“A Spark of Hope” by Stefan – 8.13.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 3:27 AM EDT on August 13, 2021

Dear Dinarland Community, Dear Patriots, Nice of you to make time for me again!

Mike Lindell’s symposium is over. Two years ago, if someone had told me that I would have a look at an American symposium, I would have said they were crazy. My limited time did not allow much, but what I saw and heard in the three days was very interesting and informative. Much I already knew, but there were also new insights for me, especially the rehashing of historical election observations and comparisons. Seth Keshel did a really great job here. And, folks, I actually expected those who want to collect the 5 million reward to line up. Instead, the Deep State, if it was still there at all, got out its playbook and pulled the usual.

Stream and tech disruptions, attack on Mike Lindell, and of course the diversionary tactics, such as with Cuomo’s resignation. As an American patriot, no matter who I voted for, I would have noticed some things I couldn’t explain if I hadn’t woken up yet or had just woken up:

  • In places there were only supposedly 100,000 or 200,000 viewers on RUMBLE. Looks to me like Google and Youtube’s number manipulation.
  • Not a single TV station reported extensively on this event. Had it gone the other way, i.e. had Biden lost, such a symposium would have been up and down the media.
  • Even the smallest inconsistencies in the election have been ignored or downplayed by all the MSM so far. To me, these were never, ever the safest elections, really small clues are enough.
  • If they were the safest elections EVER, why are all the Democrats and their stooges fighting the audits so vehemently and loudly?

It’s like I heard yesterday as an example story: If I go into a store and a watch is stolen, I willingly show my pockets if I am innocent, right? If I have the watch stolen, I try to prevent the search of my pockets, right? As much as the Democrats and RINOs can project, the enemy of a democracy is not the one who checks elections when there is reasonable doubt, but the one who steals elections and wants to prevent a check. And I envy America the many patriots who sit in positions of power and force the scrutiny of elections. In Germany, no one would think of it, despite inconsistencies here as well. He would also have no lobby and no support. But let’s leave the subject of Germany, you know about it, and the alliance also knows about it.

The spark of hope is pretty big with me, especially since this week, maybe it will be even bigger on Monday. By far not everything has happened that should have happened. Assange is not yet free, Biden and Harris have not yet resigned, the Three Gorges Dam is still holding, the military has not yet officially taken over. And so on. While frustration is already setting in for many, my mood is rising. Some still think that the Deep State is still powerful because it can make attacks against the symposium, because it can attack Mike Lindell, and because it can still provide media distraction. I don’t see it that way, and I’ll explain why. If the DS really still had power, the symposium would have blown up along with its evidence and everyone involved. Trump and his team would have been imprisoned or otherwise out of the way long ago. Militaries worldwide would not be working together; we would have had many and intense wars long ago. Worldwide! Not just the (sorry) small skirmishes, for example in Afghanistan.

The alliance of patriots has everything under control, really everything. And everything that is shown and demonstrated to the outside world are really only acts in a show. In my opinion, the alliance could have ended everything long ago. BUT, it just wants to wake up as many people worldwide and take them into the new world, as possible. Every person who gets doubts about the present world, who slowly understands what we are heading towards in the last years, will be a valuable part of the new world. And there I am of the same opinion, the potential, which we would lose with a “violent” waking up, would be wasted. A realization that I have worked out for myself is much more effective than an opinion or attitude to which I had to be convinced. Every person had the same chances at the same time. Some people got it faster, others just need their own individual time.

And it is to the alliance’s credit that it has taken as many awakened people with it as possible. Those who have to wait longer because of this now at least know what patience and trust mean. We have learned and internalized it.

Right now in Europe, primarily in Germany, there are a lot of military movements at sea, on land and in the air. There is still a lot of scanning and monitoring in the air, but I suspect here already a final cleanup after the real battles. What many still do not know or knew, since 2015 “migrants” were flown into Germany mainly at night, which then “disappeared” bus by bus in underground tunnels, yes, also in Germany there were and are DUMBS. They were supposed to wait there for their “assignment” to instigate riots or even a war. Armed, of course, against a people that must endure the harshest gun laws in the world. We would have literally come to a gunfight with knives. The alliance prevented that and for that at this point my sincere thanks in the name of all compatriots!

Now we continue to wait. August will bring us some more good news, I’ m sure. Because one thing is absolutely clear: every show comes to an end! Even the Truman Show, which seemed to run for a really long time, came to an end! For the one that woke up, even a very good ending! So let’s wait and see how the Three Gorges Dam copes with the rains of the next three days, let’s wait and see if the evidence that no one could refute is enough for the military to officially take over. Let’s expect more good news and incidents as the show draws to a close. I have heard from unconfirmed sources (sorry for that Washington Post term) that RV payouts are already happening. The NDA seems to be pretty heavy, that’s why none of this is getting out to the public. Maybe we will be contacted soon too, because I don’t think there will be a website or 800 numbers. Proof? What’s the point of a tightened NDA if the start of the exchange dates will be published worldwide with a website or phone numbers? And it would fit with our assumptions that a lot of things are parallel in the plan. Because the alliance wants the reboot to start as soon as possible, a hit-on-hit scenario with simultaneous events is inevitable.

The spark of hope is getting bigger and bigger, maybe also with you. The day before yesterday and yesterday evening I saw many shooting stars. As is often the case, each one made me wish for a quick end to the old world and a quick, visible new beginning of the golden age. “The beacons of Minas Tirith are lit, now we wait for the brave liberators from Rohan to show themselves to us on the outside.” Remain confident in a good outcome, believe in an imminent end to all the bad we have to endure for a short time yet. And be careful with your powers, do not waste them in endless discussions. We will need these powers very soon. Creator has a solution for everything! Trust in it!

“Three things help to bear the hardships of life:
Hope, sleep and laughter”
Immanuel Kant

“Life is far too precious for us to devalue it,
by letting it pass empty and hollow, without meaning, without love
and ultimately without hope.”
Václav Havel

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

If you like, send me good thoughts, or pray for me. Those who can and want to, may also send me a donation. I thank you for your support in any case!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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