“Never again!” by Stefan – 8.18.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:37 AM EDT on August 18, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Many times I’ve told you about how divided my fatherland is, how many different groups and channels there are, pulling awakened people in many different directions. I don’t see that this is also so massive and diverse in other countries, but in this aspect Germany is perhaps something special. Especially also because we Germans have always been and are being fought against. There must be a reason, which we can only assume, because the truth about it is still hidden. I know only one thing: When this war is over, my fatherland will never be fought again!

There are many enlightened, directional, gatekeepers, new parties, lateral thinkers, patriots, alternative media, groups, informers in Germany, besides the state propaganda of the MSM. Consciously controlled and allowed, infiltrated by the remaining Deep State or also of their own free will to really wake up, everything is there. In places they fight each other, denounce each other and supposedly divide the awakened again. But is this really the case? No matter what the groups or the individuals are up to in truth or are supposed to be up to, they all have one thing in common: they awaken the silent masses! Every day it becomes more, one can watch literally. To the memory: The silent mass has doubts deep in the innermost. These doubts grow and prosper, but they are not yet big enough that people dare to express these doubts. At some point, the doubts are big enough and the person in question joins a grouping.

After all, we humans tend to always join a majority. If we doubt this majority, we turn away from it. Instinctively. Because we feel just as deeply that today’s minority will be the majority tomorrow. So we patriots can’t really care for the time being in which direction the newly awakened are dragged (my realization of the last weeks). We don’t need to get upset about how many people are following an obvious gatekeeper. The main thing is that fellow humans are awakened. And can never go back to sleep. Once awake is just like once out of the tube! A return would be possible only with high expenditure and with much time. But both will no longer exist, the first small stones of the avalanche have already been rolling for weeks, nothing can stop them.

Why can we not care in which direction the awakened ones are pulled? What do you think? Not only the silent masses will start asking questions at some point. Because the awakening program is running at full speed, especially in the MSM (which, by the way, I think have long been under control of the Alliance). Also the awakened ones will ask questions in their new communities at some point. Related to Germany, these would be questions about the meaning of a party system, or questions about the necessity of a new constitution, or questions about the purpose of a monarchy. I speak from experience here: once awakened, people can ask more questions than one would like. And they will, believe me. And woe betide anyone who then has no answers, because he may also have been subject to errors or was himself misinformed. Because one is sure, as sure as the death, the truth will always come to the light! Even if it was buried still so deeply, still so strongly was covered.

Look at our countries and nations. The louder they shout, the more massively they censor, the more violence they use, the more truth is in what they shout at, censor or violently fight. First they ignore you (we had that), then they laugh at you (we also had that), then they fight you (we are at that point right now) and then you win (we will be there soon!)! You know this, don’t you? The quote comes from Ghandi. Everybody who was on one of the many demonstrations of the last weeks had to experience with his own eyes, maybe even on his own body, how violently mercenaries act against the weak. He tells it further in his circle of acquaintances who believe him more than the MSM. And again, more who wonder. Every vaccinated person, who gets health problems afterwards, will also ask himself sometime, what he has done there. Lying to oneself does not work for as long as lying to others. In the case of vaccination deaths, the remaining people will ask themselves at some point. Also they cannot lie to themselves for a long time.

More and more people in public life are showing their patriotic face. They are still massively attacked, censored and suppressed. But some just don’t put up with anything because they know about their power. They never again let themselves be harnessed before a dark or cabal cart. That’s what’s happening right now with the wonderful Nena. Hey, you in America or the world know her too. 99 red balloons? You know her! Or her songs together with Kim Wilde? She is a star of the New German Wave from the 80s, today she is even better, with much better and profound lyrics, mom of great kids, basically she is like wine. The older, the better. Here’s a post from Nena after some of her concerts were cancelled because she didn’t conform to the narrative:

“Dearly beloved,

I do not follow any ideology and reject everything that brings hate, fear and division. I remain open to meeting people, without bias, from the heart. And I will continue not to go into secession and exclude people just because they may be different, think differently or feel differently than I do. We have never learned to enjoy the difference of each other. We can change that at this moment and choose LOVE right now. May we find each other again and create our togetherness as a human family in a completely new way. That is my wish. And I know we can do it.

A great person, a great woman (who is also very pretty), a patriot. And, folks, she has range and makes her numerous fans think. Few will stop listening to her songs, and those who do, we can all, including Nena, gladly do without.

So let’s all do what they think is right at the moment. Let’s be tolerant and give everyone their current beliefs and motivation to do something. One wants to make money, the other doesn’t. One is paid and controlled, the other is only misinformed or half-informed. This group wants subjects, the other wants more sheep or other sheep, we really can’t care what current view those have or that one has. Because the main thing is to make the silent masses talk. And that works, better and better. The alliance contributes with its controlled MSM also still to it, as well as the turned stations and media. In Germany mainly the BILD newspaper. So it all comes together and the silent masses wake up. More than some are aware of.

My realization that it doesn’t matter in which direction an awakened person is pulled is based on the belief that the truth always becomes visible. And I firmly believe that there is a plan. Not only the plan we have witnessed being implemented for months/years, but also a plan for afterwards. Everyone who wages war has a plan for afterwards. And part of that plan is a proclamation of the true history, the true incidents of the present and the recent past. And with that, the ground is pulled out from under the feet of many groups and truthers. The controlled and approved ones as well as the independent ones. And their followers, who have been lied to, deceived or even misinformed twice now, what happens to them? They woke up and fell for a “leader” again. Do you think they will let themselves be lied to again by anyone without questioning that too? I say never again! That is what we have all learned for a long time, what many have learned in the last weeks and months and what many will learn in the next days.

And that is the most important thing! The self-learning and self-recognition. Only in such a way one comes back into the personal responsibility. If also proofs are present, I can convince nobody with it, who does not want to be convinced. But if the person comes to his own realization of the truth, it penetrates deeply and permanently. That is why the cabal prevents this so massively, or has prevented it. It is too late, the avalanche is rolling, the drop is sucked, our old world will end, we will build the new world soon. Much from the old world we will never have again, in the first place lies, manipulation deception and fraud! Never again! That is why it does not matter how and by whom the silent masses are awakened. They end their silence and will not fall asleep again. Never again!

“It is easier to deceive people than to convince them,
that they have been deceived.”
Mark Twain

“I believe that everything that happens happens for a reason. Some people change so you learn to let someone go. Things go wrong so you appreciate the right ones. The lies you believe, only to conclude that you can’t trust everyone. And sometimes good things have to pass so that better things can follow.”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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