Dinarland Highlights for August 14, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 8.14.21

Petra (KTFA)

Let’s be clear…We have never been at this stage before. Too many timed events are occurring that lead us to believe we are in a, as MM [Guru MilitiaMan] said, no turning back scenario…Yes, we are in a very strong and multi-faceted convergence all waiting on one thing!


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Article quote:
The government has not implemented many articles and paragraphs of the general budget law for the current year until this moment due to the objection and observations of the Ministry of Finance and other ministries on the articles of the law, which led to the delay in its implementation.”

“Until this moment” they say.. Interesting the 2021 budget is in the news lately…They are not going to keep harming the citizens..imo… Fairly certain then if need be there is an emergency… It is called Article 8 with a new We are imo seeing things shape up globally and gearing for a very big event


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraqi Boots-on-the-ground Firefly TV report]

FIREFLY – The Finance Minister is being interviewed today and he’s saying that it’s time for Iraq to show the real value of their currency and he’s saying Iraq has reached financial stability…and Iraq needs to show their real value to once again be a leader in the Arab world… FRANK – Wow!… Linchpin.  FIREFLY – This is a 20-minute interview and they keep replaying…over to us all day.  FRANK26 – Wow…everyday they’re telling you more and more and admitting more and more because they know what the CBI is about to tell you the citizens of Iraq and then Kazemi will take that new exchange rate and explode your economic reform

[Iraqi Boots-on-the-ground Firefly TV report Cont.]

FRANK26 – It’s not that it’s getting closer…it’s that it’s already here and it’s just being introduced to you…notice that they tell you something about the currency exchange rate…and then they repeat it over and over gain and then they tell you more and they repeat it over and over again.  Do you understand the pattern…?  FIREFLY – He also said Iraq is missing out on billions by not having their true value exposed to the international world.  FRANK26 – You are now in the reinstatement…it is now being revealed.  It is now being introduced…they now are ready to reveal to you the new dimension of the CBI’s mathematics of your currency.

[Iraqi Boots-on-the-ground Firefly TV report cont.]

FRANK26 – This has to be the best youbetubee I think I’ve done.  I’m so happy about what I’m sharing with you because it’s what we told you that would come about…you have security and stability and that is the exact thing that Dr. Shabibi wanted for both of your reforms…politicians are ugly.  They’re selfish.  This is their trademark but right now it’s an advantage to you Iraqi citizens because they’re admitting to you…that a change is going to happen to your currency and your exchange rate…they gave us a hard time denying it and now they’re supporting it.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Guru Frank26]

The budgets were fake for many years. Now…No!  They’re well scrutinized, well policed, well balanced, well calculated. They used to be fake.   That alone with the misuse of the CBI’s auctions the money/wealth of Iraq was just raped.  17 years later it’s impressive…Kazemi tells the citizens of Iraq that every future budget from this point onward will be of a new dimension, a better mechanism to serve and protect the citizens of Iraq




Like I have said numerous times only with the success of Iraq ‘s economy can the dinar go up in value. It is not a lottery ticket. If and when Iraq decides to create a market economy/private sector and begins to diversify resources away from oil will Iraq begin to succeed. Only then will the dinar begin to go up in value.


Mountain Goat

…The Iraqi dinar was ripped off of the foreign currency exchanges namely FOREX on 2003. To get a new rate back they will first need to REINSTATE the currency. When they do they will use the new financial management system devised by the US Treasury in 2011-2012. It calculates the new rates on newer and more fair criteria. They plan to devalue or revalue many different currencies all at once when they roll this out. The banks now can see these new rates since they already have the electronic tie in to this new system...      


RVAlready (TNT)

They need to get the RV out to the street before September. End all foot dragging by everyone. Get behind it and push. End of story. Time for parliament to quit lining their pockets, and do something for Iraq .




[via PDK]

I am trying to get absolute verification but I have 2 different sources in the last 24 hours with historic funds that claim they have full funding….I have 2 different bond groups that claim “full funding” in the last 24 hours. I am trying to get some kind of visual proof this is true…  [So bonds being paid is good for us?]  its exceptional….  We always knew that Historic bonds would go right before us… and I have been told to watch the bonds market because they would go before the reset…

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

Courtesy of Dinar Guru


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