Dinarland Highlights for August 13, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 8.13.21

Mountain Goat


Great article!…Seems to me they achieved monetary stability. So where is the RV then if that is what they needed?

…why do they keep using the excuse they need yet more SECURITY in IraqThe FACT is the value is in the Iraq dinar already only they are suppressing the rate so that it does not reflect the TRUE valueWhat at they waiting for


Frank26 (KTFA)

They’re talking about floatingDo you know the definition of floating? …‘Floating the local currency’…is to make the exchange rate free from the authority of the state and central bank and it is decided automatically in the currency market through the mechanism of supply and demand…Kazemi and the CBI is telling the citizens what they’re doing.  This is huge!  We told you.  You laughed at us.  Then they tell you. And you say ok.  Now they’re telling them again but this time in details…they’re going to tell them when they’re going to do it, why they raised the value…the exchange rate, how they’re going to float the currency, how it’s going to go up in value.  Behold!

What’s Kuwait’s currency valued at right nowIt’s around $3 and 20 something…that’s because Kuwait’s currency is trusted internationally.  A higher exchange rate is the reward for a currency that obeys the International banking laws.  And today, as of now, they [Iraq] has obeyed everything.  We are so close.  In fact, IMO, toward the end of this month it’s going to get pretty hot.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Gruu Frank26]

When the dinar de-pegs and leaves its border and goes outside they raise the value of their currency at 1 to 1 with the American dollar…domestically or internationally it’s the same value.  There’s not two exchange ratesif the Iraqi dinar leaves its country, un-pegs and starts to free float… you’ve got a lot of articles telling you that’s what they’re going to do Let’s say all of a sudden it climbs to a value of 2 to 1…What is the value of the dinar inside of Iraq?  2 to 1…there aren’t two exchange rates for the Iraqi dinar…when it increases it increases across the board.  A dinar is a dinar…it gives Iraqi citizens more purchasing power…this is one of the main priorities of the monetary reform.  You’re witnessing it.  That’s what’s so exciting about this.



[via PDK]

I still hear positive news from Iraq. They are moving forward with their reforms and the white papers which requires a new rate.



We are getting closer everyday…Still hearing good news but the target is always moving. Eventually we will hit the bull’s eye!…


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…this has definitely been a moving target for us…What I’m doing is the best I can do to bring you the information we call “intel”  – the information that I’m hearing from the best sources that we have…overall – we know this thing is moving along…We are supposed to be notified any time from Friday after the markets close  all the way through Sunday…so that…we can set appointments for exchanges to start sometime Monday…they do have a contract rate for dinar but not for dong…

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