that makes it more like coins than they are more valuable,” noting that “the currency is the main tool for dealing between people, which calls for trust between them and insurance. trust her.”

Al-Maryani added that “the crime of counterfeiting is one of the crimes against the state’s financial reputation since the early ages, and due to its seriousness, it was considered one of the important crimes, and this is what the Iraqi legislator approached,” pointing out that “given the importance of the crime, criminal laws stipulate an exception to the principle of territoriality, so the jurisdiction of national law is held.

” The country whose currency has been counterfeited regardless of where the crime was committed or the nationality of the perpetrator because it affects the basic interests of the state because it does not trust the interest of other countries in this crime.”

Judge Al-Maryani confirms that “this is what the Iraqi legislator has done by stipulating that Iraqi law should be applied, and the Iraqi courts are competent to look into these crimes regardless of where they were committed and the nationality of the perpetrator in Article 9, second paragraph of this, as well as the Central Bank of Iraq Law No. 56 of 2004 and its amendments have indicated In Article 49, what is meant by counterfeit money is punishable by Articles 51,

He pointed out that “organized gangs for counterfeiting currency exist inside and outside Iraq, and it is one of the international crimes that are carried out by specialized organized gangs whose members from different countries may participate in committing the crime,” noting that “the facts have proven that those involved in counterfeiting currency are of different nationalities and in the form of Organized networks, as mentioned above, are cross-border crimes.

As for the currencies targeted in Iraq, he explains that most of the currencies that are subject to counterfeiting, “the US dollar and the Iraqi dinar, and the reason for choosing them by the gangs specialized in counterfeiting is due to the large number of circulation and dealing with them inside the country by the citizens,” noting that “the counterfeiting of the currency is subject to advanced and new methods of Before these gangs, they used advanced technology, including computers, as well as special papers and inks.”

Regarding the method of detecting these currencies, the competent judge stated in his speech that “the detection of counterfeit currencies is carried out by specialized authorities in the Central Bank of Iraq, where the seized currency is sent with lists containing numbers and currency sequences, and there they are examined by technicians specialized in this field, and then they provide the court with reports. Examination of the currency,” noting that “the Central Bank has nothing to do with mentioning the counterfeit currency, its numbers and the categories used, but its role is limited to examination by technicians and determining the fake one or not.”

The judge of the Integrity Investigation Court concluded that “the law currently in force is the Central Bank of Iraq Law No. 56 of 2004 and that the penalty stipulated is in articles 51 and 52 of it, where Article 51 punished a fine of no more than fifty million Iraqi dinars and imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years. or both together,

The security forces are able from time to time to arrest large gangs possessing counterfeit sums. In the capital, Baghdad, they seized quantities of counterfeit money with a printer designed for forgery and counterfeiting currencies, and forged sums of money amounting to (15) million Iraqi dinars and (3,700) US dollars,

while they threw The Intelligence Agency arrested a currency counterfeiter who traded in counterfeit foreign currency, denomination of (100) dollars, and a counterfeit money press for Iraqi currency was seized in one of Baghdad’s regions by detachments of the Baghdad Intelligence and Security Directorate and in coordination with a joint security force after they were able to seize a counterfeit money press containing counterfeit money estimated Thirteen billion Iraqi dinars and twenty-three thousand US dollars,

while a visual gang was arrested earlier, calling itself the doctor, and promoting counterfeit currency in the province, specialized in counterfeiting local and foreign currencies. Ended 29/A43

The Rise In The Iraqi Stock Market Index In The Arab World

Stock  Market. “Economy News”   Market  Economy News – Baghdad  The Arab Monetary Fund issued the thirteenth issue of the “Monthly Bulletin of Arab Capital Markets”, which is concerned with monitoring developments in Arab financial markets, based on the Arab Monetary Fund’s database of Arab financial markets, and data of Arab stock exchanges.

