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Nasrallah: All eyes are on Iraq.. This is what will happen in the coming months!

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese “Hezbollah” Hassan Nasrallah said, on Thursday, that eyes have become focused on the “American occupation” of Iraq and Syria, specifically in the coming months, following Washington’s defeat in Afghanistan.

Nasrallah called in his speech, followed by NRTArab League (August 19, 2021), to “approving the regional equation capable of protecting the holy sites and the holy city, which is the responsibility of the whole nation,” explaining that “the Zionists have great fear of any Iraqi role in any major war.””.

He added, “After the American defeat in Afghanistan, eyes will be fixed in the coming months towards the American occupation in Iraq and Syria,” noting that “Iraq has decided that the American forces leave the country from now until the end of this year, which is an achievement and a victory.””.

He pointed out that “the Iraqis should take the training of the Americans for the Afghan army for 20 years during the stay of the American advisors and trainers,” reiterating the party’s position on the “war of aggression against Yemen and its oppressed people, which must stop.””.

He continued, “We renew our position on the side of the oppressed people of Bahrain whose natural rights have been deprived of their natural rights, which throws their scholars and best women in prisons,” stressing “the resistance’s strength, readiness, and steadfastness, and everything that is happening around us has not been able to affect our capabilities or the development of armaments capabilities.””.

And he indicated that “our accusation of obstructing the formation of the new Lebanese government lacks evidence,” adding, “We called for the formation of a government in Lebanon, and there are those who are trying to hold us responsible for the failure to form the government under the pretext of not putting pressure on our allies.””.

He said: “It is not enough for the security forces to confiscate the stored fuel, but the state must throw the monopolists into prisons,” noting that “the fuel crisis is fabricated, and it could have been addressed if the government had had the necessary determination from the beginning.””.

He stated that “the state and the security forces should put the fuel monopolists in prisons to end the fabricated crisis,” declaring that “a ship loaded with the required materials will sail within hours from Iran to Lebanon to end the fuel crisis.””.

He explained that “our first ship from Iran will be loaded with diesel as a top priority because it is linked to people’s lives, and this ship and other ships will arrive safely,” noting, “I say to those who imposed the choice on Lebanon in these difficult circumstances, we are a people who refuse to humiliate our people.””.

Nasrallah stated that “Iran did not interfere in our internal affairs, and we are not tools of this or that country. We are masters of the Wali al-Faqih, and we are not America’s slaves and tools   link

Vice President of Kurdistan Region: The international coalition will not leave Iraq

Sheikh Jaafar said, in a statement carried by the National Union media, that he does not believe that the coalition forces will leave Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, noting that in Iraq there are several components, and there are Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, and everyone is involved in the federal government.

He also ruled out the possibility of any conflict between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government in the event of any withdrawal of coalition forces from the country.

Sheikh Jaafar added Sheikh Mustafa, a leader in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. In the Kurdistan Region, there are the Peshmerga forces, which are capable forces and were able to confront the most extremist and violent organizations in the world, which is ISIS, and they defeated it, without the help of any soldier from the coalition and were able to defend the people and land of the Kurdistan Region. link

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