“Uneventful Day” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 8-19-21


Thursday Evening News with MarkZ 8/19/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: It’s been a very uneventful news day. Definitely a nothing burger day. I am expecting some type of comment from US treasury contacts to let us know where we are at for the release of funds. Hopefully we will have that by tomorrow morning or at least by tomorrow nights update.

Member: Man! Things are moving slow ….so it seems

MZ: I cannot get a straight answer why there is a slow down this week. Maybe they are blaming the Afghanistan situation because Afghanistan was in the first basket and now it’s not. That is the only guess I can come up with right now.

MZ: Before Afghanistan was firmly in the first basket and now…..there is no way it could be. Maybe this short delay is readjusting the algorithms for currency values and how they relate to each other. Just a guess.

Member: What is the significance of Dubai 1,2 and 3 where the beginning of this release is concerned?

MZ: As we understand it Dubai 1 is critical for the release of everything. I am not sure where Dubai 2 and 3 fall. We should be seeing the release of Dubai 1 funds very early in the process.

Member: I heard a rate of .11 cents to start for the dong.

Member: 11 cent comment this morning about dong worried me all day

MZ: That’s been a back and forth about this between our treasury dept. and theirs. They may push forward and release it at .11 cents in a float, which means it will adjust very quickly. Let’s see how this week plays out and hopefully we will see the real value soon.

Member:  Mark are you saying dong no longer in the low 2’s?

MZ: I still believe we will see the dong in the $2 range. But we hear they may “jump the gun” if the reset continues to stall and release the dong at the lower .11 cent rate and let it float to value.

MZ: I am hearing there are a couple currencies thinking about doing this …and that would be ok.

MZ: I think there will still be one reset but it would be irresponsible not to tell you what I am hearing.

MZ: There is a great article out …the Central Banks Are Now in the Endgame. Its good to see this in print in the real world  (See below) https://goldswitzerland.com/central-banks-are-now-in-the-endgame/

Member: Is it possible tomorrow could be the RV day?

MZ: Absolutely….Any minute now is fair game as we move forward….imo. .

Member: When we will see perp walks?

MZ: Great question….I think we are going to see a lot of panic starting next week

Please listen to the replay for all the information

The next stream is Friday 10AM est.

No Whiskey and Wisdom tonight or next week.

Mark will be on vacation between Aug 25th and 29th. No daily stream during this time.

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