“The 80/20 Split and the Alliance” by Peeved Worker – 8.11.21


Entry Submitted by Peeved Worker at 11:29 PM EDT on August 11, 2021

I am concerned with the information being put out about the 80/20 split for our redemption.  

If GOD trusted us and believed in us enough to bring us through to the end of this ride, to provide us with the means to ‘help’ others, with this blessing, WHY would He then COMPEL us to hand over 80% of it to someone else to administer and control.  
Especially when it is being claimed that it will be 2 of the most CORRUPT, COMMUNIST Deep State Organisations in the world.  The UN and the BANKS.

GOD, only requests us to give 10% of our earnings to him, so WHY would HE, if the ‘Alliance’ is actually doing HIS bidding, REQUIRE us to hand over 80% of this blessing to those organisations, where it is LESS likely that it will be used to do HIS WILL.

Going on the past behaviour of these organisations, there is NO WAY that the funds ‘left in their care’, will actually GO to where they CLAIM to be going.  Instead there is a better than even chance that they will end up back in the hands of those we (the alliance) have been fighting for years.

Either those that are bringing this information to the ‘gurus’, are DS or the Alliance is NOT working on what GOD wants, but are working to their own agenda, and we are being played.

IF GOD trusted us to do HIS will, and to take HIS guidance on what HE wants us to do, and the ‘Alliance’ is working to bring about HIS plan for the world, WHY do THEY NOT trust us to do what WE believe to be GOD’S WILL for our BLESSING.

Then there is the question of if we DON’T take the ‘higher’ rates, because we don’t want to accept THEIR terms, WHO gets the difference between what they ‘GIVE’ us and what the ‘end purchaser’ is prepared to pay.  WHOSE pocket does it go into. i.e. if the ‘end purchaser’ is prepared to pay 1:1 (or some say even higher) and the ‘Redemption Centre’ only gives us .33cents – WHO gets the difference.

SOMETHING seems OFF here.  IF GOD is leading us, as MOST of us here believe He is, then NO-ONE has the right to LIMIT what GOD wants us to receive or DO with what we receive.  And if they DO, then THEY will have to face the consequences of standing in the way of what GOD wants to do with HIS CHOSEN people.

Seems like we are walking out of one form or control straight into the arms of another.

Then, there is the ‘aura’ thing that was posted a little while ago.  This is complete BS.  Firstly, according to the ‘GURUS’, NO-ONE at OUR level has been PAID, or been to an EXCHANGE, so WHOEVER, was talking about someone NOT getting paid because they had a ‘bad aura’ is either LYING or talking about a ‘HIGHER’ level than us and my money would be on ‘DS LYING’.

The person sitting across the desk from us, is a PERSON,  TRAINED by the BANK, to do the EXCHANGE – NOT trained to ‘read auras’ or other rubbish.  The COMPUTER they will use, is just that A COMPUTER – not an ALIEN anything with super powers that can tell what sort of person we are and if we have bad intentions.  THAT IS JUST PLAIN BS and FEAR MONGERING by the DS.

We need to start using COMMON SENSE and the BRAIN that GOD gave us and STOP listening to all this BS. 

I don’t think ANYONE REALLY knows what is going to happen, because if the alliance is TRULY working to get this done, and DO what GOD is telling them and guiding them to do, they more than likely WILL NOT BE TELLING ANYONE about it until it is TIME TO DO IT.

A peeved worker, waiting to get started on what GOD wants me to do.


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