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Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

08/14/2021 Update

Our military intel contact said that yesterday Fri 13 Aug was a big day behind the scenes because (1) arrests of Deep State operatives in the main stream media & big tech social media overlapped with (2) arrests by Interpol and US military and other law enforcement of Deep State agents in Reno still going on this weekend (Sat-Sun 14-15 Aug) and (3) bond payouts with full funding to bond groups started and (4) the digital gold-backed USN and the Starlink Quantum satellite comm system were fully activated globally from last night Fri 13 Aug on; he said numbers (1) and (2) above are significant because for years it has been known that the DoD military white hat plan just before releasing the RV shotgun start was for a final clean up of cabal agents in Reno, as Mr Cottrell, Rod Steele, and MarkZ said yesterday Fri 13 Aug:

MarkZ Fri eve 13 Aug:

Rod Steele: I think the most important thig we heard today came from Michael Cottrell this morning [Fri 13 Aug]. He reminded us that Reno is supposed to be the last deep state area to be cleaned up. So Interpol is there right now so I think that is the best indicator we’ve had lately.

MZ: I had forgotten about that until he mentioned it….he’s right and I’m not going to tell you who gave us that information years ago. I would get my hand slapped for it…..But he’s right.

. ..Our guy said numbers (1), (2), (3) & (4) above show FINALITY in our waiting for the RV release.

[4:39 PM]

. ..His info is that the Chinese Elders, DoD, and Trump had planned for major arrests over the past week and next week to prepare for and coincide with the RV shotgun release & T4B start; he said three years ago Q, the military intel group headed by Ezra Cohen-Watnick, had indicated that the military plan to take down the Deep State globally would leave for last neutralizing the Deep State in Israel and in the mainstream media and Big Tech social media (

. Post #916

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 88957f No.613229

Mar 10 2018 13:04:36 (EST) >>613193

•••“We are saving Israel for last. . . . Q”

••• And Post #2337 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.335

Oct 4 2018 16:27:07 (EST) “Israeli intelligence – stand down.”


•••“Media assets will be removed. Q”•••); our guy said the Deep State controlling Israel was neutralized two months ago when Netanyahu was finally ousted by the new govt of PM Bennett & Lapid in mid-June 2021 ( )—2 months later this is being followed by the arrests this past week in mid-August of Deep State media controllers and Deep State agents in Reno both still ongoing—all of this also shows FINALITY in our waiting for the RV release he said.

[4:41 PM]

. ..He said his info matches TX Snake’s exchange banker info:

Texas Snake:

“On word from my banker it appears the Central Bank of Iraq [CBI] is announcing thru various venues TV Radio and billboards to the citizens of the country that new currencies will begin being distributed this coming week [Sun 15 Aug forward] with lower denominations [LDs] of money as well as a revaluation [RV] of their currency. Hopefully this is our beginning as well.”

. ..Our guy’s info also matches MarkZ’s similar info tonight Sat eve 14 Aug that bond group payouts and activities in Iraq point to an imminent start for us in T4B this coming week:

[4:41 PM]

MarkZ Sat eve 14 Aug ( ):

“I am trying to get absolute verification but I have 2 different sources in the last 24 hours [Fri-Sat 13-14 Aug] with historic bond funds that claim they have FULL FUNDING…..I am trying to get some kind of substantial proof so that I feel comfortable telling you folks that I am 100% over the top, in love, falling over, can’t see straight excited about where we are at.

MZ Sat 14 Aug: But I have 2 different bond groups that claim “full funding” in the last 24 hours [Fri-Sat 13-14 Aug]. I am trying to get some kind of visual proof this is true…….

Member: So bonds being paid is good for us?


MZ Sat 14 Aug: its [BONDS BEING PAID WITH FULL FUNDING IS] exceptional [for us in T4B]….We always knew that Historic BONDS would go RIGHT BEFORE US [T4B] and I have been told to watch the bonds . . . because they would go before the reset [GCR / RV]. We don’t know if there is a “magic “ percentage that they want redeemed before we [T4B] are allowed to go and they release things like PP’s , settlements CMKX ect…..……If I had to make a gut guess…maybe 50 or 60 % of Historic bonds done before they let us [T4B] go for simple liquidity issues? This is just a guess.

MZ Sat 14 Aug: Also news out of Iraq is really FANTASTIC over the weekend. There is more “on air” education push on lower denominations [LDs] and exchange rates showing on TV for the Iraqi people. They are talking about lower denominations for everybody….a full blown roll out this [next] week [Sun 15 Aug on]…..

[4:42 PM]

MZ Sat 14 Aug: I am being told they are shooting for it to happen mid to late next week. I will cross my fingers and call for more updates Sunday 15 Aug or by Monday morning 16 Aug coffee. This is EXCEPTIONALLY EXCITING NEWS coming from Iraq. There is an overwhelming amount of people from the sandbox giving me this news. You all will probably be seeing this news on all the boards all weekend.

. ..Our guy said the wait is coming to an end, keep prayers going up over this that all goes as planned.

08/14/2021 Podcast Update




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