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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:46 AM EDT on August 20, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

In my youth I watched Sesame Street with great pleasure, I think there was already indoctrination then, but not in the same way as it is today. Well, anyway, there was a line in the opening theme song that not many people remember anymore, especially in Germany: “If you don’t ask, you stay stupid!”

To get answers today, you no longer have to go to school, courses or lectures; no one has to go to a library or pore over a dictionary. We have the Internet and search engines. So it’s much, much easier to get your questions answered, even though I can get different answers to many questions. In the meantime, we have also noticed that we should keep our hands off Wikipedia as a fact-finding agency, because the Deep State has its dirty fingers in the pie there, too, of course. But it doesn’t matter where I look for my answers, the most important thing is and remains that I ask questions. Who does not ask, remains stupid!

Therefore it is also not advisable to discuss with other people, especially the “sleeping” ones, or to try to convince them with proofs. It does not work, they would not believe it, respectively they do not believe it! That’s why demonstrations in Germany don’t get enough participants, there are simply too few who ask questions. After 17 months of fake pandemic it would be time to ask questions. Important and decisive questions. One question would be why the world population increases in a pandemic with a deadly virus. Another question would be why funeral homes go out of business. And the most important question for every single person would be, why am I still alive, not sick, not having any symptoms? I have one more: Where is the flu? If you don’t ask, you stay stupid!

I started asking questions in 2007, for myself it was instructive and led me to where I am now. With sometimes fatal consequences in financial and existential terms. I have been in the truther scene for over 2.5 years now, which started with buying currencies and asking the same questions I am being asked now. I have grown and taken on a task that is on the one hand very labor intensive and time consuming, but on the other hand a lot of fun. Because everyone who asks me questions gladdens my heart and I think, “FINALLY!” There are no stupid questions or follow-ups. Sometimes a lot of patience is required, but I try to have it. It is the place where I have been put. And do you know how it all started? With questions that came up. Questions that I eventually got answered in months of research. If you don’t ask, you stay stupid!

If I do not know something today, I inquire or I say that I do not know it, or perhaps I get a flash of inspiration and can at least make a guess. Guessing is what all of us do who are on social media with channels. No one knows the truth, or rather only a handful of people do. But we also continue to ask questions, connect dots, analyze, and get confirmation of guesses in an eagle’s eye view. We step out of the forest and see it again. So the tenor is that we should try to encourage people to ask questions. I can do that anywhere, especially in public, shopping, meeting friends. I don’t always have to be with like-minded people either. That’s important, but it doesn’t get the silent masses to ask questions. Who does not ask, remains stupid!

Unfortunately, there are also many who once started well with asking questions, but then suddenly stop. I repeat myself, but the different directions in which awakened people in Germany are led, exist only because people stop asking. In the last article I wrote that it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that the silent masses become loud. But I don’t mean that new awakeners should stop asking questions and be satisfied with an answer. Especially in the present time it is especially important to ask more questions, even if I have received answers. Which answer is directly satisfying to me? Which answer raises new questions? Especially when we have evolved with knowledge through answers, we notice that further answers become necessary. And believe me, at a certain point, certain questions will not be answered to you in some channels. Who does not ask further, will be misguided!


If you don’t have your own questions here and now, I might be able to help you. I like what if questions. You can use that not only for research, but also for visualization. Very good even! Try it sometime, it also helps to get out of fear (non-judgmentally sorted):

  • What if Donald Trump really comes back?
  • What if JFK Jr. is really alive and really coming back soon?
  • What if Q is right about all his drops?
  • What if there had to be a mandatory end to corporate-state simulations in Germany and other European countries before then, and are there signs of that?
  • What if there were already secret meetings of the future transitional governments in Europe?
  • What if there was a firm and certain plan for a transition period in these countries?
  • What if with a jolt (the bang that the whole world will hear) the silent masses become loud?
  • What if really in the next few days the alliance military is positioned at strategic points under the guise of exercises?
  • What if the Corona pandemic is exposed as a lie overnight and is also ended overnight?
  • What if all friends of monarchy, proponents of party systems, German constitutionalists, lateral thinkers are wrong and we get completely different forms of government in which the people really have the power?
  • What if we really get an unconditional basic income in addition to new technologies, all prices go way down and we no longer have to work but can work?
  • What if we really are only just under 5 billion inhabitants of the earth and also many non-humans will leave us?
  • What would be, if we really enter very soon into the golden age that is already prepared for us since 2012?

You surely miss questions about the RV or our conversion dates. OK, here they are:

  • Does it matter who exchanges what, when? Does it really matter?
  • Does it really matter where and how we exchange?
  • Do exchange rates known in advance matter?
  • Does it matter which bonds, funds or bills are or are not exchanged?
  • Are my projects, my exchanges, my future wealth important to me or to humanity?
  • Is it perhaps more important that we humans find each other and leave behind the division, wars, quarrels, envy, fraud and corruption?
  • Is it perhaps more important to think more of others, of intact communities, than of ourselves?
  • Is it perhaps more important to forgive others, to reach out to them no matter what they have done to us?

Changes are a part of our life, without changes our life would always be the same. Even in a world full of wealth, it would become boring. Each of us changes throughout our lives. Our world is changing quite massively right now, to our benefit. We can still focus on all the bad, currently very easily, because the news is full of all the BS. But we could also try to focus only on the good that is coming, whether it is prosperity or something else beautiful in the future. It could then manifest really quickly…..

“When you find yourself in a bind,everything is conspiring against you and you feel you can’t..,and you think you can’t hold out any longer,you must not give up.Because now the moment has come,when everything will work out for the best.”
Harriet Beecher-Stowe

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.The surest way to success is alwaysis to try again.”
Thomas Alva Edison

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

If you like, send me good thoughts, or pray for me. Those who can and want to, may also send me a donation. I thank you for your support in any case!


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