The bulletin, which was followed by “Economy News”, stated that “the Arab Monetary Fund’s composite index of Arab capital markets ended last July’s transactions, rising by 0.05%, compared to June 2021, to reach about 469.58 points.”

The performance indicators of the stock exchanges of Iraq, Tunisia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Damascus and Qatar recorded an increase of less than one percent. As for the level of trading value, the stock exchanges of Muscat, Bahrain, Damascus and Iraq recorded the highest rates of decline in the value of trading during the past month, with rates ranging between 52.74 and 93.51%.

The trading volume in the Arab stock exchanges decreased by 79.2%, as all Arab stock exchanges witnessed a decrease in their trading volume, led by the Iraqi and Damascus stock exchanges.

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Dollar Exchange Rates In The Iraqi Market Today

Economie| 12:18 – 12/08/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News publishes / Mawazine News /, the exchange rates of the dollar in the local markets for Thursday, (12 August 2021).

BAGHDAD – Bursa fight   147.950  price in most of Baghdad Asirvat   buy  147,500   Sale  148.250

Erbil – Bursa   148.100   Basra – Stock  Exchange   148,100

Al-Maliki Stresses The Importance Of Strengthening Iraqi-American Relations And Activating The Strategic Framework Agreement Concluded Between The Two Countries In 2008

Thursday 12 August 2021 15:38 | political Number of readings: 136  Baghdad / NINA / – Head of the State of Law Coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, stressed the importance of strengthening Iraqi-American relations, continuing dialogue and activating the strategic framework agreement concluded between the two countries in 2008, leading to a strategic partnership in various fields that serves the mutual interests of the two friendly countries.

Al-Maliki said during his meeting with the US ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, that Iraq today is experiencing an atmosphere of preparations for the elections, calling on the United States of America and the international community to support Iraq in holding transparent and fair elections that will take place on schedule.

For his part, the US ambassador to Iraq stressed during the interview the continuation of cooperation between his country and Iraq in various fields, in addition to his support in holding free and fair elections that guarantee wide participation of the Iraqi people.

A statement by Al-Maliki’s media office said that during the meeting, they discussed the political and security developments in Iraq and the region, and the ongoing preparations for holding early elections, as well as a number of issues of common concern. /

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More Iraqi News Thursday PM 8-12-21

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Alia Nassif: Political And Parliamentary Parties Formed The National Oil Company (In Secret)

Thursday 12 August 2021  political Number of readings: 349   Baghdad / NINA / – The Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed that governmental and political bodies and a parliamentarian formed the National Oil Company (secretly) without the approval of the legislative authority and without including it in the general budget.

Committee member MP Alia Nassif indicated to the issuance of serious administrative orders that include legal violations, calling on the Public Prosecution to intervene and prevent manipulation of the people’s wealth because the legislative authority is currently suspended.

Nassif said, in a press statement, that “political parties (Shiite and Sunni) secretly shared the oil and proceeded to form the National Oil Company after a meeting that took place between an important figure in the Ministry of Oil and a Sunni parliamentary figure at (11:45) at night in the parliamentarian’s house.”

She explained, “This parliamentarian is in agreement with a Shiite political bloc, and today we were surprised by the issuance of suspicious secret orders despite the lack of an amendment to the National Oil Company law. , as she put it.

She added that “the books issued to make the oil companies fall under the National Company included giving the profitable companies to the first deputy and the executive director, and the losing and inactive companies were given to the Undersecretary for Extraction Affairs,” calling on the Public Prosecution to intervene and prevent manipulation of the people’s power and stop the violations that take place in the Ministry of Oil and cancel all orders. Administrative issued regarding the National Oil Company.”/ End 5

Parliament Proposes Approving $55 Per Barrel Of Oil In The 2022 Budget

Energy   Economy News – Baghdad The Parliamentary Finance Committee proposed a price of 55 dollars per barrel of oil as an appropriate price for building the 2022 budget.

