Dinarland Highlights for August 11, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 8.11.21

Mountain Goat

…today in our news for this period we hear that they have done exactly what Allawi said they would do way back from oct 2020. It is almost 9 months later but they got it done and our now moving head on implementing the White Paper. Boy are they so slow in getting anything done and that is part of their problem.  That is why we wait for the RV so long.

The ONLY indicator of an upcoming RV for us now is to wait and watch for the launching of the project to delete the zerosThe CBI has just recently told me they are on notice within the framework of the White Paper that they will be launching this project. They could not give me a date because they have not yet worked out a firm date within the other projects and timelines…I want to explain how they will launch and roll out this project…

So one day we will not just “wake up” and see a new RV rate on FOREX…Instead, the plan of the CBI is first to launch the lower denominations and replace the currency (thus the project to delete the zeros). This is our first sign they are moving ahead. They will then RV the rate very close to a dollar WITHIN Iraq and only within Iraq or maybe just delete the zeros so 1140 becomes $1.14 by just moving decimal over 3 places. Let me say it again – ONLY WITHIN IRAQ! If they do this technically it is not an RV it is just deleting the zeros as the rate is actually the same. Get it?...

But for us as investors we do not replace our out of country holdings on the currency with lower denominations as we are told these three zero notes will be held and used by the banks for inter-banking transactions in the future. So they will be worth lots of money. For instance, in my example: $1.14 x 25,000 note could be worth $28,500 US dollars. If they go to FOREX with a $3.65 rate a 25,000 dinar note could be worth outside of Iraq $91,250 US dollars. No, the Iraqi banks will not get rich overnight as they will have to turn in the larger 3 zero notes to the CBI to get the lower denomination equivalent. Get it? Nobody gives out FREE money.


Frank26 (KTFA)

A new statement from Parliamentary Finance pushes to change the dollar exchange rate

Might as well drop the mic and walk awayYou were saying it wasn’t going to go up for years?  Why are you singing a new song birdie Because it’s election time…

we finance committee continue to demand the dollar exchange rate be restored to the old prices.”

No stupid it’s going to be 1 to 1 on par with the American dollar…



…Remember to keep your mouth shut after you exchange…This will be a simple exchange. Nothing to worry about…We are very close…


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Guru Frank26]

There is going to be a massive campaign.  It will be on television, on billboards, it will be everywhere.  The CBI is going to talk to the citizens…



Our military intel contact can’t say much for security except that he is confirming that all is ready for liquidity release at all levels as of tonight Tue 10 Aug...his info is that this is still really being released this week…this is still our week.


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

I am excited about where we are – this is going to be one world of a week for us!!  …where we thought we had a start that might be Thursday at the earliest – if not Friday  – now what we are hearing from our upper end number 1 bank personnel is more of tomorrow [Wednesday] or Thursday…Now it may not be tomorrow [Wednesday] – it could be Thursday – either way is a win – and we will take either one – so let’s see what happens in terms of that…Look forward I believe to a wonderful week this week – let’s see how that manifests for us…    


Rod Steele

Texas banks folks have still not gone into (work?) at redemption centers. Other banks think it will be later this week, and they are more excited than they have been in a long time. Contacts in DC think its later then the banks do…maybe later on next week…

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