Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 8-17-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

08/17/2021 Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources (as well as those of MarkZ and Frank26 and others) reporting that Iraq was released by DoD white hats day before yesterday, Sun 15 Aug, when Iraq officially and fully activated their digital gold-backed Dinar currency and its RV rate starting from Sun 15 Aug going forward this week; he said DoD white hats have GIVEN THE GREEN LIGHT and released the RV to start globally and in the USA THIS WEEK in the shotgun liquidity release event that cascades liquidity from the upper level bonds through D1, D2, D3, to the F&Ps (+adjudicated-settlements+PPs), to T3-4A payouts and access (including Admirals groups and 1000s of sub-groups and their paymasters) and finally T4B notifications, Safe Link, and 800#s to start exchanges-redemptions;

. ..He is confirming MarkZ’s bond holder contacts from last Fri 13 Aug to today Tue 17 Aug that some German bond holders and Yellow Dragon bond holders have received a percentage of their liquidity in the millions of dollars (though not yet access to all their bond liquidity, which will happen when the shotgun start and T4B start happens, still expected this week); our guy said FOLKS THIS IS REAL NOW–as MarkZ has said over the past 72 hours WE HAVE •••NEVER••• SEEN BONDS PAYOUT IN THE MILLIONS . . . ••• EVER••• (not in 1 year, not 10 years, not 20+ years!!!) . . . AND as MarkZ said, THE PLAN ALWAYS WAS THAT BONDS WOULD START PAYING OUT IN THE MILLIONS TO BOND HOLDERS •••JUST BEFORE••• T4B EXCHANGES WERE TO START!!!! . . . HELLO? . . . HAPPENING THIS WEEK….!!!!(edited)

[3:38 PM]

. ..He is confirming Frank26’s sources and MarkZ’s that Iraq’s CBI and GOI and PM Kadhimi / Kazemi are ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTING •••RIGHT NOW••• MON-TUE 16-17 AUG (NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT IT) the 2022 BUDGET WITH THE DINAR RV RATE IN IT and the WHITE PAPERS (ECONOMIC REFORMS) . . . •••RIGHT NOW••• . . . •••••NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE•••• !!!!

. ..He said, So do the math: THIS IS OUR WEEK!!!!!

. ..His info is that now that the bonds that contractually control the liquidity of D1 have been paid out over the past 5 days, many are expecting behind the scenes that D1 will be made liquid over the next 24-36 hours in order to make the cascade event start (D1 will release liquidity to D2 and D3 which will also provide liquidity downstreaming into the shotgun liquidity release chain of events that culminates in T4B notifications) •••EXPECTED AND REQUIRED THIS WEEK••• TO KEEP UP WITH [1] BOND PAYOUTS CONNECTED TO D1,D2,D3, and REQUIRED THIS WEEK TO KEEP UP WITH [2] IRAQI RV RELEASE ACTIONS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW•••;

[3:38 PM]

. ..He said, So watch your inboxes very carefully and keep your phones charged tomorrow Wed and Thu 18-19 Aug. As usual keep prayers going up and BE GRATEFUL because heaven IS ANSWERING PRAYERS RIGHT NOW THIS WEEK!

. ..His info on the Afghan Biden chaos of the past 72 hours causing multiple deaths to those fleeing the Taliban in Kabul Afghanistan is that the Afghani is still in the RV basket and the chaos has shown what a fake president Biden is, and that even though Kamala Harris may be “waiting in the wings” for the Deep State to put her into Biden’s place in their fake White House set on Tyler Perry’s movie lots in Atlanta GA as early as the end of this week, his intel is fake VP Kamala WILL NEVER REPLACE FAKE BIDEN:

. ..(1) The DoD white hats (Marine Gen David Berger and the majority of the Joint Chiefs and 800 flag officers in the Pentagon from the level of Generals to Colonels and in the Navy from the level of Vice Admiral to Captain) will NOT allow the Deep State Rockefeller bankster CIA half-wits to replace Biden with Kamala AT ALL, and

. ..(2) The military white hats will be revealing Trump who is now back in Mar-A-Lago as the ONLY DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT, according to the ABUNDANT EVIDENCE (cyber evidence and other evidence) of ELECTION FRAUD which will be made public with the AZ audit evidence being made public of ballot vote switching on Election Day Tue-Wed 3-4 Nov 2020, which vote fraud will be proven by forensic evidence to have happened in the 5 other swing states GA, PA, MI, WI, & NV but which also happened in ALL 50 states!

[3:39 PM]

. ..He said his info is that when the arrests took place last week (the week of Mon 9 Aug) in the mainstream media and Big Tech social media companies, these companies that were formerly under Deep State control quietly lost their FCC licenses and were quietly seized by the military, so they will be forced to make public at the right time in the military’s strategic plan to destroy the Deep State permanently (a) the election fraud in AZ and in every other state of the USA, (b) that Trump is the only duly elected president who has been flying in the REAL Air Force One and who has a security detail with multiple SUVs that is several times the size of the fake Biden’s fake security detail, and (c) Trump will be operating as the only duly elected president out of Mar-A-Lago FL till the new White House is established and made public in Houston and/or Austin TX where the new White House and UST will be located on sovereign Native American Indian land to make it compatible with the new restored Republic and the common law constitutional requirements of NESARA/GESARA.


08/17/2021 Podcast Update




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