“The Big Lie of an Alliance as our Savior!” by REALIST – 8.13.21


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One thing in advance, this ALLIANCE (if existing) does not work for the 99% – WE THE PEOPLE!

08-12-2021 (12th August 2021)

Transcript by LVCA MORROW for
Processed by Valentin Rozman

“Good evening and welcome to UNITED NETWORK NEWS. My name is Steffen Rowe, and is LIVE@5.

The Biden Administration continues to broadcast their less than transparent Agenda by attempting to impose vaccines Mandates on the Military, in an apparent effort to increase Public Compliance.

Marine Corp General, David H Berger, on Monday, rebuked Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin’s edict requiring all Armed Forces Personnel to submit to Covid-19 Vaccinations, under the threat of Court Martial or Discharge.

General Berger telephone the Defense Secretary, minutes after he stated in a Press Conference, that the Covid-19 Vaccinations are needed to maintain Military readiness and that he would enforce the Mandatory Vaccination Policy – regardless of FDA approval.
General Berger told the Defense Secretary Austin that quote: ‘There will be no Mandatory Vaccinations for my Marines.’

General Berger went on to say, ‘Under no circumstances will Marines be compelled to take a potentially hazardous vaccination that the FDA won’t even fully endorse.’

Berger added: ‘You are a coward and a traitor manipulated – by people pushing bad Policy on the men and women who provide security to our Nation. Neither you, nor your puppet President, has the Authority to enforce such a Policy.’

Austin argued: ‘The Mandatory Vaccinations have always been a requirement for Soldiers enlisting into the Armed Forces, and they, as Property of the United States Government, have no right to decide whether to take the Covid vaccine or not. The Federal Government and President Biden will decide that for them.’

Austin went on to say. ‘They are incapable of making informed decisions so, we, their Leaders make the big decisions they cannot.’

General Berger said, ‘It is unfair to compare established vaccinations with a product that was rushed to market with little concern for the side effects.’

General Berger called the CDC and Dr Fauci corrupt, and he asked Austin why the puppet Administration hid from the Public the NIH Report, linking the Vaccination to thousands of fatalities.

It is such a rare thing to see someone in leadership, in this day and age, who actually uses Evidence to come to Conclusions – or someone who doesn’t just blindly follow Orders. Needless to say, General Berger quickly became our favorite Military Leader.

Up Next: Green Zone Concentration Camps

On 26th July, the CDC published their plan to implement the ‘Shielding Approach’.

‘What is the Shielding Approach?’ you may ask. That is a very good question. The Shielding Approach aims to reduce the number of severe Covid-19 cases, allegedly, by eliminating contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease and the general population – who are considered to be low risk.

High risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to quote: ‘Safe or Green Zones’ established at the Household Neighborhood Camps Sector or Community Level, depending on the context and the setting. They would have minimal contact with family members and other low risk residents.

The glorified Death Camp model defines high risk as the elderly and the Immunocompromised. The obvious next step will be to define anyone who is unvaccinated as Immunocompromised, making it easy to come to your home and identify that you are non-compliant and need to be taken to the quote: ‘the Green Zone for your safety.’

Absolute isolation hasn’t helped anyone to recover from a virus with a higher survival rate than the common flu.

Furthermore, the useless recommendations by the CDC have killed more people than the unidentified Covid virus, or the fraternity of unidentified variants.

The Green Zone Concentration Camp Model was set to launch with the approval of the trillion dollar Infrastructure Budget, by Congress, on Wednesday.

But, the Congressional Aides informed us that if there wasn’t any indication of money being released from the BACK SYSTEM – then the Budget wouldn’t be approved.

The Budget included all the Surveillance needed to create an absolute Control System, a Police State, with Micro chips to shut off your car for any violation of the regime’s policies – to facial recognition on your phones, to drones to monitor for non-compliant behavior – all in the name of Safety.

And, who doesn’t feel safer knowing that the same government who doesn’t seem to have access to the dozens of Studies that debunk the value of Facemasks, doesn’t regard the lack of evidence for the Safety and Efficacy of the Experimental Operating System, that they’re calling a vaccine, or doesn’t seem to care about the International Laws that protect our Humanitarian Rights to Informed Consent?

The same Government that also, has the ability now to carry out Drone Strikes if we try to go into a store without being vaccinated.

Up Next: The Truth Behind the Legend of Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump took the world by surprise when he won the election over heavily favoured, Hillary Clinton.

What’s not commonly discussed is that Clinton was favoured because the ‘fix was in’ – with the George Soros controlled Voting Machines rigged to stack the vote in favor of the Democratic nominee.

