Dinarland Highlights for August 19, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 8.19.21


I have stated many times before only with the success of diversifying Iraq’s economy and creating a private sector can the dinar go up in value. Iraq has a lot of work to do. There is no RV coming today or tomorrow. Only with the growth of the economy can the dinar appreciate…Raising the value of the dinar is not some arbitrary event, it’s a reaction to a country’s economic growth and inflation.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Firefly boots-on-the-ground in Iraq]

FIREFLY – The news is showing us Iraq has purchased more than 300 advanced ATM machines.

FRANK – …They want to show you how to use them.  They can’t tell you it’s a new exchange rate.  They didn’t show you the new currency yet. But they’re showing you everything else aren’t they buddy! …BTW they didn’t just buy them, they delivered them.

FIREFLY – they’re telling us these are the most advanced state of the art ATMs an individual can use.

FRANK – These ATMs are programed for the new small category notes and the new exchange rate…there’s a reason why they’re being activated now.  You know that reason because they’ve been explaining it to you for almost two weeks…

FIREFLY – …What they’ve been saying on TV has never been said to us before as Iraqi citizens



[via PDK]

[Will the situation in Afghanistan change anything timing wise?]

No…I see the situation in Afghanistan speeding up, at least the reinstatement of value for the Iraqi dinar. I think they are terrified of a lack of security in the region. Because they have not moved forward with the reinstatement it is causing a lot of tension. They run the risk of losing control of the government that is now in place in Iraq. So if anything it should speed this up…at least on the reinstatement of the dinar if they would go ahead and pull that trigger and not the entire GCR for now. Maybe we could at least see Iraq moving forward. Still great chatter out of Iraq and they are geared up for it…they could pull that trigger at any moment. It would not surprise me to get that call.

[Is it possible tomorrow could be the RV day?]

Absolutely…Any minute now is fair game as we move forward…imo.


Mountain Goat

The news this period is all about implementing the White Paper…The good news is on Wednesday, Finance Minister Ali Abdel Amir Allawi set the priorities of the white paper. The Minister of Finance continues to stress  that “one of the priorities of the white paper is the reform of financial management systems.

How can they do this without reforming the currency too?  As I explained before the CBI is moving ahead with planning for a January 2022 reinstatement. Will they do it? Can they do it?  


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

The exchange rate will remain the same for the next five years.  At a program rate – that’s not what they’re talking about as far as I’m concerned because that’s this phase.  The next phase is going international.   This is not an internal revaluation.  It’s going to be an external reinstatement revaluation.

IMO that’s why they told us they were going to have a directed or a managed float for 5 years.  This…is actually ‘knock it out of the park BIG’ as far as I’m concerned…if they keep it stable that’s good for you, me and everybody…


Wendy O

[What do you see the future of crypto and the NFT [Non-Fungible Token] sector being like in the next five years?  How active do you think that will become in your day-to-day life?]

It’s going to be insane.  I mean NFT is going to be a game changer in healthcare, real estate, for artists, for musicians. Think of anything that you need to prove ownership of…like a will, legal documents…it provides real ownership…I think that’s a very powerful tool for people…My daughter is so cool she loves this show called Gunsmoke…it’s an old cowboy western…

I was watching an episode with her and when these people came to the west there was a couple…they spoke English but they weren’t able to read.  They purchased a piece of property but they were never given a deed because they couldn’t read so they had to get the sheriff involved…the sheriff was like you don’t have a deed and [the couple] are like we can’t read why would I get a deed.  That goes to show you how important documents are…proof of ownership for things…even though it’s like way back in the Wild Wild West if you have an NFT to prove ownership that you own this land or property it would be yours forever.

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