Committee member Jamal Cougar said, in a statement reported by the official “Al-Sabah” newspaper and seen by “Economy News”, that “calculating next year’s budget on $50 a barrel is a good thing, and if I were the Minister of Finance, I would have built the budget on $55 a barrel, as it is a very appropriate price, especially It is not possible to predict oil prices, as there was a fall after a rise.”

He added, “We expect an increase in prices with the intensive vaccination campaign (against Corona) in all countries of the world, and this means that we are moving towards the decline of the epidemic.”

He continued, “Oil prices today are more than what the 2021 budget was based on due to the fear that prices are subject to decline according to the markets.”

And the member of the committee stated, “Realistically building the 2022 budget – according to the statements of the Minister of Finance – is good because the 2021 budget was exaggerated and even the expenditures were large, as it was reduced from 168 trillion to 130 trillion, and the government has not yet spent this amount either.”  Views 58 Date added 12/08/2021

Parliamentary Foreign Affairs To NINA: The Agenda Of The Baghdad International Summit Is Not Limited To Political Files

Thursday 12 August 2021 12:16 | politicalNumber of readings: 400  Baghdad / NINA / – The Parliamentary Relations and Foreign Affairs Committee revealed the agenda of the Baghdad International Summit to be held, before the end of this month, with wide international and regional participation.

Member of the committee, Representative Muthanna Amin, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ): “Iraq can play the role of the political mediator and the geographical axis between neighboring countries, especially Iran and Saudi Arabia, so Iraq seeks to bridge the gap of conflict between the two neighbors.”

He added, “Iraq’s political and economic interests require balanced relations and regional stability,” noting: “Convening a summit of neighboring countries in Iraq frames a new vision for regional peace, economic stability, and a humidification of the atmosphere among the countries of the region, and it is an Iraqi interest that takes priority before being the interest of any other country.” “.

He explained: “Iraq plans to use the regional and international role to deal with sensitive and important files related to security and services, as well as combating corruption, and therefore it is not necessary that the agenda of the Baghdad summit is only political files.”

Government preparations continue to hold the Baghdad International Summit before the end of this August, with the participation of more than 13 Arab and foreign countries, including the neighboring countries of Iraq, Egypt, Qatar and the UAE, in addition to the United States of America, Britain and France./End of 5

The Customs Authority Begins Implementing A Plan To Combat Smuggling

Money  and business  Economy News – Baghdad  On Thursday, the General Authority of Customs announced the start of implementing a plan to combat smuggling in customs areas.

A statement by the authority, seen by “Al-Iqtisad News”, stated that “a plan developed by the authority has begun to activate the role of the investigation and anti-smuggling departments in all customs areas and under the direct supervision of the director general of the authority.”

The statement added, “The plan comes to meet the challenges at the current stage and in order to advance customs work and confront smuggling of all kinds, which will be directly reflected in the protection of the country’s economic and financial policy, and by providing the state treasury with customs revenues, as well as protecting the local product and preserving the safety of citizens from Substances unfit for human consumption.

He continued, “The Department of Investigation and Combating Smuggling in the Central Region Customs Directorate and the Northern Region Customs Directorate has begun expanding their scope of work through field controls, including the control of Mosul Dam and the control of the Kirkuk detachment.”

And he stressed, that “several consignments were seized, including (construction equipment (cracker), mobile phone devices, powdered milk, communication towers and alabaster), in violation of the controls and instructions in force in accordance with Customs Law No. 23 of 1984.

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Al-Rasheed: Inclusion Of New Segments Of Employees For The Purpose Of Promoting Their Retirement Transactions

Banks  Economy News – Baghdad Al-Rasheed Bank decided, on Thursday, to include new segments of employees for the purpose of promoting their retirement transactions.

The media office said in a statement seen by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “the cases mentioned below were included:

Employees referred to retirement at the employee’s request

An employee who has been retired for health reasons

The resignation is outside the employee’s will and he has had a service of no less than (25) years.”

He added that “the decision includes bank employees as well as employees of state departments from the borrowers.”  Views 84 Date Added 12/08/2021

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