Dinarland Highlights for August 21, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 8.21.21


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[I heard a rate of .11 cents to start for the dong.]

That’s been a back and forth about this between our treasury dept. and theirs. They may push forward and release it at .11 cents in a float, which means it will adjust very quickly. Let’s see how this week plays out and hopefully we will see the real value soon. I still believe we will see the dong in the $2 range. But we hear they may “jump the gun” if the reset continues to stall and release the dong at the lower .11 cent rate and let it float to value.

There has always been a chance that Iraq and possibly Vietnam could go ahead of the GCR. That they could get tired of waiting on the Global Reset and go ahead and reinstate their currencies. This has always been a possibility. I don’t see it happening, but it is a possibility. I am hearing that there is a solid mad dash push to get a new rate in Iraq by Monday or Tuesday. Will it happen? I don’t know…we have heard this before. Is this coming from credible sourcesAbsolutely …it’s coming from very credible sources…very plugged in…some are coming from the sandbox itself. Things do look good, they have come so far…they just installed hundreds of new state of the art ATM’s in Iraq over the last 2 weeks. There is a lot going on that is positive.



Big news today for bitcoin in terms of adoption.  We have corporate adoption for bitcoin.  We have banking adoption for bitcoin.  We have a big new company accepting bitcoin.  We even have mortgage adoption which is kind of weird but kind of cool at the same time… Article:  “Second-Largest Mortgage Lender in US expects to Accept Bitcoin by Year’s End: CEO”  That’s really really freaking cool.  I feel like this is a massive massive story because essentially what this is saying is you can pay off your mortgage using bitcoin.  That’s a big deal….



Our military intel contact is confirming Mr Fleming’s sources saying all behind the scenes are excited at the imminent shotgun release & T4B start between now and next Tue 24 Aug…He confirmed that bankers and redemption center personnel are excited that they may be called in…Sat 21 Aug to start us in T4B then, but any time between now and next Tue 24 Aug is the current window…

The schedule:  (Reportedly) banks are training on the exchange protocols this weekend before the start. THE NEW GOLDEN DINAR RATE IS EFFECTIVE AS OF SUNDAY, AUGUST 22, WHEN THE RATE IS SET BY THE BANKS…Remember, now that IRAQ (the RV LINCHPIN) has fallen into place, everything should fall into place, like clockwork.



[What are your thoughts on this Article  “Parliament Finance Committee – The currency exchange rate will remain the same for the next 5 years”]

It means absolutely nothing because this article has come out more than a few times over the last six years.

They change the date, change the names…they’re 100% full of crap.

1.  They wouldn’t be able to know one way or the other [years from now]…

2.  You’re not going to find that smoking gun with an article out there.

The principle is that if the people find out there’s going to be value added to their currency later they’re going to sit on it.  They’re not going to spend it at today’s rate.  They’re going to save it to spend it at the next day’s rate…


Michael Saylor

Wells Fargo Launches Passive Bitcoin Fund for Wealthy Clients”

Bitcoin is a monetary network growing stronger day by day.  Adoption that was optional is becoming essential.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Common statement – ‘Well we think there’s two exchange rates.‘  NO THERE ISN’T!  You ever get a phone call, ‘Hey, my name is so and so I want you to send me your dinars.   I can give you up to $15 dollars per every dinar.’  The person on the other end of the phone, oh my goodness, he must be a professor of psychology.  He knows that human beings are greedy by nature...How many times did I tell you don’t lose sight of your dinars and I keep telling you that because I knew that these people were calling you...there is no way there are two rates…$15 per dinar?  How wide is your greed to believe something like that?       



There was so much crap going around…everybody talking about their military intelligence and their white hat confidential information told them that for sure this week 1000% it’s going to happen.  They say this all the time.  The same group of people claim that it’s already starting to happen, claim they’re doing some tier 1 , tier 2 or tier 5 or tier 6 God know what else.  You guys stop falling for that…this is why I say stay grounded when it comes to these types of things.  There are things out there that you can see that give it great indication the currency is going to change in value…   



Based on the news from yesterday, this coming week we should finally see something getting to our level. Enjoy your weekend and do something fun!

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