The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8-12-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 8-12-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday August 12th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in –

What we have been hearing – as you know by now – this has definitely been a moving target for us – the intel that I received a couple days ago – even Tuesday – has changed already today – what I heard yesterday – for today to occur today did NOT occur today – and so the target was moved again –

So —– I want everybody to understand that this is a situation that is occurring almost on a daily basis with new intel coming in changing what it is that we are about to receive and the timing – in which we are about to receive it –

I want you to realize this roller coaster type motion affects all of us – it affects us all slightly differently – I/ve been around for 17 years with this so because of what I‘m hearing – and I get let down when something doesn’t occur – or the notifications don’t come in – as anticipated – I want you to know that Sue is affected – I’m affected – Bob is affected – we’re all affected by this activity of expectation one minute and not manifesting the next –So just be aware of that

What I’m doing is the best I can do to bring you the information we call “intel”  – the information that I’m hearing from the best sources that we have – so sometimes it’s really good and sometimes it’s a little bit lacking – it could be a little better – we would like to have more clarity – I would like to have another confirmation –  you know – that kind of thing –

But —- overall – we know this thing is moving along – and here’s why – the NESARA / GESARA – has already started in one form or another – around August 1st – We know we have a USN – a new gold backed dollar – should be announced finally announced – between Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th  – Could be Saturday afternoon / evening – could be Sunday – I don’t know  – it’s Saturday to Sunday – Should have it  announced by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and or with Judy Shelton –  

Now we have been told there would be announcements many – many times with very little evidence that anything is actually been announced – we know some of it has been announced behind the scenes  to the banking establishments – to these different individuals – it’s not something you’re going to see – and they don’t want it to be seen by main stream media – you know that – main stream media is not responsible / not good at responding / reporting truth – we all know that –

So —– what is happening is —– we know that the Fines & Penalties – finally – it appears were completed – we had that yesterday – they – had been paid – the adjudicated settlements started and my understanding is may not have completed yet – but they may complete over the weekend –

Now – that may also be the case with some of the other farm claims and etc – unless we throw all of those in with the adjudicated settlements – the bond holders or bond sellers – since they are no longer holding the bonds- the bond sellers are to be receiving their funds and right now it is between 1.2 – 1.5 % of their total – so that has been up from 1% to 1.2% to 1.5% which is small but in the amounts that they are talking about it is still quite large – in most cases I think into the millions to billions of dollars – They are to receive access and deposit slips for those payments to their account Saturday morning before lunch –

We are supposed to be notified any time from Friday after the markets close  all the way through Sunday – any time in that 2 ½ day period – Friday after 4PM – Saturday or Sunday we could be notified with our email and 800 numbers – so that —— we can set appointments for exchanges to start sometime Monday –

I know —— Monday has never been a day for anything to happen at the banks – but this is redemption centers  – we know for example the last few days – 3 days – redemption centers staff has been off  – but they have been on call – needing to stay on alert with 45 – 60 mins notice to be seated at desk in the redemption center –

My thinking is that will probably stay the same so that they are put in positions they need to be in the redemption centers to set our appointments – remember – if you are a zim holder and we will all use the call center with toll free number and then once you call in if you are a zim holder – you will be routed to the center that is closest to your zip code – and you will be speaking to someone at that center who will finish and give additional information needed about redemption –

If you have Dinar or Dong or other currency you may set the entire appointment through the computer system – through the telephone system – without speaking to anyone – we don’t know that exactly – but the call centers are set up to receive those calls and to set appointments for you – so that is going to be very interesting –

Now – my understanding before was they would send a non-disclosure agreement – by email – that is not the case – the NDA that  you get will be at the redemption center or at the tier 1 bank and you’ll sign it and witness it with them –

As far as anything additional – we do have the ability to negotiate an interest rate – not a currency rate – just a little over 8% – that has changed many times but I think they settled on the during a conference call a few days ago – because they were still having 2-3 hr conference calls up until the last couple of days – and they still may have more between now and Monday

So that is where we are and when it comes to anything else that is pertinent for us right now the main thing is they do have a contract rate for dinar but not for dong – and if you’re a zim holder you should just receive whatever they offer you – you will not be able to receive those contract or super high negotiated rates –

Now — Iraq is supposed to again put a new rate together on Saturday – now they have already done that last week –  last Saturday / Sunday – we had a new rate and I still don’t know if whether we in the United States have seen this rate or not – I know what it was supposed to be but not what it is now – and we are not supposed to do rates anyway  – so what I’m going to say is we need to concentrate on projects – leveling the playing field – etc basically helping humanity –

I am going to say I can’t urge you enough to stay with your plan A until these numbers manifest – We are hoping and believing and praying that they do come in based on this intel over the weekend between Friday afternoon and Sunday night –  That is what we are believing in –  Thanks everybody for listening

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 45:45

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