During the election, these cheating Machines were disabled, allowing votes to tally as submitted, fairly, and Reports later emerged of Hillary Clinton burning the Servers held in her private residence – that were hacked to create a fair election.

President Trump proceeded to execute on the plan laid for him by the Black Sun, eliminating many of the plans of the previous regime, and the plans of the Rothschild’s controlled Dragon Families.

The initial moves for the first three and a half years of Trump’s presidency all seemed brilliant by comparison to the plans of the Obama administration,

who were systematically positioning the United States to be turned over to the Chinese.

Trump made logical business moves that seemed incredible, like moving manufacturing back to the United States to create new jobs, working to secure the border – to prevent the immigration of illegal aliens, and withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, which was obviously a flawed plan.

President Trump touted ‘America First’, which only seemed logical for an American President, but at a time of Globalization and Glorified ‘Shame America’ Campaigns – were people who have always benefited from the freedom afforded to them by being an American – suddenly wanted to become slaves to a Communist Regime.

The Stock Market soared during the Trump Presidency, but that didn’t affect the common American as much as his other contributions. Trump was the only billionaire who ever pulled off the ‘underdog card’ and seem to genuinely care about everyday American people – and the real Americans loved Trump for standing with them.

Perhaps Trump’s greatest contribution was that he spoke his mind all the time, called out the media for reporting fraudulent information, and was never a real politician.

He was rough and didn’t seem to care what anyone thought because he had a plan, and he would find a way to win, and that meant a win for the People.

Trump’s most significant accomplishments – he’ll never get take credit for – to be honest, he’s not really responsible for them, but he did have the opportunity to change the World and was in a prime position to do it.

President Trump was working with the Guardian of the Global Assets, Kimberly Ann Goguen, throughout his Presidency. When the Budgets were funded, it was by permission from Ms. Goguen. When the Chinese were set to take over the Country, with battleships, missiles and soldiers set in positions around the Country, it was Ms. Goguen, as Ground Commander, who prevented them from attacking or doing much of anything – ever again.

Most recently, while still in Office, Trump was given $500 billion from the Global Repository and Instructions from Ms. Goguen – on how to stop the fake COVID pandemic and win the election.

But, the average Government Official, who retains loyalty to former President Trump, never realized there was another source making these things possible.

Trump never told anyone that Ms. Goguen was the Source of his Access to the BACK SYSTEM, where the Global Assets were held.

He never gave her credit or paid her Administrative Fees – instead, he paid her enemies and postured himself as the Saviour to the World.

These facts may seem ridiculous to people who don’t understand how the Global Financial System works, but today was the great equalizer.

President Trump used his loyal base in the Senate to get the Budget passed, and Congress was waiting on him to bring money into the System this morning, to signal that they should pass the terrifying Infrastructure Project that would have turned our World into a scene out of Orwell’s 1984.

Trump used the Briefcase Terminal that he took with him from the White House, to reach out to Goguen, yesterday, looking for her to save him once again, despite his constant betrayals, because this is an issue of International Security – with all eyes on Trump to set the Funding for the Global Police State and Holocaust Plan.

Miss Goguen sent recordings to the Political and Military leaders of the World showing detailed surveillance, where Trump was using the same Terminal in the White House, and the Guardian for the Global Assets was clearly on the other end giving advice and providing Funding – when appropriate.

Now, Ms. Goguen had also reserved $8 billion in Funding to assist in the recovery in Florida from Hurricane Michael, and in Paradise, California after the wildfires – both of which were blocked by FEMA – as they refuse to accept funding from anyone but the Rothschild’s, with Representatives from the Office of the Guardian being blocked at the Treasury in New York by Citadel Private Security – and if you’re still paying your College Loans – that’s Mr. Trump’s fault too, because Ms. Goguen paid off all College Loans, setting Mr. Trump up to look like the hero, but he buried the Information, instead.

And last, but not least, the US debt once held by the Chinese and the Federal Reserve, now looming at $28 trillion – was also paid off by Ms. Goguen, but it’s never been disclosed to the Public because it’s a tool used by Politicians to justify illegal Income Taxes, and create fear about the inevitable collapse of the American economy.

It’s time for People to stop suffering because of a Faction War, as the Deep State tries to decide who is to be the new Captain of the Titanic.

We admonish the good men and women – caught up in the System, to remember who they are, who we all are, the People, and overcome the mess they’ve made.

We have to stand together. My name is Steffen Rowe. That’s the News. And that’s the way it REALLY IS.”

When you finally see through this wrong game, it must be clear who an RV / GCR is really good for!


So don’t be under the illusion that this (TOMORROW / NEXT WEEK) game will continue in the next few months until final disclosure!


For the first time in human history we have an ally at the top of the power structure in the Global Finance System.


As a service to wake up in this new world and situation


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